My Music Music is Music foreign, Música, Música, um Music swear. I wont forget this. Why do i regret this and my mind? Reckless thoughts are feeling endless sitting up on breathless anxieties, infectious, i feel so defenseless betrayed and embarrassed. I hate being open. I hate being broken. I feel like an ocean filled up with emotion, anger, aint, a potion rub it on like lotion. I can feel it soaking reopen. The scars have awoken. I cant move on till i let go. I feel so lost never at home need to be strong. Every breath hold cause. I cant move on till i let go. I cant move on till i let go. I feel so lost never at all need to be strong. Every breath, Embora, cause i cant move Music, i wan na be the best in the game. Invest in my name, check no restraints, im obsessed with the pain i ingest, i retain assess and i change possessed by the thought. Ill be free one day from societies, restraints, money, clout and fame mud disease, a plague. We all love to hate have to play the game have to make a name. All our insecurities are right. This is war with the enemy think that it was meant to be living in a time where disease is on every street. I wont let them fester me. I know most are festering. Negativity is a plague for the mentally weak, no mercy. All i got is working, never stop searching, never question thirsty, Im, toxic and psychotic, but this logic you cant, stop it its been chronic.