We can get outside and use the uh light tree here and see how fast this sucker goes. But i just wanted to bring you guys in and give you a little overview of what i’ve done and how it come out and uh. As you can see, it’s come out. Epic uh. This thing is looks awesome, i’m, totally happy with it uh and, like i said it just came out really good the only oh. I don’t want to start off negative, but the only downfall before i forget i’m going to bring up. I actually bought this body painted uh. If you’re doing this and it’s not already marked out for a specific chassis that you have uh, the advice i would give you is, it was extremely hard to get this sucker to line up uh without being able to see through the body and everything else. So i thought it would save me some time, but really in the long run. I actually started costing me some time because i’m telling you what guys black body no holes or marks this sucker was hard to get laid out. I actually made a couple little mistakes. I had to go back and fix, but uh come out all right. I’M, just gon na end up get putting a whole bunch of uh scratches on it anyway, because uh. I know how i am gon na try to go as fast as possible and probably end up on the lid and scratch the hell out of the body anyway.

So not that worried about it, but anyway this is. It finally got the tires in i got the rear bracket for the wheelie bar and uh wasn’t. What i thought it was so i went on the old uh thingiverse on uh the internet there and found myself a wheelie bar and printed that i’ll show you here. In a minute and go over that and let you know what i did and uh just let you know how it turned out: um i’m gon na move this chair over not quite high enough, but anyway uh. So the wheelie bar is all 3d printed came out. Pretty uh good i’ll change the design a little bit but i’ll get to that in a minute, but uh. The overview of the car here got these uh little fast pins. Here, with the little holders from axial from one of my crawlers works, awesome plus they’re, all blacked out goes with the theme of the car and uh uh real quick before i take it off and see on the back there i actually uh, i don’t know using The gopro so it’s hard to how close i am, but i see i cut the back of the body for the wheelie bar to sit up in the body there very cool little feature help keep it from all the rattling uh on this proline body. The other thing, besides it being already painted, which was cool, just really pain in the neck, to get on there uh just keep that in mind um, the only other down part for the cost of this body is up here.

The the plastic feels um pretty thick, but man down on these edges, guys of the car, especially on this side, is paper thin um. I would suggest, and i’m probably going to go back and do the same thing, especially since this thing will be it’s pretty low. Be hitting stuff on the ground but i’m going to go back with the drywall tape and shoe goo and i’m just going to go down along this bottom edge to probably actually go around the whole car along the bottom. Just to keep it from splitting because when i say it’s thin man, it is paper thin paper paper thin anyway, here’s the inside of the car uh i’m actually running one of my uh. Ah, what is that one that came in my red car? What fly uh? I don’t remember, but i came up with my redcat crawlers, that i took out uh i’m, not going crazy on the steering, guys um. I just plan on going straight and if uh i need to do some major steering things are going wrong um. So i just do a crappy servo in there you don’ti you know, i don’t think you need something really high end on there, like, i said you’re supposed to just be going straight. So, just you know little corrections here and there that’s my plan i’m sure i won’t go too straight, but i’ll try so i’m thinking. You know i don’t need anything top end there uh just getting into it and that’s, where other people are just getting into it too got the stuff laying around don’t want to drop a ton of money into a car uh and just have fun.

Uh, like i said i’m, just looking to have fun myself so uh. I didn’t go too crazy on that uh. I did put my uh spectrum receiver in there. I am running my spectrum dx4c um, with all the rest of my models. In there i went in with the hobby wing here, uh easy run. Music 3652 3300 kv uh right now i got a 29 tooth pinion and i believe 71 or 75 or 72 75 uh spur gear in here, i’m gon na probably start there, um i’m thinking about actually jumping my pinion up a little bit higher. Maybe down on my spur gear uh, you know lose a little bit of my top end, but the initial takeoff i think uh i’m gon na go in that route. Once i actually do all the computer setup and stuff uh here’s, the wheelie bar as you can see, there came out really really really well um. What i did is, i actually ordered this bracket here. It was on ebay uh if anybody’s interestedjust, let me know, i’ll, throw the link up and if i remember i’ll, throw the link up right away, uh in the comments there and then uh. What i changed was on here. This piece here was actually a solid piece with some writing in it. I started printing, it didn’t look too stable. So what i did is on this uh rear one they actually built um. This was built to have bearings in here um.

If you had, i didn’t have the right bearing size. I thought i did until i printed it, but what i did was still use this uh let’s just say uh this spacer here and i actually had my revo e revo 2.0. I actually had a wheelie bar for it when i was doing speed runs on that. I actually took the wheels off of that and i thought that looked a lot better than actually having the bearings in there. So i did that this piece, like i said, was a solid um filled in uh brace piece. Had some writing in it came out kind of flimsy i didn’t like it. So all i did was reprint two more of these um rear axle parts and use them as the spacers and the stiffeners and everything’s pretty stiff uh on here. You can see um they actually have mark out, so you can actually adjust this up and down. I see i got it raked out. I don’t i don’t want any wheeling. I want to keep my tires straight to the ground, uh from point a to point b as fast as possible, that’s what i’m going out for um and see what else uh i got. I ended up keeping the pro line. I’Ll do stage shocks on there. I thought i could put the b5 shocks on here once i did it um. It did definitely drop down the chassis lower uh, but because of the towers and the spacing from the towers to the arms, it was too much where i didn’t really have any um.

I probably lost three quarters of the shock travel, so i just left it where it is sorry about that. Had a little camera problem there uh anyway um what i was saying on the shocks they didn’t quite work out because of the distance from the top of the shocks to the where the arms are with the buggies. Like i said, these are um the ob5m um buggy arms and links uh, front and rear that i actually have on the sc 10 um team associated short course truck there and uh there’s the setup, so it works uh with the arms back here. I also took the b5m’s um sway bar link system for the rear, which i thought that would keep that sucker and help everything stay planned, no leaning, and it also has the links on there from the b5m. So all that together, everything went pretty well one other thing you might want to keep an eye out for when you do this with the buggy arms here in these um cups that go onto the ball sockets there in the tower there wasn’t quite enough room there Right in the center, i don’t know if you could see it there, but what i actually did is took my dremel and in the tower there. I just took a cone and kind of just honed out a little section on there, because when i was bending the arms they would actually bind against the inside of the tower.

So i just made a little room there, so the arm’s moving. I can see everything moves, nice and freely, but uh overall, all together, besides running into uh problems with um the links rubbing on the tower and figuring out a way to get this wheelie bar lined up and on there i had to buy like i said this Back bracket piece, but trying to find a wheelie bar itself out there, uh guys was uh difficult and i thought um. When i did find them. I thought they were a little overpriced for what they were uh. So, like i said, i went on thingiverse printed, one out i did it for cents had the parts laying around besides buying this one piece. I think it was like 19 bucks, 15 bucks to adapt it to the sc and other than that. That was the only two difficult parts i really had on converting this and putting it together. Uh i got the front end. All lined up rear ends all lined up and checked i’m running zero, uh camber, so uh all’s next is waiting for the weather to fall out there a little bit guys. I said i’m in upstate, new york and snow’s just been falling like crazy here, but as soon as things dry out a little bit, we get some pavement. Uh we’re gon na get the dts system up and going and uh we’re gon na give that a run. Uh keep an eye out for it shortly.

I am going to do an unboxing on this. Just haven’t got to yet it’s coming, but it’s coming very soon, i’ve been busy trying to get this all done. I want to get this all done and ready and do some time trial runs and the body and, as you see it’s all done so i hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope that helps anybody out there who is trying to do the same conversion, little tips and tricks and helps you out any questions comment below. Let me know, comment below. Let me know what you think about the build and how it came out. I think it looks awesome with the blacked out nova body on there always wanted one never be able to afford one, but i got one in rc, so i’m happy now, uh anyway comment below. Let me know what you think about the build uh if you’re in the area. Let me know new york, dutchess county. Let me know, comment down below i’m gon na be running in the spring. Looking for people to run with and hang out with and just have good old fun, maybe we’ll do some dash for cash. You know 20 bucks or you know whatever uh, but anyway comment below. Let me know hit that like button subscribe and i’ll see you guys.