Dx3 see it’s, reviewing me for anybody who debating on whether to buy the remote or not and just deciding bug you off this. The to us, the three s3r 3r pro that or the three the spectrum really remade, this remote for people who wanted to take a net step up from the 3e and go to computerized radio. But didn’t really want to have to put down 300 for a 3s or a 3r. Basicamente, they made this for people who are on a budget, but still on a nice computer is radio, so uh start off to review power buttons at the bottom turn it on and it’s got a ton of different settings for gon na turn it on and that’s Gon na come up, it says up at the top model one and you can even put your name in we’re, normally it’s a model. One tell you how long you’ve run that vehicle? You can start the timer and you can stop it that’s, the name of the model. I have it under slash, bash and it’s for my size, four by four that’s over here at the bottom. It tells you how many volts seat it is your throttle trim and your steering trim. I need a single tap the scroller button. It goes into your list of different things. You can choose different models, so my first one would be for a slash slash on road for my micro and all these are four different slashes or, for my slash, is for different conditions.

There’S a circle, reversing it’s on certain trucks. You’D have to reverse the servo scheme to run right. Your travel, I had my steering steps. 100. I just didn’t really need to tune it down your Expo, which is basically servo speed. You can bind their sub trim both for steering and for throttle and your auxilary. If you’re on a winch, if you’re skill, crawler guy there’s a timer, you can rename your model that’s the tiber timer, I hit it counting up, you can switch. This is the big difference between this and lower quality. Remotes is you can change what each switch was? So like for um switch D, maybe I don’t want for the Ross, and maybe I want it for the break. I don’t run Ross. I didn’t mess with it yet and for e, which is down here. You want it for uh. Maybe you don’t want that. To do anything so it’s, just gon na be not gon na, do anything so uh that’s, pretty cool that it had that I bought this. I just wanted a budget remote they didn’t really want to have to. I didn’t want the three there’s nothing wrong with the three but the 3d isn’t computerized. This has a ten model memory. I believe it’s uh it’s great remote, é, uh it’s, fairly balanced it’s, a slightly top heavy, which kind of obvious. Why I mean the screens up there and everything when I first computerized radio, the only other remotes that I have had early, I mean I’ve had a Traxxas top qualifier remotes.

I promise to remote cyber on HP. Remotes I’ve had out pissed over motes I’ve run mostly around pistol remotes. I did have a like a year plane, sigh remote so far. This is probably my favorite mote, mainly because it’s computerized and I’ll show you how quick the responses it’s gon na kinda be a speed test of how quick it works. Realmente. This is uh also comes down to the servo I’m, just running a stock Crixus 2075 servo in a 4×4. So this isn’t completely accurate because I don’t have the fist to serve on the market, but gives you an idea so there’s pretty much no delay at all. Either way so I mean for a hundred and twenty bucks, it’s an economical, remote and I don’t really have anything bad to say about it for a hundred bucks. You can’t really complain about it. The only thing, maybe that I wish it would have had, which they don’t didn’t, put on any remote, but their three hour pro would be the traction control. I mean I can’t really complain for its price, but it would have been a nice feature. The 3r doesn’t have it the 3s doesn’t. Have it nothing has it, but the 3 hour pro and it’s almost four times as much so that’s the spectrum DX three seats, so economical. You really can’t go wrong if you’re looking to get one of these remotes, but you can’t really decide unless you need every kind of setup that you could ever want for your thousand dollar truck.

You don’t really need much more than the DX 3c bus factory boxed. Thank you for watching make sure to subscribe.