Realmente, i think it was a couple weeks before christmas and um yeah. This could be a review on the bezel car um, controle remoto, uh car and its actually really good for its price. I mean it was, Eu acho, either. I think it was at the time around 35 libras ou 40 pounds and uh its really good, actually and um. Im gon na be showing you uh what it looks like um. Of course now ive used it so its gon na be quite dirty and uh and like bits of grass stuck to it, but you know thats the preview of it if it was clean, como você pode ver, there clean tires and it has lights and stuff. Então, sim, squishy just im doing it with one hand, just because the camera wont stand up so yeah, OKEY, oh yeah and thats. Also another um point of view. It could be like look how good it looks in the dirt: OKEY, OKEY, Espero, that box will stay up there. Yeah the box wont stay up. OKEY, there we are theres the box, so best guard, obviously um. If you want to go and um buy, one thing ill leave a link to their website in the description just in case you guys want to buy yourselves a bezgar, controle remoto. They dont all look like this, but i think in my opinion, this look the most cool, então sim. So this is the remote control. Let me just stand there, so its one of those really high uh stand ones.

This is uh its actually weird uh. You click it backwards to go forward and you click up to go uh backwards, and then this is the stair and thats the control it and yeah. This is the remote control is the other side of it. If you want to see yeah so thats the remote control, it also comes with rechargeable battery packs in these little green cartridges, wrapping uh theres two: how does that yeah? So you basically plug this into a cable. What that youre about to see now, so you um this is so hard to do with one hand. OKEY, so you you plug that side within that side, and then you plug that into like a a block like a charging block its like a usb cable cable and it will charge these batteries and you have to sit for free hours for it to be fully Charged and thats um the batteries and the cable side to it, which is pretty good, oh deus, cable wont stay up and now the beast itself. Oh god i had it stuck on um yeah. We have no space, uh, OKEY, doente, come back to you guys when ive moved this box out of the way. OKEY, im back and ive moved the box, and this is the remote control. The tires are clean now, just because i um i took it to a uh place when it was raining, so it cleaned all the wheels, but it is actually really dirty up here from where i previous he drove it or driven it, mas um sim.

I chose the green one just because greens, my favorite color and um, it looks really good now i havent got any batteries in it, but when the batteries do turn on these four lights up here do turn on and theyre very bright, actually for a little car. Yeah heres a side uh angle of it lightings, não é incrível. I will admit that, but its kind of night time, so i cant really enhance the light that much um heres the back now theres. Only one problem i think id have uh. I think i have with this. It would have been cool if this wasnt a plastic wheel like an actual rubber wheel, because if you grab the screwdriver that comes with it, ive got to mention that it comes with a screwdriver. You can unscrew the tie here and it will just you could take the tire off just in case you get sank, hook up in the in inside, so i think it would have been better if they had a rubber tire there, instead of a plastic one. Just in case you did somehow destroy one tire: you could have a re um, a new one, but yeah heres, the other side perspective of it uh heres a underneath its not really focuses too dark. Underneath the car is all black but um yeah. It has pretty good suspension and its got a lot of power to it kicks and stuff so uh yeah. It looks pretty good to me um.

I dont know why theres a number seven now im, não tenho certeza do que isso significa, mas um sim. So this is the best car uh car. I dont know what model this is uh. The super high speed model, Eu acho, Isto é, what its called but its like a doom buggy thing and ive ive, driven this in, like uh dry dirt, a bit of wet dirt. Concrete rain, gravel grass ive driven it for a few, a lot of things. You know train terrain, i havent driven it in is like sand, which i think itd be pretty good in sand, because this looks like a dune buggy and i think it will dominate the sun, probably the most out of all of them, of all the terrain. So yeah so yeah this is the best car car i got ive had it for a while, but i just wanted to do a bit of a review on it and its actually really worth it. Para ser honesto, i mean its actually really fun to um play with, so i think its worth it and um. I forgot what speed its like. Kilometers ive got its speed. Um specs are but well i i may have it in the description im, Não tem certeza. If i cant find it, i wont im in the description, but i do find itll be in the description, mas um sim, im gon na uh end this video. Now i got another review on a lego set um before i, because im thinking im, i might be able to get a uh rexy figure and i might do a full on unboxing, first reaction to it as well, but um well its a tyre scraping across the Table but um yeah.

This is the best car and i think its really good uh well made, and i havent actually broken it yet uh. The bumpers are still intact. Everythings still like. I have flipped it twice in my time of playing it uh driving that, but it wasnt a major flip. It just landed on the lights i saw, and the lights are pretty sturdy, então uh sim. This is the best golfing and ill see you guys in my next review or unboxing or shimmer, video or chronic street video or mine, the next day craft, Vídeo, jurassic, video or godzilla video, you name it all the stuff.