Surprise, its not just rc cars, so sit back and relax as we review the top 20 hottest rc items available at a main hobbies that you guys are looking at Music number 20. from the 73 000 item listings at amain hobbies, the 20th most viewed rc items Is one of the ogs in the rc monster truck scene, its the traxxas stampede, duas rodas, drive brushed monster truck now. What makes this 2022 version special is that traxxas has up the power slightly providing a 30 mile an hour speed rating from the waterproof electronics theres. Além disso, a second new version of the stampede that includes led lighting, but its a bit more expensive. The non led spec stampede is ready to run out of the box for only a hundred and seventy dollars at the time. We filmed this because all these prices are subject to change number 19. This next truck on our list kind of took the rc world by storm when it was released and has become one of the most popular support, truck options for other rc builds and its the send f450 dually. Now this happens to be the sd kg1 edition, which includes updates over the first model, as well as new color options. Now whats standard are the solid axles, the link suspension, license kg1 trident d wheels and the lifted custom truck look. There are also trailer hitches available for the 450 as well to add the trailer of your choosing for your next rc adventure.

You can find the f450 dually in two colors, both ready to run for about 420 Número 18. The competitive world of rc racing gained a few new cars recently putting the brand new rc 8b from team associated into our list. Now this 1 8 scale off road race. Car is a kit that requires assembly, and it includes no electronics, so theyll need to be specked by the user. Alternativamente, the rc8b4 nitro buggy provides all the same eight scale – raça, buggy goodness, but for nitro engine use for the rc 8 b4e, electric buggy kit. It just needs 4s, Brushless, electronics and the radio gear of your choosing to get out and start racing one of the most prestigious race classes out there. You can find the rc8 b4e kit for about 670 Número 17 for on road cars. The kyosho phaser mk2 platform has been red hot, offering countless scale, realistic cars, supercars and muscle cars to choose from so it should be no surprise. O 1970 dodge charger supercharged is number 17 on our list and its one of the very few mk2 on road vehicles to include brushless, electronics right out of the box, plus the 1970 charger body. Style includes the option to configure the front headlight covers. If you want to controllable by a button on the transmitter, the dodge charger is ready to run and costs about 330 dollars number 16. The next rc item is in a vehicle, but oh boy, is it popular and its the brand new futaba, 10Px 10 channel surface transmitter.

Now some of you are going broke just looking at this, but rest assured its one of the most sophisticated and advanced radio systems available, not to mention one of the fastest, while most users will benefit little from such a sophisticated computer system. More advanced users and racers will find items like this to be one of the best rc investments you can make. The 10px is available in two versions for about eight hundred dollars. Number fifteen up next is another brand new car for the collector and its the lancia rally: zero three seven replica car from tamiya. Now this car is a kit that requires assembly and its meant to be a replica of the lancia rally: Zero, three seven race car from the 1980s, and it uses a detailed, hard plastic abs body to do it. Atop a four wheel, drive chassis system. Now this body will need to be painted by the user and all the electronics will need to be added separately, except for the speed controller, because a unit is included. You can find the tamiya lancia as a kit for under two hundred dollars number fourteen theres. Little surprise for number 14 as its one of the newest and hottest 6s bashers available today and its the brand new 1 8 Escala, traxxas sledge. Now we made a whole video beating the living loctite out of this truck and throughout all the abuse it kept. Coming back for more as a high end luxury basher, the traxxas sledge offers some impressive engineering and the best clipless body fastening system.

Weve ever seen. The traxxas ledge comes ready to run in four color options and costs about eight hundred dollars number thirteen. Our next rc is all about attitude, looks and scale realism and its the one and only version of ken blocksworld famous huna truck now available in rc4. Now this truck is 1 10 scale in size with a 4×4 drivetrain and brushed electronics, but the real gem of this platform is the scale lex and body thats been officially licensed through hoonigan racing and outfitted, with details and scale accessories to look as real as possible. The huna truck comes ready to run in two versions with batteries or without with a price starting at ‘0 Dólares. Número 12. for the 12th most viewed product today main hobbies. We have another chassis kit from tamiya its the m08r one tenth scale touring car kit, and this is the limited edition race, spec version that includes many hop ups and option parts normally sold separately. This mo 8r limited edition comes with a mid motor configuration and rear wheel, drive requires assembly, a body and all the electrical components. Added separately, this limited edition, mo8r kit can be found for about 305 Dólares. Número 11 with summer ride around the corner. The horizon, harbor 30 inch tugboat, might be a great way to get outdoors and it sits comfortably as the 11th most viewed item in our list, perhaps with super scale looks and an operable water cannon option.

The tug boat is well worth checking out, i mean seriously. Look how cool this thing is now youll find the 30 inch replica tugboat is ideal for cruising the pond or to be used as a support boat for your other larger and faster speed boats and, É claro, the horizon. Harbor is ready to run for about 450 Número 10. The popularity of the scx 24 mini rock crawlers has reached epic proportions, and the latest offering the 2021 ford bronco continues. This upward trend, as some of the most practical indoor outdoor mini rtr offerings available theyre, not particularly fast trucks, but theyre not meant to be, but they are very capable on the rough terrain very upgradable and they look fantastic with the bronco version. Its using a more detailed, hard plastic body instead of lack sand and the slight increase in price reflects that the bronco model is available in red, blue and gray, comes ready to run and costs about 160 Número. Nove. The rmx 2.0 drift car is no stranger to this youtube channel and its known for being a great introduction to rear wheel, drive drifting being ready to run and set up with a steering gyro right out of the box. Now there are multiple versions of the rmx 2.0 chassis available theyre. Mostly all the same. The main difference youll find is what scale body style is included, whichever body style youll pick youll find the mst rmx 2.0 drift car ready to run for about ‘0 Dólares.

Number eight up next is another fantastic looking car and its the recently released tamiya subaru wrx sti 24th neuron green. Now this is a 10th scale touring car based on the tt02 chassis platform and outfitted with a scale replica body. The car is a kit and it requires assembly. The body also needs to be painted and all the electronics need to be added separately, except for the speed controller, because a 60 amp unit is included. You can find the wrx sti in kit form for about a hundred and twenty dollars number seven for the seventh most viewed item. We return to eight scale sizing and big 6s brushless power. This is the new arma fire team. 6S bashers are meant to be tough, fast and powerful, and the fire team nails all those boxes with the addition of offering a unique and militarized looking feel featuring that sturdy, roll cage, interior and soldiers. The fire team also features unique chassis dimensions very well suited for aggressive on throttle driving styles without the worry of wheelies when its time to boogie the fire team has your back. The full throttle fire team is available in white or black. Camo comes ready to run and costs about 750 Número, six theres, something about scale, rc cars that people just love, because the next most viewed item is definitely a looker and its the 1969 chevy camaro from losi. Now this realistic car comes with an officially licensed body featuring details such as a molded grill, with light buckets fog, Luzes, rear lights and side view mirrors all atop, Um 10 scale size touring car chassis.

The drivetrain is four wheel: drive and ready to rip with brushed electronics. O 1969 chevy camaro comes ready to run offered in black or red body colors and costs about 260 dollars number five. Este é o 1997 mercedes clk gtr from tamiya a replica of the real clk gtr that went on to success during the 1997 racing season. Now originally tamiya released this body on the ta 03r chassis, but now this classic body is being released on the beginner friendly tt01 chassis that features a shaft driven, quatro rodas, drive drivetrain and lots of hop up and accessory options. Este 10 scale on road car is available as a kit to build and paint the body with a basic 60 amp speed, controller included and cost about 140 Número. Four holy smokes batman, its an airplane and not just any airplane. This is the officially licensed scale. Replica of the ultimate push plane mike patsys draco. Now this replica is made by e flight and features a 2 meter wingspan, accompanied by a plethora of officially licensed item and scale bits and details to ensure the rc version is as real as possible. Eflight offers the draco as a plug in play to add your own transmitter and receiver, but the most viewed award goes to the bind and fly or bnf where you bind your spectrum transmitter to the included receiver. Both versions are mostly assembled with about an hour of assembly required and you can find the draco binding fly, starting at about 630 Dólares, number three dirt pavement, molhado ou seco, O 1 5th scale db.

Xle 2.0 is our number three most viewed car and this isnt necessarily new originally released a few years ago from losi. But this new version for 2022 adds in all the spectrum. Smart technology and telemetry enabled receiver with its large size, 8s lipo compatibility and maxs creepy crawler tires its no wonder so. Many people have been looking at it. The dbxle 2.0 comes in two different. Libraries comes ready to run and comes with a large scale price tag of about twelve hundred dollars. Número dois: you dont have to be into rc boats to enjoy the cool, looks and style of our number two rc, O 30 inch pro boat, ul, 19 hydro plane. Now the ul 19 may look like a fun toy, but this thing is for the serious rc enthusiast boasting brushless 6s compatible electronics with the 50 mile an hour speed rating overall boat weight is 5 pounds without batteries and the hole is made from fiberglass with matching Canopy and removable vertical fins, theres also a stainless steel, two blade propeller stainless steel turn fin and aluminum breakaway rudder. The ul19 hydroplane comes ready to run out of the box and costs about 450 Dólares. Number one out of over 73 000 different rc items listed at a main hobbies who guessed that the losi tenacity, tt pro four wheel, drive short course truck would sit at the top. Bem, if you did, you earned yourself some nice body clips, because the tent scale, tenacity, tt pro, is the most viewed item for the month and for good reason.

This is an awesome. Four wheel drive short course truck with independent suspension, three gear, diffs oil shocks and everything else youd expect from a hobby truck of this level. As the name suggests, this pro model includes brushless electronics, Um 550 can size motor and boasts a 50 milha. An hour speed rating plus the tt pro is available in two different color schemes. Both come ready to run and can be purchased for about 500 Caras.