This series is going to be three videos. The first video today were looking at the chassis were gon na unbox were gon na talk about why I ordered the chassis, then Im going to build it off camera because it could take forever. I dont know how long its going to take and then well have a look at the finished product and were gon na, have a look and see how good the chassis is and show you what to see what comes and see what doesnt come with uh. In the second installment well be looking at the electric, so Ill be going through. What up here just a wire purchased it and then put it all in the chassis over everything up, maybe try and give it a try on one uh. The third installment will be looking at the body. Shell Ill be trimming it and Ill be spraying it and mounting it with Magnetic body posts, and that could go terribly wrong in all honesty. Então, first off the chassis I picked is the MST rmx, 2.0. Classic. Another reason to purchase this chassis in particular is because a its a major brand MST um b as well priced to the standard MST rmx 2.0 cost around 180 190 pounds online, the classic when its available costs around 120. So its a little bit cheaperand I want this to be a bit of a budget build so lets see whats inside the Box.

So this is the box that comes in and so the MST rmx 2.0 classic chassis and hes coming about 119 Libras. So you can see inside there its just a load of bags of parts and honestly its a little bit intimidating, because youve got lots of a little tiny part in there. I dont know why you can see that in this light, thats one big bag of parts. Another big bag of bags of pots, o chassi, o manual de instruções, Eu espero, nope all right there. We go the structure manual and a load of stickers. That is quite a lot of stickers, actually something to bear in mind guys if youre gon na buy one these drift chassis kits because they dont come with anything. They literally just come with the chassis. So you got no electrics. You get no body shell. You got no wheels or tires even either so for this build. I bought a set of used outdoor drift wheels and tires, and a Peter fiber for them from a local Club, some of them and some nice Shiny, Bright, MST rims done to go on as well. Tudo bem pessoal, Im gon na build this chassis up now. Hopefully it goes well and at the end of it Ill show you what it looks like and well have a good review of it. So this is the finished product. This is the MST rmx 2.0 classic chassis with MSC wheels and silver DOT tires all ready for the electrics to go in First Impressions.

It looks like a quality piece of kit. Its pretty rugged those shocks seem pretty. Nice looks well thought out: lots of luck on the steering looks like a real nice piece of kit. I think the build went really well. Everything seems to go together pretty well, and the other thing Im not entirely happy with is the gearbox. Então, como você pode ver, it seems quite tight in there now Ive built this and rebuilt it and rebuilt it again and locked online and locked on YouTube and stuff the best I can do. Infelizmente, some people want to put a motor in there. Thatll loosen up and itll, be okay, for only time will tell now for this build youre gon na need some tools, so first things, first youre gon na need a cutting mat. Absolutely youre gon na need some Allen. Drivers need some kind of sharp knife or sharp scissors to open the bags. All apart, I mean I mean I just use the kitchen knife, but seriously you get a hobby knife or get some really sharp small Scissors, because theres so many little teeny tiny bags, theyre really hard to open gon na need a flathead, screwdriver and absolutely youre going To need a shock Builder that makes building the shock absorber is so much easier. I used that a few weeks ago rebuilding the shocks on my mother, Quantum flux and it may life just tons easier on top of that youre going to need a pair of long nose, pliers and youre gon na need a decent amount of light, as well as You can see my actual workstation is not that well lit at all, and I really recommend getting some extra lamps in your workstation.

So you can see everything that youre doing. Also workspace around three foot by three foot should just about be enough. Eu., the cutting mat Ive got is, Eu acho, its an A3 size and thats been plenty big enough. Bem, guys hope you enjoyed the video today and found at least a little bit informative uh. Please make sure you join us next time for the second episode, where were pressing all the electrics into the car, which will be a much more interesting video, Eu acho, and probably a lot longer video as well anyway.