Bem-vindo de volta ao canal, welcome back to the rc vlog guys. Today we got some packages, theyre right there, um deles. I know what it is and im pretty excited about, because its gon na make me drive one of my favorite cars. Oh espere, wait you see what it is lets get to open it. We do still have to open this guy the little tracks pre run. I was supposed to open that at southern indoor championships it ended up the weather started, getting bad and uh yeah, we didnt get to open it and i was really busy there. I thought i was gon na have more time i didnt, but but look at these look at those my new shoes, the oreo shoes. Look they got like actual soles theyre, just really comfy shoes, Meu Deus. I freaking love them. Ah, não., tudo bem homem, the lighting not so great letsput this down. First lets open this guy up. Primeiro, this is coming from the guy who makes my steering wheels. My thumb steer steering wheels which, A propósito, i still have plenty of them. Realmente, i dont have plenty of them, but i have more coming this week. So if you dont have one or you cant find the color on the website, its gon na im gon na get a full restock of all the colors this week. So we should be good, but i still have still a lot a lot of them on there.

So go pick them up. Eles são incríveis, the thumbstick steering where that theyre heres one of them. Eu os amo.. I have them on almost all. Realmente, i have them on all my traxxas remotes. All right lets see what this is Laughter, this freaking guy, this guys funny. So this came from the guy who makes my thumbstick steering wheel is a friend of mine. His name is greg and he sent me he sent me these brushes. These brushes here check those are paint brushes and on the outside. It says quit butchering your tamiya driver figures. Thanks greg, oh homem, isso é incrível, yes and im painting it up to me a figure really really soon. I said to maya didnt i i said to my the first time to me the second time, but i am painting another tamiya figure really really soon for the wild one. So i will use these thanks. Greg dude, Youre, Freaking, funny man all right lets open this. Guy up, you probably already know what this is. You guys are probably wondering why i havent already done a video on these this box, this big guess in the description below not in the description. I always say that in the comments below tell me what you think is in this box: dont cheat either something related to something that released recently. Oh holy smokes see there bam the new sledgehammers for the x maxx, oh homem, anything to do with the x max gets me excited because more upgrades to x max means i get to drive the x max more, but this is awesome because ive been wanting to Try new tires for the x max, so ive tried the proline badland mx43s theyre a little heavy.

They look really cool theyre a little heavy. So i think the best performing tire is the stock tires, but these the sledgehammers at least the sledgehammers ive, seen in the past, the smaller ones, arent really really heavy. They have a little bit harder of a of uh like rubber rubber compounds. So i feel like they might last a little bit longer, but yes were gon na try. These on were gon na go drive the x maxx today, but before we do were gon na weigh both this tire and the stock tire and see the weight difference. Because my thing is, is i like to minimize the rotating mass, especially on a car, that big? Because the motor esc get really really hot gets really really hot thats. Why the mx43s i dont have them on there to actually go bashing. I only have them on there whenever im like driving in a parade or like showing it off or whatever, but lets see if these are going to be better or the weight comparison then well put them on and well go drive with them. So it should be fun yeah, oh homem, its windy out here, yall catching wind back there. All right that should be better by the way working on the x maxx on the back of the truck is way better than working on it on a bench because its so freaking big, all right lets take a wheel off real quick stock tire, oh deus, Hes.

So big new sledgehammer im gon na go get an mx43 for comparison reasons. Mx43. All right lets compare these all right, então aquis, all three of them side by side. Proline does make another one. They make a trencher which is a lot bigger than this one. So i didnt even want to get them, because i knew with the bigger tire and all the metal in there. It was going to be much heavier, but here they are all side by side. Diameter wise they dont look much smaller or much bigger. Realmente, maybe maybe just a little bit bigger than stock, so we are probably going to have a little bit of added rotating mass. The wheel style looks the same aside from the fact that these are chrome, and these are black lets, see with width wise. It does look like the sledgehammer is just a little smidge wider. Maybe what was that? Maybe maybe three millimeters wider uh looking its way wider than the mx 43, so lets weigh them turn. This sucker on here here is a stock tire. If i can get it to stay hold on, maybe i can do it this way there we go stock. Tire actually lets change. This changes to grams there we go all right. Stock tire is about 577 Gramas. 78 grams looks like its getting a little windy. 580 grams lets just go 580 Gramas. The new sledgehammer is whoa 640 grams and then the badland mx43 is 820 Gramas.

So when it comes to weight, this is how they rank up. You have the lightest one second lightest one and the heaviest one. So this is actually right between these two. It is slightly heavier but well see how they perform. Also a side note: sledge hammers are not directional, o que é bom. That means you can do a full rotation on them where the stock tires are rotational, meaning theres a certain way. You need to put them on in the way that the tire needs to rotate. Oh cara, look how good they look. They already look super good holy smokes guys. Oh cara, look at how sweet it looks. I mean it looks perfect because the chrome in the wheels matches the chrome and msm and on the on the tone in the front holy crap guys. Olhe para isso.. Oh, eu não tenho, it looks so good all right. My batteries are charging were about to throw some batteries in this thing and go ripping oh geez check out the stands here in the front. This one does have the wide max kit on it. So this is the x maxx wide max, oh homem, it looks so good all right. I got them on there, so i drove them around a little bit. Just on my own. I didnt see much of a performance increase. They do look way cooler, especially with my paint scheme, how the chromes match, and i do feel like it doesgive it kind of a beefier look.

So i do like how aesthetically pleasing it looks and the improvements from the aesthetic department that doesnt make sense. The improvements from the looks why it looks wise that it did, No entanto, were not going to know how good these things perform until we just take to the park and just rip it and just keep, ripping it and see. If we overheat its not that much heavier than the stock one, so i cant imagine were gon na have that much of overheat problems because on the stock tires, Ive, never overheated it and when i say overheated it will stop and go into thermal um yeah. I havent had any problems with mine, so lets take it apart and just see what happens. All right were at one of my favorite bashing spots, ooh thats, a nice little jump bud. You can kind of see it down there, just a smidge, a little little speck that little light down there. So this is a good spot for us, because we can get basically full throttle and go full throttle for a long time and run this battery down. What were trying to do is see if we overheat it uh and the other thing is, since i got evan here, if it flips over thats really far like really far down there it flips over there. I got someone to go pick it up right him, but that hill over there is massive, were going to continue to drive it and just see how well it does.

Oh, eu não tenho, no, oh, my god that was close evan. I was bragging about jeez evan here. Yall! Well see how far it really is hold on. He says he has to put his. He has to put those babies in four wheel drive before he heads down there. How do you flip a max over with a wide max kid on it? Im telling you guys that is far down there, all right im, gon na im, gon na drive it up here. Primeiro, oh it looks so good, Embora, are you were you holding your back. Hes like all beat up over here, looks so good, Embora, olhar para isso. Oh cara, geez okay, were gon na continue driving. He did it again. He flipped over. Eu não, understand how you can flip over a traxxas xmaxx with a wide max kit. Look how far he is hey, be nice to it that things been like a brother to you. Evans gon na go see if he can start a starter race with his motorcycle up there. There he is up there go, get him go punch it. Oh cara, hes freaking motivated, oh, no, no, no, no dont go that far. That would be a super bar flip over whoa eating a little wheelie there. There you go nice. That was a good jump bud lets see if i can get that. Did that same jump again, thats like a little itty, bitty speck but well see if we can get it.

I dont have my zoom lens with me: no youre, não você, hitting it too shallow, pretty cool that was awful. You went up too youre already wheeling man. If you flip over that far over, that is a long way to go. Bom, oh Laughter, oh my! So something really depressing just happened. I was driving it and i kind of nosedo really bad and broke this off and in the process of breaking this off. My freaking light bar doesnt work anymore, sad guys come on turn back on. You got this come on little buddy come on little buddy, the rear one works. So the all right, so i put it together with evan just wrecked it again, but i put it together. Only one screw is holding the front bumper on yeah, its kind of beat up the lights, dont work at all anymore, but weve been driving for about 25 minutes and uh no overheating problems, yet its been good. I think another 5 10 minutes and we can consider this test drive of the new traxxas badly, not the badlands. I keep messing up the tire name evan, the new traxxas sledgehammers as a success, so they are a little bit heavier, but theyre youre not going to have any overheat problems. I dont know what are you going to drive it im like? I send it up that thing. Vá em frente. Meu Deus, eu não., i didnt even know theres a big curb there. Então, geralmente, if theres, a big curb there all right guys.

So i consider that a big thumbs up weve been driving for almost 30 Minutos. No overheating problems. They look super freaking cool, they are bigger, so theyre more plush and they give a more aggressive. Look to your car. Definitely a thumbs up ill, put a link in the ill put a link in the description below super cool wheels and tires the new traxxas sledgehammers.