This is the upgraded version let’s give it a bash and i’ll. Let you know what i think about it. When i’m finished, i just put some of the decals on it and spruced it up. A bit looks pretty neat looking let’s give it that bash and i’ll get back to you at the end, with the results: Música, então a música, Música, então a música, então a música, me Music. Então, Música, me, Aplausos musicais, me, Música, Música, me Music, então lá você tem que caras. I just beat up on this hail storm. My boxing did a nice job things tough, just like the other one. I reviewed took a beating you’ve, seen it guys if you’re looking for a neat little rc this. Is it a lot of fun and can take abuse thanks, hi boxing for sending this in for me to showcase on my channel. I appreciate it guys if you like the video. Please leave me a thumbs up hit that bell, so you don’t, miss future videos and shnrc i’ll, vejo você da próxima vez, beauty guys. I just got back from bashing this and i got a tip for you to get the body on and off easier. Just cut them rear lights right off like this, because when they’re on they get in the way of these rear shocks and it’s a pain to get on and off, it takes too much time and fiddling around this way, just goes right on just like that.