Today we are doing more ultimate traxxas haas upgrades an upgrade that’s a little long overdue. You guys voted on this upgrade by the way, but we’re gon na upgrade the driveshaft, the the axles to x01 axles instead of the stock ones and i’ll show you why here in a second, but before i show you all the upgrades we’re gon na be doing Today, because those aren’t going to be the only upgrades, i want to show you something cool that i got check this out. Ooh aside from the glare sorry about the glare. This is the new traxxas calendar uh. These should be oh look. It’S the solar, the solar max let’s, see what else we got in here. Uh look udr, so this should be available at your local hobby shop. Logo. I think these just came out. I got one luckily that’s pretty awesome um. I actually had this already up here for my tracks counters before, but i didn’t have one for 2020, but new 2021 tracks calendar pretty freaking cool. I don’t have the blazer by the way. Oh, eu não tenho, let me see if i can get. I can’t get rid of the glare dang it all right here is my traxxas. Haas it’s got a whole bunch of upgrades already, but there’s a problem there’s a problem. If you haven’t caught already this guy right here, these stub axles keep breaking. This is the second stub axle i’ve broken and basically, eu acho que é.

Just too small um, like i guess the diameter wise is too small. Então, whenever there’s a really heavy tire with a lot of power, it just snaps off again that’s the second one i’ve snapped off, but i i was told a good solution to this. There were two options i had. I was going to put either techno ones on here, which i’m not going to put techno ones on here, because you didn’t vote for it or we do the x01 upgrade so to do the x01 upgrade. Basicamente, these are four millimeter stub axles and i believe the four millimeter is how how wide they are or how thick they are. These are four millimeter stub axles, the x01 stub axles are actually five millimeter they’re much thicker like significantly thicker. Whenever i get it all out, i’ll show you guys, but the xl1 sub axles are significantly thicker and because they’re thicker, you need a whole bunch of other stuff. Like i thought i was just going to be able to get the stub axles and put them in, but you cannot because then your hex won’t fit on. So let me show you everything that you need i’ll put a list of all this stuff in the description below uh 6454. 6453. These are your stub axles, frente e traseira. You need this. This is the hex, so it’s this piece, basically the middle. The center of the hex has to fit that bigger thicker stub axle and not the smaller one.

So these these won’t fit. So you have to get this upgrade. This also comes with a drill bit. I believe that you can drill out. You have to drill out the center of your wheels to make it big enough for the the wheel to actually go through then, because these stub axles are bigger, the bearings won’t work and since the bearings won’t work, you have to have upgraded rear, bearings bearing carriers. Desculpa, so you have to have upgraded rear, bearing carriers to handle the bigger bearings and then because the stub axles are thicker in the front. You have to have the upgraded front wheel, bearing carriers so that’s what this is. These are the bearings that i think you’re supposed to use. I i think i have the right ones, hum, and i think i have enough of them that’s. The only risk that we have today with doing this install is knowing if uh yeah. I did that right. That just keeps catching my eye. Por que isso?? Oh, eu não tenho, Eu suponho, if you use this left, if this is front, isso é 1.5. Isso é. 3.5. Why are they both like we’ll open that up in a second um yeah and then we’re, putting the light kit on? I have not put the light kit on the hoss um. We need the we need to like it. Obviously we need a light kit right. They have them they’re available. We got to put them on we’re, going to put the light kit on um.

I have these right here. These are five millimeter uh, locking wheel nuts uh, because i i’m pretty sure i don’t know maybe the the stock wheel nuts will fit. But what sucks i had the green wheel nuts on here and when they snapped off, i lost them. I i don’t know if i can use five five millimeter five millimeter wheel, nuts or four millimeter wheel that’s on these uh. I will check here in a second, and i got these also. This is to fix the broken one, because i can’t have any broken parts. So i got some replacement ones to make sure i could fix that and have a full set of real stub axles out of the stock stub axle so that’s. What we have on our agenda today, i’m going to put it all together and then we’ll do a little test run luckily i’m, not fighting daylight, because i can do it at night. So let’s get to work actually i’m going to open these packages up. Primeiro, to do some some comparisons again link in the description for all these parts that i have that way. You guys can do this upgrade if you want toand hopefully i have everything all right, so i took some of these parts out for some comparison. These are the stock stub axles. I say: stock the stock stub axles on these drive shafts. I have the high velocity drive shafts on here um.

This is the x01, maybe hopefully that’s focusing this is the x01. Dr uh stub axle see how much thicker the meat of the axle is uh. I did find out that this is a four millimeter wheel nut, so i don’t need new wheel nuts. These four millimeter wheel, nuts will fit on there now. My only concern is where it breaks it breaks right where the threads start so i’m wondering if it’s even going to matter, if i upgrade to x01 driveshaft or stub axle so yeah that’s. A little concern of mine here are the wheel hexes. So you can see the different sizes here, um one thing: i noticed that the x01 wheel hexes they actually are these wheel hex. I don’t know if these are x01 wheel, hexes, i think they’re just wheel, hexes, that fit on the bigger drive shafts, because the x01 actually uses 17 millimeter wheel hexes, but the uh the set screw goes through, whereas this one is like a normal wheel. Hex, where you just kind of put it on through the regular pin there, but you can tell the difference between the size of the holes in the middle. This is a lot bigger and then i also opened these up it’s a little confused on this left. 3.5 Esquerda. 1.5. I think i figured it out. It was actually pretty simple after i think about it. If i put this one on the left, é um 1.5 degree toe.

If i put this one on the left, é 3.5 degree tail so um, i did put the bearings in there and they are the right bearing so that’s good hope. Nwo. All we got to worry about is the front, but let me get to work um yeah. It looks like it’s breaking at the threads where the x01 stub axles won’t help much anyways at least i’m doing this, and you guys don’t have to spend the money to figure out if this works or not so let’s put these on all right. I got everything installed: nothing crazy with the install um. I i think i crossed through their throat crosstalk one of the front bearing carriers, because i tighten the top one up and then tighten the bottom one up. I think you should kind of keep them loose and then thread them both before you uh actually tighten them up. Acho que isso é., a good pointer because i’m pretty sure i dang it. I crossed everyone anyways, the only crazy surprise was the wheel hexes. They did come with a drill bit. You do have to drill out the middle of your your wheels because that hole in the middle. Your wheels is not big enough to go around these stub axles. So it comes with this uh drill bit. So i got to go drill out all my brand new beautiful pro line wheels. These are kind of dirty but yeah. Basically i got to just drill it out so that way it will fit on the stub axle, mas fora isso.

Everything’S good look carry out these little boxes. These little boxes are awesome. I think these were. These were on sale at uh at lone star for a little while someone brought them in for consignment, mas um. Estes, i think these are. You can get these at like michael’s or like bead holders or something like that um, but it it’s a nice little way to categorize all your parts so got everything organized there. I got to drill out these wheels and then i got to install the light kit and then we’ll go drive. This thing all right guys. The light kit is installed. I i have to admit this might be the easiest light kit i’ve ever installed ever um. All of them are really easy, but this one barely took any screws, é, Basicamente, four screws to get the front bumper off and then put new front bumper on two screws, get the rear, bumper off rear bumper on those two screws and then check this out. This is super cool. This is the new power tap and the way it works. Is it just slides in the back of your current traxxas connector, and then you just kind of screw it on here. I’Ll show you right here. This is how it works right here. Então, basicamente,, this is what the power tap looks like you just slide it on there and then you put the cover on and now you have power. I was wondering how i was going to get more plugs, because i was already running a fan, a motor fan, an esc fan, and this is the answer.

They basically have an external accessory power supply for it, and that makes it super easy. The only caveat is is right when you plug it in and plug this in real quick when you plug it in the lights are on um, so my car is not on the lights are on uh. Whenever i turn the car on turns on just fine, but basically because it feeds off of the uh, because it feeds off of the battery there’s no switch for the light, which i guess is fine um. It is kind of like a wiring nightmare. I got wires all over the place, but none of these wires will actually catch or stretch or anything like that or break i’m. Confident, like i put just a little bit of a bend here, so there’s a little little bit of play in the the rear wire. But other than that, como se fosse, pretty freaking sweet, this power tap thing: oh homem, that’s that just makes life so much easier. You have to take anything off. You have to take the receiver. The receiver box cover off nothing um. It was super nice. So let me drill out my wheels i’m gon na drill out my wheels over there and then put some wheels on and we’ll go drive. This thing all right, Caras, we’re driving it slide outside so we’re, not gon na get the full effect of the lights, but i don’t really expect a much performance increase at least we’ll get to see how it how it performs.

I mean i figured it was going to be almost exactly the same. The lights look super cool, though look we’re going through the ice. Oh there, that test is durability. A little bit. I’Ll be honest guys. I don’t know if this is going to help much because the uh, the breakages i don’t, remember if the first breakage was at the actual stub axle or at the the threads. I know the second breakage was at the threads and if, se é, breaking the stub axles and the threads and these upgraded x01 driveshafts aren’t gon na do much it’s supposed to snow a lot a lot more later. So that should be fun whenever that happens. But the lights look super cool, even in the daylight, you can see them again super easy. What was that super? Easy? Instalar? Um i’m? Not going to know the durability of the x01 of the xl1 drive shafts. Until you know, i really put it through the the ringer and test but drivability exactly the same, which is what’s expected, install wasn’t bad. It was kind of a pricey upgrade. But overall again i i’ll do i’ll find out if it’s advantageous for everybody um you don’t have to do it until i find out how good it is so well.