Na verdade, one of the monster trucks that I originally was interested in when I started rcadventures was a sin c e n. Now a lot of people have asked me to bring a sin machine in because they're starting to make a bit of a comeback there, they've redone the nitrile version, they've redone, a versão elétrica. I really kind of wanted to have an up close look at what a fairly cost effective monster truck really looks like I've already gone through a few, my other monster trucks, and when this came up on the lot I thought mm wha. I got even a try. All electric folks and I figured out unbox it here for you today, but you know I might as well take this nice sharp razor blade, be careful and give it a proper unboxing. This box is much larger than it appears. Ah, não., here we go Robert there. Nós estamos, we can just basically peel this back gone behind good, not the Colossus 18 Escala. A monster truck MT is what I usually call them. Rtr four wheel, Dirigir 2.4 gigahertz boom I'm, actually excited to see how the plastics are on this truck because I live in a very cold environment and I'll. Tell ya. Plastics in Nicole can become very brittle, but with this kind of monster truck, I don't know maybe I'll take it easy. Maybe I won't hiya. I know how rcadventures goes and I'm pretty sure. We'Re gon na put it to the test come on out here.

Uh hein! Oh, eu não tenho, Meu deus, I see why they called it. The Colossus come on big fella man come on let's get out of here. I know everyone wants to see a whole lot, no loud. How heavy is this machine? Obrigado, radio for staying in place and not falling whew. This is actually my first look at it in person with you guys, oh come on. There you've got some embarrassing little styrofoam bits hanging out in your tire treads uh same rims that I remember on the Nitro version. I think it's been a while, since I saw it. Oh my gosh I'm a little bit speechless. I don't, I don't, really know what to say other than the fact that it's huge it's, definitely bigger than the flux that we've been working with in the past. I see dual shocks right away. I see a nice aluminum frame, it's, a Vox servos that are inside. I can see it already. You guys can hear me kind of just discovering this with you come on. You want to get in closer. Come come on. I know you guys always want to have a close look: Wow, OKEY, so I've cleaned out the styrofoam bits as best as I could, from the tires and I'm just kind of still a little bit speechless, like they don't have any decals on the monster body. On the truck body, I should say I'm, like looking at this monster. Truck wow I've had a lot of cool our season here and I've heard mixed reviews about this brand over the years, but I can say that just appearance wise boom, great they didn't, put any decals on the truck itself.

In fact it I noticed again we kind of took this out of the box and didn't even look at it. This is the giant decal sheet. Ele vem com, and it's thick it's, like there's, multiple sheets of decals. I just want to have a look. Oh, eu não tenho, my god check this out one sheet to sheet with flames and it looks like a racing pattern appears for the other side, I'm assuming or maybe it's just different colors. No look at that. Oh you can take these pages off. Desculpe pessoal.! Look at this is what happens when you unbox and you haven't looked inside, but I wanted to look inside, but I wanted to you know, share it with you guys. Look at that cool. I love the blue. What else do we have blue and red? Eu gosto disso, one actually, that pops, like crazy let's, actually see the Colossus ones. Then I thought these were like a dual sheet, but they've actually just kept them nice and separate dudes. OKEY, at least it's got some cool, stickers or decals to put on it. I'M. Still excited to get to the truck, even so, let's have a peek, obviously we'll get this out of the way take out the last body. Desculpe pessoal., arms are in the way. Oh holy cow, OKEY, Incrível, uh, lumina, frame on the side, let's have a peek here and bring it up. Close blue anodized aluminum looks like a hobby wing huge huge brushless that's like the motor.

Is that big right there it's all motor your that yeah, a bit of a beard shot hey what's, indo bem, so hobby wing ESC? It says it is an s8 a r2. Our boom let's have a look underneath the plastics not too bad. I got a bit of styrofoam stuck in there big centered, if Saavik servo for steering yep that's exactly it it's a sad LOX, 1230 Sg, Oh how's, a suspensão, not bad didn't bother man. This bench has seen a lot of cool are seized. Okey, the rims feel pretty good. These actually have breathable tires. You know what these are ridged tires. I haven't looked at any specs or anything yet guys. It just looks cool overall, Ei. I had a young fella yesterday actually asked me to do a sin. Monster truck video, see you later buddy. Sorry about that slippery tabletop, ok, giant fan on top of the brush list looks like dual shocks. I keep spinning it around, so you guys can look at it. Ooh good compression, that's, muito bom. It also looks like they have some rings for adjustment, and can you spin the middle? Não, you can't, ok, so I'm, looking at basically a monster truck that is fairly lightweight like it's got some weight to it. I don't have anything to weigh it with, but much probably says right on the box actually, but you know I like discovery just as much as you guys. I could cheat and open up the box and look at all this stuff before I unboxed it with you.

But then I'd have to fake excitement instead of just unboxing it with you guys, Logo de cara. Ah, não., Eu, like the chrome. These tires are kind of like a medium stickiness they're, não é muito ruim. You know what froat, in my climate, when it's cold outside these are gon na turn really rigid and for the snow they might have some good bite. Do I see anything that's of concern not really it's kind of like it's, almost like it savage material with the double shocks, but this whole chassis is quite different. Actually man, I love that compression, ok. Bem, I think the only thing to do, instead of actually just standing here, looking at it just slap the body on and let's go outside and see what a couple of batteries do: I'm, pretty sure it can take a life all mmm I'll figure that out and Tell you outside let's, get the let's get the body back on here. Oh the bumper on foam, like a monster, Bem, let's, take it out. OKEY, I thought I'd sneak this in here and say it. At least. You know one of the things I noticed while is putting the the decals on is everything in the instruction book is in color. That makes it helpful to see hey whoo, Está bem, so I've, driven down to a construction site, they're, always building new houses. In my city anyway, so there's plenty of construction area and snow and hills and different kind of jumps like thatand I figured way to come out here, give her a try.

Nwo. This is actually taking dual two cell lipo, so it's taking a four cell lipo altogether. I have dual jens ace, five thousand milliamp hours in here and they're already plugged in turn on the radio, que é um 2.4 Rádio giga-hertz, nada especial. All the controls are on the top. Here takes four batteries and you know pretty basic, but it runs the truck I'm excited to see what we can do. Body posts are always a must. You know you're gon na roll, it it's nice and shiny right now, but in ten minutes it'll be muddy and wet and as far as I know, this truck is not waterproof but it's not like I'm, going into a whole bunch of different types of pools of Water or anything here, I'll give you actually a look around at what I'm going to go through. OKEY, a lot of people ask me when they see me jumping my trucks noobs to the to the hobby. Don'T know some of you guys asked me how I get it to pitch forward and backward while we're in mid jump and really my friends. It has to do with force forward. Your truck is going to pitch back when it's in the air. If you brake suddenly and you get that to stop those wheels to stop your truck it's going to pitch forward so throttle up on jump and, É claro, pitch forward, which is braking on landing that's, what you get that's, what you get check it out dad! I was a little worried about the plastics and the cold to begin with.

I am in sub zero temperatures here guys and you know plastics don't hold up that. Bem, let me put you down yeah check it out lots of power in this beast. Those four cells of lipoyou know James ace powerputs out pretty good and I'll tell ya if I hadn't been jumping it.