I feel absolutely honored to get one of these new models. What you guys are looking at here is the all new one. Seventh scale 6s arma fire team assault vehicle once again guys arma has absolutely killed it. This is a huge home run in the style department, huge hats off to jason darden with arma and the rest of his fantastic crew. They absolutely nailed it with this platform. Theres no question in my mind this is going to be the biggest hit for 2022. As far as rcs go, my plan is just to go over the rig. What comes in the box today, hopefully time and weather, permitting ill get out for a quick shakedown. Para mim, the most exciting thing about this is basically the stance. What it appears arm has done here is essentially theyve used the longer wheelbase, the mojave chassis, running, creighton and outcasts. Arms im absolutely ecstatic about this platform guys. I already know this things going to handle like a dream. The most exciting thing about this platform is: it has the exact same stance as the creighton xl. essencialmente, the custom build a lot of guys have already been doing. Thats utilizing the same mojave chassis, its got two inches longer wheelbase than the creighton except youve got the benefit of a nice wide, stable stance, heres a quick look at the outside of the box. Guys again, this is the fire team. 6S tactical unit definitely seven scale in size, ready to run one of the coolest features.

This has is its got a handbrake feature in the rear that makes it super simple to slam your brakes and do sudden? U turns heres a quick look at the specs guys. você vai notar, the length is just past two feet: height is almost 11 Polegadas. Width is almost 18 inches and the weights just over 13 and a half pounds. The truck comes with the slt3, which is nice and ergonomic in the hand. Youve got your three channel spectrum receiver, its the sr315, the s652 steel metal gear, waterproof servo, you have the firmware 150 amp esc, and then you also have the firmware. 4074 2050 kv motor heres a shot of the color versions. Novamente, you got the darker black one and then youve got some white mixed with black accents heres a quick scan of the back of the box. I got ta love these little guys, though theyre just too cool their goggles are actually pretty reflective in the sun. Its awesome youll see they did a massive job with the bumper supports towers. Olhe limpo, rear bumper actually has a skid incorporated into it. Tons of framing on the body that integrates beautifully with the chassis center diff comes with aluminum casing, de modo que é. Definitely a really nice touch, we have the safety input gears and it also utilizes the safety pinion heres a shot of what you need. Obviamente, you need the double a batteries, good idea to use a liposafe bag. You need your own charger and lipos.

I will say my smart chargers done absolutely awesome for two years they came out with a newer model. Here i havent tried. Yet these are the minimum battery specs. They recommend its the 5000 milliamp 50c and theres the maximum battery dimensions, quick shot of the slt3 radio. I actually like this radio feels perfect in my hand, nice foam wheel, its got good spring tension, Etc. That button here, when you push down essentially thats your braking in the kit, they also send you a high speed, 15 pinhão de dente. You have a ton of armor stickers, big props to them looks like youve got some diff shims for your crown gear side bearing or either side really whatever you want to do. Some more 6s pistons youve got your manual warranty information, your parts breakdown, your technical packet and you get a nice little goodie bag of starter tools, so the wheels on the scale were essentially identical to the backflip 6s tires. These again are my favorites right here. I think this wheels just a tiny bit taller and narrower definitely super plush to the hand huge shout out to arma for venting these tires as well. Arma did an absolutely amazing job with the details and the engineering on this, the body alone, the way its integrated, with the framing with the bumpers, its really obvious that arma put a ton of thought and engineering into this. Looking at just the body itself guys, i will say this is super impressive, not sure the thickness on this lexan, but it definitely feels super strong youve got two fasteners in the front.

I think at least two on the side and then youve got two in the rear. When you take a closer look at the geometry of the roof itself, all the framing. They definitely designed this to take some serious hard hits lots of triangulation throughout well. I just took a closer look at the framework guys and its absolutely insane. The engineering that went into this between the truck and the actual body theres actually 13 different points of contact and support between this cage and the frame itself near the front body. Mount youll see they engineer this to rest and support on the front tower on the sides here. Youve got four different attachment points. Two on each side. You have this massive support here that rests on the central body support and the truck. This piece rests on the rear shock tower. Then youve got your body mount supports, and then this right here actually integrates into the rear, amortecedor, even unmounted. When you start whacking this thing, youll feel how solid the framing is. This design is just so trick, youll see in the rear this massive bumper support. Whats awesome is: they went ahead and integrated it with a nice skid heres, a quick scan of the truck from the inside. Obviously it comes with a really nice kind of tower, brace or top brace with the length of this chassis. You absolutely need one of these. I noticed this time. It feels like theres plenty of room with a mojave front, eixo de acionamento, really digging the black accents throughout.

Definitely goes perfect for an assault vehicle, quick shot of the rear, servo and the brake setup. Its actually pretty trick ill need to take that thing apart and learn it. I know it works. I gave this truck a really quick shake down in the front yard. It comes with a stock 12 pinhão de dente. I did go ahead and i threw in a 16 tooth robinson racing last night, você vai notar. I use my own hardware. I hate the stock motor mount screws. O 2.5 millimeter i put in two 4x20s plus a washer. Obviously these are the socket heads thatll take a three millimeter head. While i was in there, i went ahead and put 500k in the center depth. I think the truck comes with 200k in the center, which is actually a pretty good weight. These two flexible cones on each side, the body actually kind of rests here in the center when you push on this everythings got just a little bit of give im thinking overall guys, this might end up being one of the most durable trucks arm has ever designed. Quick shot of the bottom of the truck youll notice, the front bumpers got a really nice skid here that integrates with the chassis got these cool little step guards on the side that integrate with the mud guards in the rear. Youve got a nice thick skid that integrates nicely in the bumper shocks, feel nice and smooth straight out of the box.

I think they use 80 weight both front and rear for diffs. I think they went with 10k in the front 200k in the center and 10k. In the rear looks like the truck comes with rubber, sealed bearings throughout again, you have an oversized waterproof receiver box. One thing i absolutely love about having this longer chassis is you definitely have tons of room if you feel like throwing in a bigger motor, you definitely still have some space for that. You can put a huge esc in here if you feel like it. This stock system actually has pretty respectable power, but obviously some guys are going to want to get their nut ball on my plan, isnt really to send this thing to the moon in stock form im. Looking at this as more of kind of just a drivers, Carro, basically an all purpose, basher for having a good time once again, i already know this truck sharing the same stance as my orange darling is going to be an absolute beast. This thing is just so freaking cool to look at guys. I got ta say they absolutely nailed it with this truck. Finalmente, i just want to give a huge warm thanks to my brother, david, with drrc stunt, definitely check out his channel. He made me this custom. Little placard here definitely really appreciate it brother. This was super cool of you all right guys. Mais uma vez, i just want to give another huge.

Thank you to both horizon and arma. This design looks absolutely brilliant super stoked to get this out in the dirt. Espero, the weather will hold up ill. Let you guys know how this truck does all right, Caras, late, Está bem, Caras, shakedown number one, just an fyi. I went ahead and i changed the weight distribution. They give you the option to kind of move your pack and your receiver tray rearward, so basically its sitting back towards the rear of the truck about maybe another. Dois, almost two and a half inches essentially went from the stock front most holes and i went ahead and shifted them rearward, basically im just kind of giving it a rearward weight, balance and bias. This is exactly how i run my orange darling and i love it. Bem, shes definitely moving a lot nicer with that 16 dente, Caras, Music man. This thing ramps guys. I think i got a new favorite hereput a screen. Hmm these tires hook up on so many different surfaces, its killer. Now this thing is just so sick, Caras, estrangeiro, oh, oh dang, im glad that wasnt, a piece of the truck that just flew off. I dont know guys. These tires are absolutely hooking up killer out here same with on the pavement im so stoked about this rig Music man. This thing is so stable, its just insane guys, oh bem, i said it before guys the orange darling, Basicamente, the creighton xl stance is absolutely perfect.

Geral, i think its the best handling and most capable all right, guys thats going to be it huge shout out to horizon and arma for this.