So here we have the w atos one two, quatro zero um, Seis, so uh the same, como o. Dois quatro zero um: Sete, unlike the eachine e14 and all the models coming out with brushless system. We know we have a little bit of cogging problem, the one more or less lets open the box and see whats inside manual, as always guys with a hex, not tool and usb charger, como sempre, definitely one of the best budget transmitter out on the market. It doesnt feel clumsy at all. Ele tem. A good range has a really grippy tire and you can drive it perfect with one hand. So what you want more from budget code and lets get out our beauty wow. This thing looks dope guys. Olhe para essa coisa.. Surpreendente, look at the two drivers, this color style – oh meu Deus, its totally amazing, really cant, believe it, oh, Meu deus, so look at the canopy, how beautiful guys so this black and red colors, and also the tires super grippy and good for gravel and dirt. This black with red, looks super dope and also the same on the spare tire. So look at the two drivers of the guys im behind with some nice bottles or something like this. So we got a led light in the front on the cage and we have some really nice. Looking oil shocks guys totally love the red color for sure we can do a little bit more oil in it than in stock from factory, but theyre working super in the front and also in the rear.

Então, rapazes – and here are thesethe clips for the canopy just ive taken them out before so, and then you can lift up the canopy. I like that so much really guys so its so totally different to all the wl toys, buggies Music. Take a look underneath guys, its so dope. Really we have a metal bottom plate and a drive shaft. We have on off switch a 2s lipo, 2 200 Miliamperes. We have a three wire servo so also when were upgrading theres no need to put in another servo. Temos 68 esc and 28 45 brushes mode, which should bring the car to 75 kilometers an hour lets check it: Música, Música, Música, Incrível, realmente. I always wanted to have the older version, the brushed version, so its more blue color instead of red, and i also love this really the old one. But this thing looks though much better than on pictures or anything really totally love it man, these two drivers, Olhar. So dope, these two guys unbelievable anyway, guys so lets, put this thing on the street and see what it can do. Music me, Música, give you a good time. Aplausos musicais. Give you a kid Music foreign Music. Give me Music, give you a big! This thing is absolutely amazing: Não, you agree, truly fell in love, really looks so dope crazy, realmente, i cant say anything more winnie its uh one of the nicest wl toys and for sure its uh, the heaviest in the range from the wa toys from the e14 And the buggy versionand it feels really it feels more heavy like the 110 Escala – something like this, but this one is super dope dope and really first time, theres no need to upgrading optically for the look, because it looks so dope.

Maybe i would put on other tires, or i dont know, making some more lights, but really just a little bit, so nothing special, nothing big. This thing looks amazing out of the box guys. So if you like, the video guys consider subscribing, please leave a thumb up.