Tem que entrar nessa coisa direito. Lá ia usar este receptor. Deixe-me ver, Senhor, isso pode oh aqui vamos esta velha tática. O que mais eu preciso? Eu preciso, eu acho que aqui vamos controlador de velocidade. This will work hows it going everyone im greg with rc driver and uh. We are going to go and reuse some old electronics. We have a lunchbox mini to check out today. Now this is part of the tamiya xsa series, which means its assembled its expertly ex expertly semi assembled series chassis, say that 10 times fast and what you have to do is install some electronics and weve had a similar kit before actually 110 Escala. Lunchbox that i showed you guys from that series and they have a couple other cars in this series and i think its just a really cool kit, uh reason being is you could go put your electronics in you, dont have to do the building. I know the building is part of the fun, but i think for those of you that have some ready to run systems lying around that arent being used. This is a perfect opportunity to get them back in use and have some more fun with an rc car. So lets get this thing out of the box: Música Aplauso Música. So here it is the mini lunchbox gold edition on the sw001 chassis. Esta é uma roda de quatro: drive chassis, independent suspension and check this out.

This is like the coolest part of these sw001s. The suspension and steering kind of work together to get this thing turned, and they actually have a couple of really cool option parts, one of them being a bar that will make the rear steer as well. So you could go and hop this thing up. If you want to just to bring it up to speed in case, you didnt see my other review on this. We have the kit version here on the channel uh. You know its great for indoors and outdoor use, whether youre in a parking lot or driveway tennis court inside in the living room or whatever theyre, just fun little cars, and it does come with the motor uh bodies well painted from the factory. Realmente, let me show you this: this is pretty neat. You take off the two body clips and the body is actually magnetized as well, so when you drop it on it, just kind of sucks itself in and pretty much holds itself in place. But let me pull this off, so you can go and see inside check it out. Eu., pretty simple setup here the battery gets put in the back here. So you get some weight transfer you get some wheelies out of it. The servo goes up front and you stack all the electronics on the inside its just gon na be a blast, especially if youre looking to use up some spare electronics like this spectrum radio system that we already pulled out.

Uh ive got a receiver for that heres. An old arma speed controller, which might be a little bit too big for this thing actually ill have to see maybe ill have to grab something else. Standard servo and the only hard part about getting this car up and running the sw001 is finding a battery to fit in here. But let me get this thing together and i have to get back behind the wheel of this thing: theyre just a blast: Aplausos musicais, Música, Música, tudo bem lá. It is all the electronics installed in the sw01 gold edition, lunchbox pretty easy install. Eu quero dizer, i think it maybe took me 10 Minutos 15 minutes tops. Actually i spent a lot of time looking for the right radio system, porque o 215 doesnt work with the slt3, so i had to go, find a dx3 and bound everything and it works. So let me just show you guys, really quick heres, an old lifey battery that i just threw a deans plug on. Realmente, i think ive used this in a couple. Other small tamiya cars, but it works just fine ill, have links in the video description for some electronics that i recommend just in case youre, picking things up or looking to finish off your build. But here the battery just slides right in the back watch. This easy easy to access once the body is on slide these body clips back in, and you know what ill just even throw on the body just with the bang nuts, because that makes it really easy check that out now lets see if it does a wheelie.

Oh it does i wasnt expecting that this things gon na be fun, lets head outside Music, então Aplausos, Música, Aplausos, Aplausos musicais, então a música, Música. I forgot that this thing is a wheelie machine as soon as you touch the throttle. Essa coisa, bucks up and just rides wheelies, and sometimes it kind of dips out and spins around kind of a wild ride, especially if youre driving off road a little on the unpredictable side, but a lot of fun as soon as you roll off the throttle get The thing on the ground tearing up the dirt is a lot of fun, really neat like a flat dirt parking lot to drive it in thats, where its going to be the most fun on asphalt. It was fun there too, just a little edgy on these tires, but again lots of wheelies and thats, where i would say if, if youre really enjoying the wheelies, you should go and get the after marker. The optional steering bars that they have for it and that will help you steer while youre doing wheelies so thats one really cool option. I recommend where i had the most fun with this was in my workshop here. I sat here on my bar stool and just drove this thing around until the battery was dead. Its a blast to do wheelies with what i really like doing, is just going full throttle with it, hitting the brake having it roll over land on all four wheels and keep on going its just a lot of fun and, like i said you know, this is Just the perfect spot to go, throw some old ready to run electronics in or go pick up some new electronics.

If you like the look of this little van again its a blast, these should be available pretty soon, i think its the end of june uh. So i will have links in the video description below so you go find it easily. Let me know what you think of it. I had one here on the channel before the kit version ill, have a link in the video description to that as well, and actually we have another sw01 to feature here.