This one is very special. This is something that ive purchased for myself. I really get excited about an rc car, but this one i just love the body. I love the the wheels on it are amazing and the scale features are just incredible. This is going to be my one of my favorite new releases from traxxas in a long time uh. This is based on the fortec 3.0 platform, que é sobre 15 Para 20 Por cento, bigger than the regular vortec and really really nice. The corvette here is shown just to for comparison, and indeed the corvette is a little bit longer, so traxxas actually developed a new chassis for the supra to make it look really scale which they did um before this, the yokomo body for the drift cars was my Favorite super body uh. This is definitely going to be more detailed. This has injected plastic parts for the splitter, the intake for the engine, the rear wing, and then you have exhaust pipe uh features on this, its really beautiful um. This thing drives incredible for a couple of reasons: its got a shorter wheelbase so around the track, its gon na its gon na pivot around the turns a little bit better than the corvette would uh corvette, is definitely better on lets, say a high speed blast. What makes this also good for the for the track? Is you have a rear wing that does uh function as a rear wing and that splitter is really really helpful, um when youre going at high speeds or and especially around a track now? So one of the things i like about this, the supra over the over the corvette, are the wheels.

So you have these wheels, they really scale. You see the little indentations in them like the real ones, like the cup tires, um and theyre also wide the front and back are the same width, and i just love the actual mold of the tire. You know the side wall and the whole design. These will fit on the corvette, Não há problema, so if you want to put them on the corvette, itll change the handling a little bit, it might improve it, but uh itll definitely take away from the scale looks of the corvette, but it definitely looks better. Na minha opinião, the super wheels are going to be putting on put on all my vortex. I just love them, i think theyre great. They perform very well one of the cool things that were going to be doing soon and showing the results of it before and after is the sway bars and the were gon na change, the front um to a lock spool, and what that does. Is it sharpens up the handling it prevents any sway it prevents it makes the car more stable. It gets rid of that push in the corners and the uh that when you, when you lock the front and youre racing around a track, its going to pull really hard around those curves and youre going to get better lap times, youre also going to get better Results racing with this im thinking about doing a class where um everybody gets a clear body.

They paint a custom painted clear body, and then we race them indoors on carpet thats, how um thats, how cool this body is and thats? Como? I think i think people would really catch on to this class, so we might do that in the hobby shop. We have a lot of space in the warehouse cleared out and i think were gon na probably end up doing that. But look how beautiful this car is its just really really nice looking really scale again. This is my favorite traxxas car for on road that theyve ever made uh. This is my favorite i this one. I took home and im gon na be using it for myself. These are very hard to get now on ebay. I saw them going as high as a thousand dollars um. If you are watching this video dont panic, i will we will be getting more of them and we dont price gouge. So if you want one, you call, you could reserve one from now and when it comes in youll, just pay the 329.99 hum, which is the regular price and, como eu disse isso, is a new release from traxxas. It was a surprise. It came out of nowhere. Nobody had any um knowledge of this coming out and it just blew me away. Uh again, this features the uh clipless body design, where you dont have those uh clips now just to make a quick observation on the rustler and lets say the horse and some of their other cars.

Their clipless systems were not the best like it. You kind of have to fight with those covers to get them on and off the car. Their new designs have been a lot better, so with lets say they started with the bronco crawler um. Then they did the corvette and then that now they have this. The clipless designs have definitely um evolved for the better there. You dont fight with the cover its really um. They made it so that its just like butter. It goes on and comes off like butter, and i guess guys the main thing you scale guys out there. You dont have those stupid body pose sticking out of the car with the clips that everybody loses and looks, it actually makes the car look like crap. This is pure scale. Nwo, one of the cool things that i want to make a note is tamiya. Usually i mean tamiya for many years had the rights to scale design, Quero dizer, isso é, why you buy it to me, a car for that scale, body and traxxas, just one up them. Eu quero dizer. Not only is this just as scale as a tamiya car, they may have exceeded it because they include a lot of injected plastic parts like i showed you and they also made the clipless design. So i think theyre now they leapfrogged over tamiyas designs, but tamiya has still a little bit of vantage as their price. Their kits are very, muito barato, so you can get one of their kits and build it for about 150 dólares hum.

Mas sim., then the quality is not going to be the same as a traxxas youre going to have to buy. You know this if you want a really durable car and a higher quality car um, mas sim. If you want a kit that looks that looks scale and thats cheap um, and that does about 20 milhas por hora, the tamiya kits are definitely a good option and its good for kids, because you can teach them how to build anyway back to this car um. Este, como eu disse, É, were going to be doing several videos on this car. Just because this is my personal car. Eu adoro. I i highly suggest everybody thats watching this video to go grab one. They really drive very, very good um its hard to explain in words how a car drives, but you know the way the car rotates the way the car stops. The way the car accelerates the way it looks when its driving um it looks like a real car. Um it handles so realistic. I cant wait to get the sway bars on this thing and thats the good thing about the fortec um, all the forte cars they, you know basically just change the chassis and the body mounts and obviously the center drive shafts are a different lens, but all of The components like the arms um, a lot of the drivetrain components, the differentials, the the diffs, the universals theyre, all the same so um, the sway barsare gon na work on all the cars.

Uh were definitely gon na, be looking into upgrading the springs on this. I think were to use the stiff springs, which is the black. The black springs on the rear of the car and then were going to probably go to like a 40 peso. Oil well see how that how that works out and well play with that. Bem, get well give you guys uh some feedback and updates on how were progressing with making this thing perform like a world class rc car one advantage the corvette has over the supra. Is it has a much more elaborate lighting system? The buckets and all the hardware are come with the car, so when you put the lights in, they look really good and they look realistic. The subaru doesnt have any lights, but the corvette has front and rear, and the the lighting system for the corvette is really cheap, inexpensive and they just pop in there. Anybody can do it even a kid. No tools needed all you have to do is use a couple, zip ties and just make the wires neat and this the cover just pops off and unplugs. The super doesnt have that. But yes you can, you can buy aftermarket kits and put like lights. You know three lights in the front leds on each side pop. You know you could use a body reamer to put those in and use silicone to, secure it and the rear lights. The same thing you can figure out something where you can shave the paint off the interior of the body.

You leave the red sticker on there shaved it. You basically shave the paint down the white paint on the interior, and then you have a red light that shines on the clear lex end. And then what happens is the sticker lights up and it looks really scale. It looks like the whole thing is lit up. So you dont have to you: dont have to cut anything on the rear to get a nice look. You can do that and i dont recommend that for the front, because the front works different, you want leds sticking out of the body thats going to look great and its actually going to make the car look really sick. OKEY, so one side note id like to talk about about all the fortec cars, including the smaller ones, because i own a hobby shop. I sell a lot of parts and i get to i get familiar. You know with the cars, i know what brakes the most and um. You know what issues they have and i have to tell you the four tech i sell very little parts for, and everybody comments on how durable the car is, the way they set up the front bumper, how it protects the whole front. End um is part of that: the construction of the plastics and the modular design, the way they everything integrates with each other um has a lot to do with that, so kudos to traxxas. They are truly like one of the most advanced companies making rc products today.

Um, all their modular designs are lending themselves to very durable cars, so you think a hobby shop would be upset at that because that means were selling less parts and the margins on the parts are much higher than the cars. So why would somebody like me, a hobby shop, be happy that their cars are durable, Bem, Há, a few reasons. The first one is customer satisfaction goes up tremendously, so the customer is not spending so much money on the car breaking it. His frustration goes down and what ends up happening is they end up buying? You know the upgrades for the car and they spend a lot of money on the upgrades im seeing, and that applies to the four tech models, and it applies to also theres one car. In particular, that stands out is the atraxis max thats, one of our most durable off road cars and people are not breaking them. As far as like the differentials, the drive train, Theyre, muito durável, you have to really abuse that car um to break it. Então, sim., but anyway theyre spending tons of money on upgrades for the max just like the fortec, and that is something that traxxas is vet, has been very, very smart about, so they they intentionally know. They know that their the parts are going to be sold. Less and to take care of the hobby shops theyre, releasing a lot of these upgrades for the cars and its a big deal, and it is really setting their brand apart from the other brands um, if you notice, a lot of the other brands will have version.

One version two: i think the creighton is up to version five. Now the max is on version on version one and the only reason why they made a version. Two is not for any defects its because they now have a longer chassis, de qualquer maneira, traxxas usually does it right out of the gate, and you dont have any problems or recalls on any of these cars just because theyre made and designed so well so yeah durability Is definitely going to be a major selling point of this car, so you have looks now, que é 100 Escala, Parece, and you have that durability and the thing that really seals the deal is you have the traxxas part support? There is no company in this country that has better support than traxxas, they always 95, actually even 98 of the time. Their parts are in stock or available, and if you cant get it from traxxas, you can get it directly online, sometimes ill get things off. Ebay, doente, pagar, full retail ill, get them for the customer if its, like one part, no big deal but theyre available everywhere. Youre not going to see a national shortage or a national uh selling out of any of their parts. Youll always have the ability to service your car, so that is definitely a selling point and a plus traxxas customer service now is available on weekends. So you have um around the clock and every day i think its seven day, support now um.

So that is definitely something also that you really uh sex sets. Traxxas apart thing, ill mention is that their cars are made in taiwan versus you know in in directly. In china, if you know anything about manufacturing in taiwan, the products coming out of taiwan are significantly higher of quality than china, so these are made in taiwan um they, that is the labor rates, are a little bit higher in taiwan. So you pay a little bit more, not too much but a little bit more, but its worth it in the end youre getting a much higher quality product. You have to experience a traxxas car to understand what im actually talking about. But if you know, if you owned a traxxas car right when you take it out and start driving it, you know that its definitely something different and it the brand sets itself. Apart from everybody else, one of the best brands in the country and theyre good from a dealer standpoint, theyre good from a consumer standpoint, and i think um this in 2021, this super gt4 that just got released. This is their latest and greatest design, Theyre, really showing how far theyve come as a company taking care, taking into consideration every facet of their rc car from durability to product support. To now the looks you have, 100 scale looks coming out of traxxas factories, and that is a welcome. Definitely a welcome addition to their line. A lot of their cars are looking better than they ever did.

Theres no company rc company thats, even coming close. Então, de qualquer maneira, isso é uh. This is mark from park. Floridas rc, please like and share the video um. Well see you on the next review and please support our channel a lot of times. We put amazon links below for products. Please use them. It does support our channel and it makes a big difference. So i know americans have good hearts and they like to support local businesses, which are the backbone of the country. So please do that with us. We are a mom and pop shop were a small business and we we have 20 years of of service to the community around us. We have over 120 positive reviews on google, so please support our our shop by either coming to us on buying retail, either texting over an order or or by using the amazon links below.