This is the american pickup very excited to test this little truck out today. So let’s get straight into opening up the box and seeing what we get included well, Então, so let’s take a quick look at what we actually get in the box with the pubg pickup. Now we get a milliamp 7.4 volt lithium ion battery. Absolutely fine for this purpose. It does come with a dean’s connector. We also get a usb charger, which is more than enough to charge this fairly small battery. We get a bind plug. We also get a velcro strap, which is for if we are looking to run a bigger battery on the truck, we also get a set of allen keys and a little cross. Wrench we’ve also got this fairly nice transmitter. It does come with a rubberized grip, que eu realmente gosto. It appears to be a thunder tiger, so this transmitter does come with your usual features that you see on pretty much every transmitter these days, such as your steering trim your throttle, aparar, steering jewel rate, steering reverse and throttle reverse overall, não é uma peça ruim de kit. Now you do also get quite a nice black and white manual with this. It is in quite a bit of detail and it does cover all your exploded, Diagramas, all your different parts, how to assemble the differentials and axles and all that sort of stuff. This does come in quite a bit of detail, o que é bastante impressionante, and i do like this a lot now.

This does come with a big list of all the parts that you may actually need. They’Re all listed here in the manual which does come in very handy if you do break something on the model, and you want to find the part quickly. This is a very nice little addition to this manual. You do also get a cd as well now i’m, not really sure what’s. Realmente, on this thing, it’s not labeled, it doesn’t really tell you but i’m. Pretty sure everything we need to know is going to be in the instruction manual now we’ve had a look at the box contents. I think it’s about time that we actually have a look at the truck itself. So let’s do that now. Let’S have a look at the pubg american pickup truck let’s. Faça música? OKEY? Então aqui está, then so this thing does look fantastic. They have modeled this as close as possible to look like an exact match to the actual vehicle found in the game, and i think they have done an amazing job. So before we actually take the body show off and have a look at what is going on. Underneath let’s just appreciate this body, i really like the weathering effect that we’ve got going on here. It really does add to the scale look of this vehicle um. This does actually come ready to be fitted with leds. Como você pode ver, the cutouts are there for the uh, the roof bar and also for the headlights as well, a nice chunky, amortecedor, and i can definitely see that helping to absorb some heavy impacts should we wish to actually abuse this thing.

Geral, i think it looks really really good now it is worth noting as well that you can actually remove uh this rear part of the the vehicle or the rear, cabin or the canopy, o que você quiser chamá-lo. This is removable and you can actually undo four screws two on this side, two on the other side, and this will be removable. I really like the level of detail they’ve gone to on this one, to make it look and resemble the actual in game truck. So i think what we’ll do is we’ll take the body off and we’ll have a quick look at what is going on underneath when it comes to the chassis itself and also the electronics choice that this thing is actually running so under the body shell, then let’s Take a look at the electronics now this is running what i believe to be the hobby wing 1040, which is a quite a well known esc, and it does tend to be quite a reliable one. You also get a nice 380 size brush motor on this one. This is the slightly larger motor compared to the the pub g buggy uh. That should be more than enough for this 112 scale vehicle it doesn’t feel too heavy and also just feeling there the quality of the plastics. It does feel quite nice overall. So let’s take a closer look at the shocks. Now they are adjustable, they are threaded, como você pode ver, i do believe they are actually oil filled as well, which again is a very nice addition.

Então, como você pode ver lá, this is the three channel receiver that you get with this as well. We did have a look at the transmitter earlier and i was very pleased with the quality of that so i’m hoping this thing does have a decent range as well, but only time will tell and when we actually take this out for its test run we’ll. We have to see what the range is actually like now. This does actually feature four link suspension as well. We also have some plastic drive shafts there and two solid axles. Geral, a really nice little truck now. Let’S take a look at the tires on this. Now they do feel very firm, almost plastic like, but i think they’ll do absolutely fine, but the good thing about this is these: this truck does actually use 12 millimeter hexes on the axles. So if you do want to change out these wheels and tires for something with a slightly softer compound, you really absolutely can because 12 millimeter hexes are a very common thing and you will be able to change these out. Should you wish to do so now? There is a lot of space to actually mount a bigger battery and you do get a velcro strap included in the box. Should you wish to actually mount a longer battery now when it comes to the servo, you can see it just down there. It is actually chassis mounted now i don’t actually know the power output for this servo, but it should do the job absolutely fine.

So i think we have pretty much covered this truck as much as we can. I think the only thing left to do is get the battery charged up we’ll head out and see how this thing actually performs, because i really do think this is going to be the one to actually go for if you are looking to buy a pubg inspired Vehicle, i think this is going to be the one to go for, especially when it comes to the component choice. It does look very promising, so let’s head out and see how it actually performs Music Applause, Aplausos musicais, Aplausos, OKEY, Então, so that was a quick run of the pubg pickup. Now this was a lot of fun today. This is also a little bit faster than the buggy as well. Tem que ser dito. I have really enjoyed testing out this pickup truck, so quite early on, i did lose the wing mirrors now i did sort of think to myself. They would be one of the weaker points on this truck now that could potentially be solved if you were to actually glue them in rather than use the little plastic bracket that comes included with this, but overall i had a lot of fun with this today. Nwo, if you are considering this or the buggy, i think this is potentially the better performer. You have got more ground clearance, it is also quicker and the steering does feel a little bit more precise on this one as well, but i think it will come down to personal preference and which one you actually prefer the look of right then.

So we are going to leave the video there today. I really hope you enjoyed seeing this pubg pickup in action if you did be sure to check out the buggy as well, because i also had a lot of fun with the buggy and if you are looking to buy one of these, i think it really does Depend on what your personal preference is, do you prefer the pickup, or do you prefer the buggy we’re gon na leave the video there today guys? I hope you enjoyed it be sure to subscribe like and comment.