OKEY, so i think thats guys fine. What im going to be unboxing here is the its the gold leafy 1.16 Escala. Radio control model car so here are the functions adjusted for left and right. 360. Faróis 360, that one the donuts yeah turningand this is the is these are only three functions. Isso é., i dont know this stuff for stopping the car and this is live. There is light and theres a light. Its one is to 16 also the scale of the car full functions left and right backward. Sim, this is the battery and remove the bottom of the car. Sim, Música, yep Applause, Música. This car is extremely cool yeah, so the back side had a cool style and the battery of the remote. So we we charge already the battery so that we can use them Music because this racing car so its no, not like a one. So this is the rc, o controle remoto 27 megahertz, for you is 47 megahertz. So when you open the whats megahertz, i really hope when you open it go yeah. Can you help him? He cannot open it. Música, Sim, Música. So this is the car pick. It up yeah, so this is the remote control. OKEY, this is the opening the door left, uh forward, left and right and its 49 megahertz, so wheres within 49 Amarelo. Is that open up number? Sim? Slowly? Let me help you yeah, Faça isso, so it will be quickly give to papada items.

OKEY, oh assim, wow omar! This is more light. OKEY, heavier, no, its kind of heavier and thats a little different, É claro, so its opening the door all about the engines also. So i dont know what this model of the car so its 49. I know megahertz uh the battery its its a ferrari, its uh yeah, its a ferrari yeah its a ferrari model, so you try to on and we its lighting so the door. Meu Deus. This is the door control, so its so cool like i want it. It will open and can i put my hand closing now, so it will open and close. So we can bring yeah to damage it quickly, open it and close. So try the wheel. Yeah lets strain speed. OKEY, so its time now for a road taste raising, taste, OKEY, its cool right, the drivers seat is rare. Now were going to test whos the speaker, whos the fastest lets go, wait one two: Três: oh cool Music, Wow, its so speed. How do you feel how the driving is lets open the doors, Aplausos, OKEY, clothes attention, but your car has to turn on the pulse as 360., Tão bom? OKEY, only you, okay in one two three go go here. Second turn: wow Aplausos. So Applause come on so guys. How do you feel whos, your favorite, the blue or the red? Oh, eu não tenho, its cooler right, both its cool? Realmente, i love the blues, but the final thing: Aplausos musicais, two tries Applause.

Oh drift, Desta vez. How do you feel about the performance of this car? I rate it out of 10 fora de 10, have a few more 15., so guys Music.