It is fun to imagine what the germans could have accomplished by sharing parts and simplifying production between the tiger and panther tanks. This tank never did exist and it does have some interesting design quirks note the red headlight. That is only there, because i needed to cannibalize parts from this vehicle to give one of my other tanks, the proper headlight, the vision port for the driver up here. Um is slightly blocked by the frontal plate. Another fine example of this tanks: quarks is, although the turret mantlet is rounded, it does still have a little bit of a chin, uh que é, because the bb launching system in this would not fit inside of that curved mantlet and therefore a little wedge had to be Cut for it uh. I have never seen these on any panther tanks, but they do come with the henlong panther, and if anyone in the comment sections could tell me what theyre supposed to represent or if they in fact do represent anything that would be great. It looks to me, como você, could hang bags or something off of the side. The running gear of this tank is the exact same as the tiger one, so you can see eight inner leaf road wheels per side, in fact its so similar heres, the panther tank and heres. The tiger tank, almost identical. If youre new to the channel, then welcome, but if youve been here for a while, youll know that henlong has a different pamphlet tank, a proper panther tank, this henlong isnt manufactured either nearly as much anymore or at all.

The only way i was able to get my hands on this was to buy a static model off of ebay and put the electronic parts inside. There were some quirks with that. É claro, as this was a used model, there were some slight differences and would be differences if you were to buy your own static model. por exemplo, the center caps for the sprocket wheels were missing. This tank originally did not come with a smoke generator in the back, so this tank doesnt smoke. The elevation and depression of the gun in this tank currently does not work as the motor that controls that has long since been dead, and i havent gotten around to replacing it. No entanto, this tank did come with metal gears, which is why it makes a kind of a weird sound when it goes around Music. They could certainly be oiled from the side, especially when the turrets at the side, the profile of this tank and the overall proportion seems fine, got a whole lot of space on the well. If youre facing the tank, the left side of the tank when it comes to separately fitted parts to this tank, there were not that many, for this was a static model. So some parts were already applied, such as the machine gun and the little hand rails up top these guys, mas fora isso, i think you only have to fit these tracks right here. One thing that i do regret doing is putting these stickers on.

They do not stick on very well and in fact, theyre peeling in the back here at the rear of the tank. I do appreciate how much effort they put into trying to make it look like a panther, como você pode ver, on the left and right sides. Just above the tracks, you have your stowage boxes. It is a vertical plate instead of the angled plate, like the real panther heres, a closer look at that exhaust in the rear. This was the older style of exhaust for the panther tank and, como você pode ver, its split a little right there and there these two exhaust tubes are actually the only two that produce spoke. These other ones are blanks and do not connect to smoke generator. If this tank had one one of the ways that you can see that this was a static model beforehand is that you can still see the old switches you have. Your abc switch that you used to be able to switch frequencies on your radio, uh heres, an older radio, por exemplo, – and it would come down here and you can choose a b or c. Infelizmente, i only have one of these left uh, which is my panzer iii. The rest of the tanks have been upgraded um. You can also see your volume switch, which is now controlled, uh on your remote down here for the v for volume, as well as your smoke unit, which this tank did not have, and therefore there is no on and off switch for the smoke unit.

Eu.. One thing that i really do appreciate about these tanks, specifically the tiger one and the pan tigeris that the battery hatch release requires well, Em primeiro lugar, two hands, Mas, mais importante, no screwdriver, which makes it a lot easier for me to change in the field. Eu., while were down here, there is one thing that i like to advertise, and that is that the tracks are sagging. I am not a big fan of the tiger one or these tracks theyre so close to the edge of the road wheel when they are on properly its just easy for them to fall off. Theres a huge gap between the turret and the whole roof which isnt found on like any other tank in the hemlong range. Então, na minha opinião, i think this tank is a great tank as a toy for a smaller child uh i mean not too small. Theres still small parts, but theres only like five or six things that you can put on this panther tank. And although this tank does look pretty quirky with its uh proportions, it does have a nice camo, which i do appreciate mainly green, but theres, great splashes of brown and black uh. A lot of the other henlong models are a little bit basic. por exemplo, the next row down its nothing but gray, nothing but tan and nothing but gray. Again you got a little bit more variation with your tiger down there, but uh for the most part and long camos are pretty boring.

They might still continue to produce these. You might be able to find them on like allied express, but at that point you probably have to ship them over here for like 130, which in my case i dont think, is worth it actually. When i was younger, i ordered one of these from, Eu acho. Allied express or something like that from china a long time ago, i think it was forty five dollars for the tank and a hundred dollars for shipping uh, and i guess the cargo ship got lost at sea because uh i never received that tank. Although now that im thinking about it, you know this could be the one who knows it ended up in the us somehow uh so yeah. Como eu disse antes, this was a static model and i was the one who put the electronics in it, but of all the electronics that were still inside of the tank, such as the gears, the motors, the turret traverse, only one failed uh, so thats pretty good For being on a shelf for who knows how many years but ill go ahead and take this out and well see how it runs: Música, Aplausos, riso, Aplausos, Aplausos, Aplausos, Aplausos, Aplausos, então Aplausos, Aplausos, Aplausos, Aplausos, Aplausos, so there it is the henlong pan tiger.