I can this is my stream line, RC Thrasher jet boat, where I did a fishing video earlier in the year I went out to a place called chest: Muir lake in Alberta, Canada, where I live, had my fishing license, É claro, and there's no issues with fishing With a boat like this, and what I had done is because that's rasher jet boat actually has a lid that just pops on top, like most RC boats, do I took my lid and I modified it now. This jet boat actually runs on a 6s lipo battery. You can run less power through it, but 6s is what I like to put through it and instead of robbing any power from this, I like to set up my RCS a little bit differently. It'S, definitely not the best way or the right way. I'M, not claiming anything like that, but just to kind of show you how this is done, I'll break it down because of the question. This here is a capa winch. You could use any winch. You want one tenth scale: actual functioning winch, where there's a motor on this side and a strong motor on this side. I wrapped this whole winch after the fishing video. I did a hundred pound test line for the video, which was silly on my part and now I've got about an eight pound on there. The reason why I did thatand I wasn't thinking in the first video was that if I have a huge fish that actually does chomp on this, I want it to have the ability to break if we get into any trouble.

You know if he's dragging this to the bottom and this boat actually being 26 inches long to tip to tail has quite a bit of buoyancy to it. Eventually this line would break and it would pop back up to the top regardless. So this here, the way I have the winch installed on the top of the lid was, I just drilled it through put a grommet in and here's the power connector that goes into a separate electronic speed control. This is basically running as my winch controller right, because the boats going to get very far away from me on the water and a handheld controller, or something for the winch yeah it doesn't reach. You know it goes out of out of range, so something like this that's plugged right into my receiver from my main radio of the boat, allows me to send signal to this ESC, which gives power to the winch, which allows me to spool in and out notice, For all the RC hobbyists out there that I do not have my red wire connected because I don't need to be powering the receiver with this battery and ESC. Sim, I would run a separate small 2s lipo battery just off to the side, just something tiny, realmente. No weight to it, but that has its own power source and B, can be removed completely from the boat without messing up on anything on the inside pretty cool. So back here I what I came up with, and it was just parts that I had laying around but I've been thinking about it for a while is this is a three link: truss aluminum truss for an axial scx10, the original one this here this whole long Rod is just a suspension link with two rod ends on the end.

One was from my build Optimus overkill. This is one of the extras that I had that's, anodizado, blue and a chrome one on the end, which I just have a ton of these anyway. This one here is actually the Y setup for the three link suspension. Normalmente, this would be hooking into the to the back diff right this area, and ifand these two would be the suspension linksI added two rod ends on the end here, because I didn't want when the fish was on. I didn't want it to be pulled over right, so I didn't want it to be going off to the edge and it's, basically helping me keep it in now. I could probably run extra fishing lines down here, but I don't really need to do that. One was plenty so right here. The reason I have this and what this is is shrink tube over a very small spring tube itself and when the fish was on, you can see visually I'm able to see that there was a fish there. This is some nitro fuel tubing. I ran it through the center of the suspension link or the the truss right here, so I didn't actually cut this line prematurely, so it's actually acting as a buffer between the aluminum and it's, a great thing that I can again see that there's a fish there. So that's how I set up the electronics here on the inside.

The beautiful Thrasher here is the jet drive where this powerful motor is actually pushing it, getting the water from the inlet and pushing it through the back jet. This is the propulsion area and of course it does have the steering arm coming out the back with the servo right there. There is the ESC or pardon me, here's, the ESC, there's the receiver, just a spectrum receiver that ESC right there is actually powering the receiver that's. por que? I remove the red wire out of this. Turning this around putting this back up here, one of the things I also want to note is one thing that I learned and if you guys are building your own fishing boats at home. One of the things that I really did learn overall, is that I would have liked to have moved this winch back here, not to the middle like in this area, but right back here, and I would have brought this fishing line to right where this winch is Probably it's a little bit too towards the back and when the fish is on, it did try to pull it down a little bit, but because I had so much foam and buoyancy in there plus, I had the power of the 6s lipo, which really wasn't necessary. I probably only used about 60 Acelerador, while I was doing that this post right here. If you have this too far up in the middle, when the fish is pulling, you might pull this post out.

So I added some extra epoxy in there and but this dead work I did pull in that fish and I was very stunned when we did it. Você sabe: we're gon na need a bigger boat, not the case, this being 26 polegadas de comprimento. The pike was too five inches long when we pulled it out. I was super. Happy won the day on that hey, so this here that's. What the reason why I got two of these lids just be easy to you know, swap it out. If I just wanted to go pro and to go up the river or whatever, and then if I want to do fishing, I could simply just pop this on and away I go okay, so the ramp. This is the jump you're talking about. Let me grab it down now. This used to be a little more pretty before I actually rammed into it when I was jumping that day with Everett on the canal right, because Everett has his Thrasher and this ramp is actually a brainchild of Everett. And I, when we were just messing around in the shop one day we decided hey, let's, make the floating ramp. We'Ve always talked about all it is: is plastic corrugated, board right and some tape on the inside of this shape on the inside here, just a bunch of jugs all right, all empty jugs milk jugs, whatever something clean and empty, we could stick in there for floatation That'S the way we did it, then I just used Gorilla Tape on the sides and sealed it up now I did change it a little bit look at the shape of it, OKEY, it's kind of if I can get it to stand there.

OKEY, it's not quite like a perfect triangle, Na verdade, you'll see at the top here that it kind of comes here and does a lip and the reason. Why is because this was on a moving channel and what I mean by channel. Is you guys that watch the show all know that I've got an irrigation canal beside me? Bem, there is always moving water, just think of a river type of thing right, but not too fast. Bem, because this is always moving and it had to go with the current the flow of the water. I wanted to make sure and you'll see here that I had my anchor attached to it. The anchor went straight down to the bottom that when it was in the water that it actually had that bit of force, pushing it up right so as it floated in the water like this with the water Direction. Going that way we could hit this, and this would be already in the water but still kind of angled, and if you guys watch the Thrasher jump like homemade jump video, you guys will see exactly what I'm talking about so that's. How I made that super simple Everett and I just kind of cut out the shapes, make sure it's even the same size on that side, and that you've got some good surface area. There make sure it's wide enough, so it can float on top of the water and then you can get a good launch off of it guys if you want to post up questions or anything like that, or have me look at something head on over to my Facebook there's about 200000 of us over there at RC spark studio.

Você pode ver lá. I also have a group down on the side you can check out. The group has almost about 3000 people there. We just started it, so you can show off your own videos and your photos there. Se você quiser dar uma olhada, there's something there's, a members photo right. There it's been awesome.