Recentemente, i got in touch with radio link and asked them if they had a radio that could give me enough range to go around my neighborhood and they said yes and sent me out something. This is the radio link rc6 gs, v2 radio. It claims to be able to control an rc car up to 600 meters away and thats perfect, because most of the time my car isnt able to get that far, especially when im going through the neighborhood. So lets pull this thing open and take a look at what we got looks like this thing is really nicely packaged. I noticed it comes with a manual that has a few different languages written in it. Então, no matter where you are youre probably set right off the top. Here we have a neck strap which i didnt think was really common with rc cars, but i looked at a lot of the professional racers and they all seemed to use them. I also thought it was cool with fpv rc cars like you find on my channel, because you can drop your radio and adjust your goggles and not have to worry about setting it down anywhere. Next up, we have the r7fg receiver and this thing is awesome. It actually has diversity, so you have two antennas. It should allow for a little better signal, maybe a little more range in certain circumstances, hum, and it also has built in telemetry, which you use this cable for you just plug this in between your battery and your esc, and then this little red jst goes into The receiver itself and itll tell you your battery voltage right there on the radio.

It also has a gyro built inside of this receiver, so if youre new to rc car driving and youre, not so good, yet maybe youre sliding out or flipping over, you can enable this function in the radio and it will help you. It has abs and everything. So really good stuff, and last but not least, we got the radio itself immediately upon pulling it out of the box. I could tell this was a nice piece of equipment. This was not a cheap 20 radio or something like that. This thing felt really good. In my handsand i was really excited to go use iti did want to mention that this radio has a lot of channels. Uh and right here is the first one that is an a switch that is a b switch, a c switch, a dual rate switch and even this little potentiometer right here, labeled vr, which you can use to control like a pan and tilt servo. If you have a camera on your fpv rc car with a servo attached, you can use it to look around theres, also a little function on the back of this radio. That allows you to use a head tracker module. I dont have one, but you can plug right into this little bit right here and have a head tracker module. Allow you to look around with your rc car, its pretty slick um, its also the same port that allows for crossfire to plug in, but the whole point of this radio is that its not necessary to have crossfire it has enough range to go through your whole.

Neighborhood or really far away without the need for the external crossfire module ill show you guys how to use crossfire with this radio in another video. This is just the overview and im actually going to test it here in just a minute and see if we can actually put it through its paces. Now really quick. I just started to jam through the menu on this radio and i realized this thing goes so deep. It is so programmable and allows you to do so. Many different things theres no way i could get into all of them in the video. Se você tiver alguma dúvida, Embora, ask me in the comment section and i will get you an answer or i will get you in touch with radio link, so they can help you get everything figured out that you need to all right lets get on to the Cool stuff: this is where i slap the receiver into the vehicle and get everything set up so getting right into. It were going to rip out the old receiver, keeping a close eye on where all of my wires were before Music im going to be using this double sided. Sticky tape from gorilla glue. This stuff is super good for sticking your receiver down and making sure it doesnt move here, im plugging in the telemetry wire, which will allow me to get the battery voltage reading back on the radio, which is good right, because that makes sure that i never run My battery down too low, when im a couple blocks away from the house, i can always just glance down and make sure that my battery is not too low or even set an alarm on the radio itself, so the best way to mount your second antenna is Farther away from the first antenna and at a different angle, it was kind of hard to get a different angle.

So i just chose to mount it as far away from the antenna as i could, and i did that with a zip tie and a little bit of heat shrink Music Music. So i did get this alarm right off the bat and its actually because im running my car on a 2s battery and the radios low voltage alarm is automatically set for a 3s battery. So i just went into the radio settings and turned the alarm down to 6.3 volts ou 6.6 volts of somewhere around. There is fine for a 2s battery theres going to be voltage sag, while its under load. So i turned it down a little bit lower than what i would expect to actually bring the battery all the way down to um. To tell you the truth, i like just having the telemetry. I dont even really plan on using the alarm that much, but it is nice to have now. I did notice just how fast the telemetry updates the voltage of the battery on the radio, its really impressive, that you get that type of refresh rate, because it can show you exactly how good your battery is or how low the voltage gets. When you give it a hard pull, you can see the voltage difference. Just from me messing with the servo on the steering. You can see that the voltage already bounced back after me stopping messing with the servo for just a split second, you can also see the radios voltage right above that, and you can see the radio signal strength indicator which will tell you how much more range you Have left right next to that? OKEY, Bem, thats enough about the specs of this radio lets go ahead and put it to the test and see if its range can actually make it around my block Music.

So this radio definitely outperformed all of the other 2.4 gigahertz radios that ive had in the past spectrum traxxas pretty much any other brand didnt make it around the block they cut out way early. So if youre interested in this radio take a look at the link in the description, it really helps me out if you go and check out those links and make sure to say whats up in the comments.