I know you’ve probably seen a thousand videos of them and reviews and stuff but i’m not doing off the box i’m doing a review about my experience with these rc’s let’s begin to start off the trx4 defender, é, really nice platform again, é, not a cheap one, But it is a good platform. We’Re gon na go into the deep details now and there. It is Music i’m very disappointed with one particular thing and it’s the servo um i’m, not a really hardcore rock climber, or you know crawler, but the servo very weak. Another thing that i didn’t really like: é: the steering ratioit’s bad. I was trying to crawl some rocks and i noticed that when i was turning this part right here was almost almost splitting. I am always about to break it. de qualquer maneira. Eu sou.. Desculpa, the camera moves. Those are not the original wheels. I got this from the garage, the ecs garage, actually the stop wheels, but you know i, like the scale, look with those anyways, the electronics still running the stock, one that’s for the two speed transmission, those two servos tiny ones. You look you see over here, those are for the front def and the rear diff. Now i have it on all wheel drive all the time i don’t have it in. You know in the mode where one wheel, spins more than the other one or whatever wheel grabs, is the one to spin the most.

Não, i have it at all. Wheel drive all the time. The reason why is because, when i, when i’m, climbing a rock or when i’m doing a hill or wheelie whatever i like a wheeling that’s, what i meant um or just you know a trail on the woods, it’s always better to run it in full time. All wheel drive anyways um, the center of gravity it’s, Bem, again the defender body it’s, pretty heavy in the back and it’s a top heavy. But overall, oh i know i’m. I have the forward moth flaps, ignore that part waiting for the defender, aqueles, anyways um. Geral, this i mean the suspension, the shocks they need. They need to go, they’re gon na be replaced real soon, and i mean for a trx4 nah, não gon, na text, mac or anything like that, but they are crap and um. Geral, like i said the defender it’s a really good platform, it’s a tx4, i mean really expensive, but i mean, if you’re in the market, for a land rover you really like it. Você, like the defender body. You like the looks i mean i love it. I just got ta tell you that i’m making i’m not making a you know out of the box review i’m, making a review of me and my experience with it and overall this is really good again. The servo is gon na, be the first thing to change. I guarantee you and the front diff as well.

It didn’t break because i didn’t push hard on it, but i was about to break it. So those are the couple things that you really need to look out for when buying this beautiful land rover. I did a couple of things i mean right now. I only mount one, but you know some scale items they look good and overall i give this a 8 fora de 10. and if you buy it, you will understand why. I love the look with the steelies. I think it looks more original one like i said i do still have the i just still have the original wheels, but there you go my experience with the defender Music, beautiful right. Thank you for looking subscribe.