Most of my views come from non subscribers, so please consider subscribing today hit that alert, so you’ll be notified for future videos. It helps me as i’m on my way to 100 000 subs this year, really appreciate it. Hey partners today of toy story, collection, Rc. I got a lot of requests to do a review on this um. Definitely it is a toy that i got in 2009. I couldn’t afford it at the time i remember uh for 59.99 was a retail price. Acho que foi. 69.99. Na verdade, foi 70 dollars to get it brand new and it was expensive. So i remember going on ebay, saying i’ll just get an unboxed version and i was right because back then you can get them for like 50 bucks or 45 unboxed. So i got really lucky and got this back in the day for a very cheap price on ebay i got it used. I did get the instruction manual it’s same it’s somewhere in my closet. I can’t find it, but it is a cloud pattern because it has a cloud logo on it. Um and it’s it’s, one of the original ones uh, and it was in slightly beat up condition like in terms of it, was a little bit scratched up here, but not too bad other than that um wasn’t, any serious damage on rc his everything worked um. Bem, i remember when i asked before i bought it, they asked me, i asked them: is there anything wrong with it and they’re like? Não, it still functions, my kids just don’t play with it like we thought they would so i got lucky and i bought it from them.

I got it shipped to my house and i and i thought it was great and it i didn’t really want to play with it too much because i’m a collector, and i want to display it so that’s, mostly what i did. I didn’t really play with it too much, so i put in a display case comes with this remote control. Over the years i discovered that the follow explorer might on and off and talk. These were later replaced in later waves. I heard for white logo or signature. There were dots, so it didn’t say that anymore, which is weird correct me if i’m wrong, but that’s what i’ve heard. But my cloud pattern. You can see the letters pretty clear printed there other than that. I know there’s some detail differences for this for the later versions. I think it just looks slightly different other than that, though yeah it’s the same as all the other ones and on the cloud pattern, everything’s still flexible with the antennas so that didn’t change and there’s no turbo mode just forward and back modes. So i will show you how this works in a bit. Let’S just take a closer look at rc, so rc is interesting because he has a demo in a play mode. He does have a bumper that kind of flexes in and out so when he bumps things it doesn’t break him. He has a little give. You actually give him a little sensor there, so he can when he hits objects he can.

He knows he does have a sensor within him, so he recognizes your voice, the hole you see right. There is a microphone spot so that’s. How rc can hear you when you talk to him, like all the collection, Brinquedos, hum, the toys usually react to your voice and rc does react to your voice. You make sounds when you talk to him and moves and does little cool fun little things. The antenna is flexible works like it doesn’t really um. A lot of people ask me like if you lose the antenna, while you stop working he’ll still work without the antenna, because the way this actually works is not with the antenna it’s. Realmente, this um, this bar on the top and here in the black part, is rfid technology, so it’s a remote control that acts like rfid wireless, controle remoto. So these antennas are just for looks aesthetics. They don’t really actually make him move. They just look like that, because that’s, how andy had him in the movie, so i really like this it’s it’s, the most movie, accurate rc that we’ve ever gotten from a toy company, ele é, really rare and expensive, now and i’mjust thankful to have him because he Goes for way too much on ebay now, because people uh can’t buy him because they don’t sell them in the stores anymore. Mine has a little bit of dirt here. I can probably clean that up. I haven’t tried yet but other than that it’s, not that bad it’s, not that scratched up for an rc and just really thankful to have this so we’re gon na test him out right now on my living room floor.

So you can see a closer look of his functionality, so the crazy part is rc takes too many batteries. He takes six double a batteries plus another three aaa batteries in here, which is a lot alright, so let’s test out rc. I haven’t done this in a really long time doing it just for you guys here, and this is a remote there’s, a lot of cool things we can do with it. Uh let’s just start with the basic drive feature by pushing the trigger he just starts moving. So if i don’t move the directional wheel, he’ll just come forward, but if i want to move back we’re going to have to click this over to back and then hold down the trigger, como você pode ver, it goes back Applause so that’s how it goes forward And back and then forward, if i want to go forward, i just hit this forward and now he’s going to come towards the camera, so that’s pretty easy. Realmente, so it just kind of puts him in drive and that’s really nice, so that’s pretty easy. Nwo, if you want to get him forward now he’s in forward now, we can start steering him Music Applause. Então, as you see, i turned his wheels and then, if you hold it all the way down, he does the 360., so that’s pretty fun so that’s. What this wheel does, so you see the wheel just kind of helps, uh direct him where you want him to go.

So if i want him to come back this way, then he’s back hi rc, which is a really fun to play with as a remote control car now what’s really cool about himis that we can talk to him. So if i press talk Music, so i pressed his mic on that’s mic off mic on. Is this sound so now his mic is on hey rc, Music rc? How you doing how you doing rc Applause, so rc is responding to my voice. When i talk to him, rc Music, hey rc, so that’s rc’s talking feature you can talk to him. He reacts and then there’s an explore mode. Um, what’s cool about rc’s explorer mode. Is he he kind of avoids objects when he, so he doesn’t hit them so i’m going to put him in explore and show you what i mean he’s in explore mode now he’s, he sensed the carpet, so he’s not gon na hit it. So he backed away so he can sense objects in his path. So here he goes again. Oh he sends the carpet he’s gon na move. Oh, eu não tenho, he sends the carpet he’s gon na move back. Oh he attended. Oh, eu não tenho, he got over it. Oh legal, so he kind of problem solves in his environment to explore Music here’s explorer again he backs away when he notices there’s a wall or table. He tends not to hit it. I’Ll show you another example close to the wall, so here he is close to wall, see what he does.

Oh he backed up. He sensed it. Oh, eu não tenho, he sensed the plants Music, de modo que é, basically explore he’ll just go backwards and forwards depending on what he senses in his environment, which is really interesting and the last feature he has a follow me. So he can follow my voice, basically so we’ll hit. The follow me button rc over here i’m over here, rc yep, turn around, come over here, Está bem, Rc, Muito bom trabalho, você está, doing good. Listening to my voice, huh yeah, you have a good day you having a good day. You found me rc. You found me good job, cersei’s kind of like a pet because he responds to you and like gets really happy when he finds you and even if i’m far away he’ll come find me so i’m going to move farther away to show you that rc over here Come follow me good job, Muito bom trabalho. You found me rc whoa, Está bem. You really did find me good job. You happy now i’ll take that as a yes all right, so now that you guys have seen all these features i’m just going to drive them around here for fun um without the mic on so i’m gon na just drive him straight he’s gon na do a 360. Aplausos – he doesn’t actually go that fast. If you really think about it, he can go over carpet. OKEY, i mean that’s his max speed right there, Embora, and this is new batteries too, so i mean it goes fast enough, é, just not like the movie.

He doesn’t have that much trouble over carpet. It just slows them down, but it’s still a pretty cool rc and my favorite part is when he does his 360 wheelies, because i think that’s really cool Music that’s. Probably my favorite part. Besides this talking mode all right, Rc, thanks for coming out and uh, showing everybody how you work today and talk to everyone, you have a message for anybody. I think that means he’s done. I hope you partners enjoy the closer look at my rc today. I will be doing some more reviews in the future if you guys would like of my other toy storycollection toys that i’ve never done on this channel. So thank you for watching for liking. Subscribing! Please hit that notification bell, so you’re alert for future videos.