King arry, you its all up to you. We got different varieties so before you get burned out, dont fight your throne, some need for speed on your market whats up yall. So today, im gon na be unboxing. My rc f5 gas vehicle im gon na go ahead and start. I ordered this like four days ago only took like what three days to get here hope yall can see this. There we go. You got your little fuel mixture jump. You mix your oil on this side and put your gas in here and then shake it up. So that way, you can have a perfect mixture, so you wont ruin your vehicle toss that to the side, you got your uh stickers and all the stuff for the vehicle Music, nice Music, some more instructions, Music, okay, these are everything you need, like your uh extra Goodies, you got your extra filter, filter oil and shock boy Music. You got some extra tools and stuff in the box. Im thinking this right here, some type of charger or something yeah. This right here is the charger Music, okay, its the wing for the car. This is the wing heres, the car folks, man its heavy. Oh, i see that just glue the box to the side, so yall can see yeah, but the site was roving rc thats the site. I got this car from robin rc. This is the place guys roving rc, so lets move this box out of the way Music.

This thing is nice, did yall see it can yall see it. Oh man look at this all black. I wanted to go with the all black because i love black. My personal car is black, so yeah black everything for me and its a gas car. This is my first gas vehicle. I have a. I have a dirt bike rc. I also did a review on. You can check that video out on my channel lets. Take these little snappy thingies off and see whats under here, ugh Music, oh Music, shots the little motor. This little motor looks like a motor thats. What it looks like you got your gas tank here. You got your air filter, the exhaust and everything. This is a beauty right here. Im telling you Music, very nice. You know, let me show yall that transmitter like i promised see how the Music transmitters and its a fly sky transmitter made by fly stack Music, oh man, this thing is nice. Look at this has a kill, switch and everything thats nice, Music, nice wheel, Music, thats, pretty much it guys. Im gon na put this thing together: miss the oil and the gas and everything fill the tank up. Put some batteries in this transmitter and were gon na see how this big rise all in this video so ill be right back guys, all right we outside with it. So what we about to do now lets crank this thing up and see what it does: hey.

Music, oh Applause, Laughter, so Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, that thing really rises; Applause, hmm, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, so short, video, but thats. All i had to show yall uh this thing purged like a kitten as you can see, and im just overall man satisfied with this product. You know yeah Music, so thats it for this product um. As you can see it worked out.