Now this set comes with 422 Peças. Retails for 65 in canada and uh. Bem, é um 65 technic race. Car technic builds are usually the most straightforward. All we have is the car here so were going to just jump straight into talking about it. So to start here, when i saw this set on the box, i was really not convinced. I thought the the set looked small and somewhat incomplete for what it was and at 422 pieces for 65 Dólares. I thought it probably wasnt worth it. No entanto, after seeing the final product here, i can say that i was very wrong about how this looked on the box when it all comes together. This thing looks great its compact. It fits together. It does not feel like its missing pieces or somewhat empty, like i thought it did on the box and uh all in all. The detailing here is really strong. Now this thing has a bazillion stickers, cant even point them all out, theyre everywhere from the actual legitimate advertisements to you, know the poor stickers to everything thats on here i mean theres, even a hugo boss, sticker on this thing, so not going to cover all of That but just know be warned if youre getting into a set like this. There are a whole heck of a lot of stickers on you know, Basicamente, all the the main panel body pieces, uh and thats, because thats the way it is in real life uh.

I got ta say i love the color here with the mix of white black and red youre. Definitely not gon na be getting anything new in terms of pieces technic pieces in a certain color. These are all very common colors that have been around for a long time, but the design of the car is really solid right down to the you know, steering wheel and seat at the front there um and it even has a bit of that old technicfeel To it with being able to even see the interior on some parts of this build, though it is still pretty compact. One thing that i dont necessarily like is that you can see the uh custom pieces that i have the pullback feature on them, and that is right. This card does like, Basicamente, all the new technic cars have the pull back and uh, and in this case it also has this little lever here which controls. So if i swirl it back and the lever is up, it will just hold in place and as soon as i push it down, you can see the wheels spin and it goes so thats like a little break and thats just done through a simple mechanism. It connects to this piece here at the bottom. You can see how it moves up and down there, and that prevents this from spinning when its up it. It hits the technic piece and when it is down theres enough room for it to spin all the way around so fairly simple mechanism, and that is basically how you have that little break on the back now.

One thing that i will criticize about this set much like the other 65 technic race car from this january wave. There are none of the classic gear features and cool interior workings. Even last years, mclaren senna gtr had like a piston engine and working parts on the inside and obviously i do not expect an electric vehicle to have a piston engine, but the lack of steering the lack of any classic technic gears and moving working components. Aside from you know, the pullback feature is definitely a little bit disappointing and i wish they would have focused on more than just having this be a wind up car toy. Obviously there is the augmented reality app to couple with this, but im not covering that, because that really is not related to the set. I dont even have the app and uh. I dont think you should need an app to enhance your lego building experience plus im, not a big fan of augmented reality. I never have been ive yet to find an augmented reality game that really wows me. So the lack of a bit of that traditional technic feeling you definitely you definitely feel that here without the gears and working parts, it does definitely feel more. Just like a highly detailed show model, which is good in its own right, and it looks great and technic does a really good job at conveying this race car model quite accurately, but the lack, but it just lacks some of that classic technic feel that i really Feel like you, should expect, when youre purchasing and building a technic set, so just taking a quick look at the instructions here.

This is a relatively sizable book with a hard seam and these new technic sets. They have the bar along the bottom to indicate how far along in the build you are, but they dont have that silly graphic when the build is complete with like the stars going all around the build, and so i like that, i dont mind having the bar The progress bar along the bottom of the pages, i actually think thats a nice little touch to just help you visualize how close to completion of the set you are, and i wouldnt mind that being in all lego books, i just really dont like the graphics for Completing a mini, build and so im glad that these new technic sets. They dont include that so overall, its what youd expect from an instruction book and i like how theyve dialed back the the new 2022 fizz just a little bit as for the box, its around that standard, Você sabe 50 box size, and this is a little bit Overpriced because you know 422 pieces is not a huge set, but overall the box looks good its. What you would expect from a set like this. It highlights that it does have that pullback function, as well as the ar app thats connected to it. The box art. I think looks good and, if you flip it around to the back here, you get a rear, end view, as well as some more detailed instructions about how the pullback and ar features work.

You also get an image of the actual race car which looks very sleek and clean theres, Obviamente, no second or alternative build for this set. E, Finalmente, it also has the little punch in corners for the box and yeah. That is it on the box front. So overall i really like this set. It is definitely a little bit on the pricey side, especially for technic, but i still think you get a very nice compact, uh and sleek looking build. It is sticker overload, as i mentioned so for those of you who dont love stickers. This might not be for you or you could just not put the stickers on the build honestly might look a little bit cleaner without them and um. Geral, i i think this is a fun build. I think its worth a little that extra money, i think it looks complete, it feels complete and it doesnt feel the final product doesnt feel like its a little less than you would expect for 65 Dólares. Então, em suma, i think its a good set at a good price tag with a compelling and good looking final product. I mentioned how it lacks some of that classic technic feel to it, and it certainly does. But i would say the final product here is much better than i was expecting from the box and its just a really nice build and a really nice display piece. And so, if youre on the fence and you werent sure, based on the box art, i would say that this is still a really nice set and if youre looking for a cheap and easy race car to pick up, i would certainly go out and get this One, so that is my review for the formula e porsche set, guys if you like, the video click the like button down below.

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