10 3 got rid of that noisy clickety transmission finally gone, and i used a bauhaus three gear transmission. Adapter went right in i used the element. Enduro transmission, so it’s got a little bit of overdrive on it plus. I needed a place for it. I wanted to see if it would fit it did now. Crawl is great, the click is gone, but it’s slow got a 10 turn crawl master pro 550, but homes in it right now got to get that speed up a little bit, Porque, if you’re on a trail, you want to at least be able to move a Little bit right so got a 78 two spur gear and a homes. Eight turn crawl master sport we’re going to get these in here and give it a shot on 2s, because i know some of you guys are big 2s guys versus the three, but so we’re going to try both take a look in case. You guys missed that video. This is what the 103 looks like with a three gear transmission. How awesome is that uh move the battery up to the front. This is kind of makeshift, but it seems to be working for now. Wow um had to use a drive shaft out of a bomber for the extra length because of the difference here the front. I was able to use the stock shaft, but anyways we’re, going to give this a quick run just for testing purposes on 2s and 3s to get a speed and then we’re going to swap it out to the other motors.

The batteries i’m using right there, 1500 E 2000 there’s a 3s 2s there’s. O 8 turn right there uh these motors right here are phenomenal, so get the spur gear in and we should be all set to do this. I can more than likely just take the cover off and work on it. Assim, sem mais tempo.. No entanto, uh two pins for the drive shafts a couple wires for the motor and those two bolts right there we’ll remove the entire assembly and put it on the table. Então isso é, what i’m gon na do sometimes it’s worth it just to take the extra step. You know just to get everything out and make the job easy. You can see the stock spur on the back and the 78 two spur up front, so yep definitely uh should be a little faster. The smaller spur gear is on. Como você pode ver, i definitely get to move the motor forward i’m going to reuse this 22 tooth pinning gear on the new eight turn motor. If you’re unfamiliar with the pro versus the sport, is pretty much everything. The pro is, rebuildable it’s got bearings at both ends. The sport has a bearing at the front a bushing at the back inside. They are very, very different, but we’re just going to leave it at that for this video right here and yeah. As far as the overall power is concerned, Isso 10 turn pro oh yeah super strong, almost brushless power, but we’re going with the eight turn.

So there it is, and now i have a lot more room for gearing. So that may happen to make this 22 tooth work. You see that black sticker on the black can well. This right here was uh, not allowing me to actually get the proper mesh, so hopefully that isn’t going to affect this very much. I believe these are for magnetism, algo assim: Eu sou, not entirely sure, but anyway there it is i’m gon na put the cover back on back in the truck and get this thing right back outside. This is 2s that’s full throttle Music. That is 2s. So if you’re on a trail and you’re hiking and you’re a fast walker, you’ll out walk this thing easy see. If we can get some air, oh no and here’s. Three s see it moves along a little bit better, mas não muito. That is full throttle. Isto é! The 2s, as far as crawling, goes with all this reduction. Sim, é, just not an issue at all. I mean massive reduction now this crawmaster pro 550 is a seriously stout motor. É realmente, but i don’t expect to be short on power with the crawmaster sport. 8 turn either i mean even though we’re going to gear it up just a little bit, yeah doesn’t it sound so much better. I actually enjoy driving this truck now. I really i mean i liked it before the transmission swap, but it was just always so noisy now, let’s try the crawl, oh yeah crawl is still there.

Everything is good to go, except for when your belly out there we go use some of that wheel, Velocidade. I may be able to tell a little bit of difference between the 10 turn pro and the sport. You can almost hear this motor working a little more i mean, even though it is geared up as well, so the tin turn had a gearing advantage on this. Although i don’t see any issues at all, you know that turn used to be a pain in the butt. Por essa coisa., it doesn’t seem to be an issue now, maybe it’s that tiny little bit of overdrive that the element transmission has given me, maybe don’t know. Oh, eu não tenho, like that little belly turn for the rest of the drive it’s, just getting a feel for everything and see how it’s going to hold up see. I could use a little bit heavier front end battery on it that little 1500 does not add much weight looks like it may actually stay down, Embora. Look pretty darn impressive if it gets his crawl, twin ridges is known for eating vehicles alive we’ll. Tente isso de novo., Embora, that was kind of off to the right on it that was beautiful. Oh cara, OKEY, now we’re going to go down right hook, beautiful and we’re going to continue the ride. Now i do want to talk about something while i’m driving here is that the eight turn motor that you see in here running this is a production motor a few years ago at the uste john holmes was actually there.

Oh look at that little lizard. Não! I bet so you better run, but uh anyways, uh john was actually at uste, and he let me have one of these motors a little bit pre production and we put it in a trx 4 on 3s and we just uh drove the heck out of that Thing we probably got heck, i don’t know uh. Oh cara, Eu sou, trying to think of the hours probably got four or five hours on that motor and it just kept on running 3s in the trx4. It was in the sportish. You know it’s got the second gear, so yeah it’s been a lot of time a second here we blasted hills. We just did all kinds of crazy stuff for that motor and it took it so very impressive. The whole sport lineup of motors is from homes and for around 20. You know you just really can’t. I don’t know that these motors can be beat really now i’ve somehow managed to get on the nasty. I don’t know how, but here i am and i’m in a bad situation right here that back axle fell off, looks like it might be all right. Uh crack of doom uh did not work out for me. Last time i tried it with this truck. I don’t know if i’ll get lucky this time and actually complete it try to get that to drop in. Sometimes i can walk it with this truck, and sometimes i just can’t look at that.

Got it now, just because you get past, the crack of doom does not mean you’re done, because you have the gap of death over here. In some ways i do kind of miss having dig but – e sim, i’ve only got two body clips in so yeah anyways. Now this is where i’m gon na get messed up because i’m, all crooked anyways. This eight turn motor is an insanely awesome motor. I mean really: oh hey. I made it. What do i have going on over here? Oh uau, i may have actually broke a portal gear. I have never done that before wow. This is a first. I have never broken a portal gear, all right uh. I guess the run is over. I was i wasn’t gon na try climb time, but yeah not gon na happen. Bem, pessoal., the speed is so much better. Agora uh, it actually goes faster than i can walk. Bem, i can walk that fast, but you know got ta jog a little bit. I really need to jog. I really need to still haven’t opened up that portal yet, but uh yeah and it’s uh it’s fried inside i got parts. I got gear so i’m good to go on that so anyway, caras uh, the eight turn the smaller spur gear, uh, O 22 engrenagem de pinhão de dente, which i think i found another one larger one, but i don’t know if i want to put it in or not.

I think i like the ratios the way they are right now, Eu sou, also for some reason, thinking brushless ever since i’ve had this, i haven’t really felt a need for brushless power in it or brushless rpm. Até agora, Eu não – Eu não, know if i’m going to do anything with it or not, but uh i do have a few systems around here might have to give it a try after i fix that uh guys in that description are links to the bauhaus transmission. The adapter i’ll find the enduro transmission itself get that down in there uh eight turn motor the 1080 Esc, the reef sway bar that’s. Na parte de trás, the reefs wheels, the jade concepts tires, i’ll get all that down in the description. So whatever you see on this thing that you like well it’s easy to find right down below absolutely so guys use those links in the description they are affiliate, links, amen, ebay, amazon and horizon. They help out the channel quite a bit so guys, hopefully like the video check that description use. Those links hit that, like button ring that bell and thank you all for watching guys if you like what you see hit that like button hit, que assinam botão e tocam esse sino assim na descrição, there’s a link to become a channel member. If you want to become a channel member it’s, um muito simples dois dólares: cinco dólares, ten dollars or if you really got some money, twenty five dollars a month, it’s a simple way to support the channel so get that and i am doing monthly giveaways for members.

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