I am using a Futaba 4px Radio. Now this has great program ability I'm able to do dual es CS or electronic speed controls, which I have in here, two of them both from Tekin they're, both the new element, proof rx, Quatro, so it's powering individual motors on each axle that's. What MOA stands for is motor on axle, so I've got a brushed thirty back here, a brushed thirty turn motor as well as one up here, and each ESC is controlling the speed of each motor. On that axle, the motor is attached to the actual transmission on the axle itself and thus really eliminating the need for a centered transmission andor driveshafts from each axle i'm sure in the future. As things progress, you know it's 2017 Agora, electric cars are just coming out I'm sure we're, going to see eventually an off roader. That is completely electric right because it offers a lot in removing hang ups on hard spots where there's rocks jutting out and logs and all that stuffand I know I'm, probably like hoping for things in the future. Maybe it will never happen, but if it can happen in 110 Escala, why can't it happen in full scale. Now let's cover some things that I've already covered before, but no problem there on this radio itself, including other radios, you're able to program four wheel. Steering now that means this axle back here has a steering servo on it.

Plus this axle up here is identical to that servo back there it's just facing outwards, so this has a steering servo on it. That means I'm able to do a four position. Programming on my radio to allow me to have four different types of steering. You can see all wheel, steering there push the button crab crawl because crab scuttle from side to side, if you've ever seen them and, É claro, na parte inferior. If I push it one more time, it'll give me just rear steer back to the beginning, and I have my front steer back. Everything is back to normal. The other thing that I've covered before that I want to cover with you today, just in case, is that I have because each motor is powered individually by those electronic speed controls that I'm actually able to lock out different axles. So if I wanted to have the back axle locked out for sure it would help create a look at that wrong programming. My dad look at that back axle locked out which allows me to pivot around a gate and a gate, É claro, being an obstacle in a trail crawling course, or rock crawling course. You can see by very slowly either moving my back tires or locking them completely out that I can create a pivot point very easily. Nwo, if I didn't have that, if I don't have it on full lock out, I've got this over driven just a little bit.

If I didn't have thatand I just go back to regular steering oh therewe go that my circumference, my Furion area is actually very large. So let me back up here, I'm going to try to do a tight corner and I'm off camera coming back quickly but I'm Way over here that doesn't work. So I want to have a pivot point on those selectable axles, so I'm going to go ahead and just have the the front ones driven and then, É claro, if I wanted to get around this obstacle, I touched it. I would have failed right there. Então lá vamos nós, but I can actually do a very close pivot, so I don't have these completely locked out, como você pode ver, but that's okay for my needs.