Look at the tires theyre 10 vezes 10 times bigger. Look at the other one too: oh, Meu deus, oh holy crap smells pretty soft, so go straight. Holy smokes hit, the fuller hit the folder. So so there you go guys in typing pool. We go Applause. It was a good, então a música! So oh do it. Agora, Música, on the other one Music against me, im gon na take it up im going to take it up our neighbor till up there so flush part, Sim, OKEY, oh caras, Música, então a música, Temos 20 minutes left when it gets to 9 Minutos, were At people or if its half nine its okay Music, yesterday Music look right there and my tire tractor right beside it: Música, então a música, oh caras, if you guys can see those pieces off the house of snow theyre falling down.