Some of the more popular apps have also included apple watch functions, but what about an app that lives solely on the apple watch? Bem, Isto é, where watch for tesla comes in now, it started out as a project for the developers personal needs, but after getting some great response from beta testers, it was eventually offered to the masses now to find it go to your app store on your watch and Search for watch for tesla, either by dictation or the scribble feature now we’ll charge you 3.99 to your account and it will download to your watch and your watch only no need for the phone other than internet access unless, É claro, you have an lte watch now, Once it’s downloaded, you will need to sign into your tesla account. This is where your phone comes in handy, because when you press log in you, go to your phone and enter your information which is sent to the watch and then you can start performing simple functions. Right from your watch, you can open the app from your watch in two different ways from the app screen or the complication from the home screen. Using the complications is much faster and an easier process compared to pressing the crown and searching through tiny little app icons to get the complication on your screen. Go to your phone open. The watch app from the my watch menu tap the watch face. You would like to add the complication to next tap where you’d like it to be, in my case it’s in the lower left scroll through all of the apps.

Until you find watch for tesla, you now have the watch for tesla complication on your watch. It will show either the percent or miles you have left on your watch. Depending on what you have set in your car. Upon opening the app you will see the name of your car, Que, if you have more than one test to set up, you can tap to change cars now, whether you have more than one tesla or not tapping the name will also give you more information about Your car battery status, which model you have the odometer reading software version and, É claro, your vin number to get out of that screen either tap the screen or the back arrow in the upper left below the name are both the percent and miles left you have In the battery tap either the battery or the miles, and it will display a bigger battery with only the percent or miles once again, depending on what you have set in the car. The first three of several simple controls are visible on this screen: climate control, open front and lock, or unlock the car to get access to more tap, show controls and scroll down to get access to the rest of them. Nwo, starting from the top open trunk, open charge, port home link, which will open your garage if your car is equipped with homelink defrost, enable or disable sentry mode vent or close windows, flash the lights and honk the horn.

At any point, you can access the force touch menu by giving the screen a long, hard press, and it will give you four quick function. Options below the controls is the temperature inside the car charging status and the outside temperature now tap either. One of the temperature readings to set the interior temperature a new bar will pop up tap it once and you can control the temperature up and down with the crown or tap the plus or minus symbols. Tap the set temp bar to confirm. Take note that this will not turn the climate control on, but it will set the temperature for when you get into the car the next time. On a side note, the temperature will be displayed in celsius or fahrenheit, depending on how you have it set in your car below that is the charge limit tap the bar to raise or lower the limit, follow the same process as setting the interior temperature. Then tap set limit to confirm, while it’s charging tap the time remaining bar to find out when charging will be complete at the very bottom is settings now you can see the entire settings bar when you scroll or swipe all the way up, but then it drops Below the screen, when you let go, if you tap the very bottom of the screen, it will take you into the settings. Menu you’ll know you’re in the settings screen. When you see the app logo and the software version you have.

The developer also gives credit for those involved in the process and gives you a website to view frequently asked questions keep scrolling down to get to settings and it starts with background updates. Now this is what drives the complications. The app wakes up your car every hour and more specifically, every hour since you last opened the app when it does this. It starts pulling for data just like the official app and then updates the complication if the car is plugged in for charging. It ignores the schedule and updates every 15 Minutos. You can set your own intervals to wake it up from as frequently as every 15 minutes to as long as every three hours. You also have the option to disable background updates entirely now. At that point, the app will have zero impact on phantom drain until you open the app yourself, there is another option where you can prevent the background updates from waking the car up by toggling off allow wake and background now, when the app attempts to contact the Car and sees it sleeping, it will not attempt to wake it up. Next is keyless drive in the tesla community in general, there have been several requests for their watches to act as a key via bluetooth. Much like that of the phone. No entanto, developers do not have access to bluetooth communication to the car, meaning the keyless drive function will only work if the watch has wi fi or lte service.

If neither of those are available, you will then be locked out of your car. For this reason alone. The developer was hesitant to add the feature, but it was the most requested so it’s important to remember to always have a backup key card with you. If you decide to use the keyless drive feature now, you may have noticed there is a picture of my car in the background in the main menu of the app now. This can be done with background image it’s an advanced feature that will take a little work on your part, you’ll need to add a tesla configurator image url. I have added a link in the description below that will help get you to the right configuration for your car you’ll. Also notice at the very top of the screen is a bar that reflects the current network traffic. It will say waking when it’s trying to wake the car loading when the app is actively loading data from the car and online when the car is reported as being awake, but the app isn’t currently downloading data from the car. The time in parentheses, reflects the age of the current data in the app so let’s talk about the two biggest concerns most people have when it comes to third party apps number one security. Most people have concerns giving a third party, their tesla account credentials. No entanto, it’s important to know that the credentials you put into the app gets sent directly to tesla the app doesn’t store the credentials.

Nor does the developer ever see them now once tested guest credentials. It then sends a token and a refresh token, and the tokens are stored and encrypted in the watch os keychain. Nwo, if you’re not comfortable, inputting your credentials into the app it will accept either of those tokens as direct input as well. Now it should be noted that if you decide to use the keyless drive feature, you will need to include your tesla password, which is stored in the watch. Os keychain concern number two phantom drain now, as mentioned earlier, the app will wake the car at the time intervals set by you. The default is one hour, but you can set it as high as three hours or turn off background updates entirely. Nwo, if you do this, the app will have zero impact on phantom drain. Unless you open the app so now you may be asking how does the app work, especially for those of us that don’t have a watch with lte service? Bem, the watch by design will always use the connection of your nearby phone over bluetooth to get online. Now that could be the phone’s connection to wi fi or its data plan. If the watch can’t reach the phone, it will try to go online through known wi fi access points that the phone has been connected to in the past. If that fails you’re out of luck, unless of course you have an lte watch bottom line as long as you have your phone with you and it has some form of wi fi or data service, you should be good to go so let’s start with what i Like about this app, Eu, like the overall simplicity and ease of use, the developer has done a great job in making sure not to make things too complicated.

Now that being said, i like some of the convenient features that work in the background, without much thought from the user. por exemplo, when you have the charger plugged in and press the unlock button, the charger will unlock as well. If it’s charging it will stop charging. First and then unlock. I also like that. The app will warn you if the windows, doors, frunk or trunk are left open and you can conveniently tap the window warning to close the windows. Now there are times when i go to the garage to get something from my car, and i don’t have my phone with me, but i always have my watch on so this allows me to unlock the car without having to go back into the house to get My phone much like that of apple pay, i am able to leave my phone in my pocket for a lot of the functions i need with my car, like opening and closing the front and trunk turning the ac on on a hot summer day, while at the Checkout counter and enabling or disabling sentry mode, i like how, on one of the complications of the newer watches, gives you a warning. If the windows, doors, front or trunk are open now i only have a gen 2 watch, so unfortunately, i don’t have this cool feature. Now there is one thing that i would like to maybe see in a future update, but i also understand that we’re dealing with the watch os and that may make it difficult to do or may not even be an option altogether.

I personally don’t have any issues with the layout of the functions, but i can see how some might like to be able to customize the order of the list. Although sierra integration would be nice. In my experience, siri on the watch tends to be buggy and has a big delay, so no loss there. In my humble opinion, i’ve always been one to embrace the latest technology, which was one of the many reasons why i purchased the model 3.. When the apple watch was introduced, i got on board pretty quickly and have enjoyed some of the conveniences. It has over the iphone leaving the phone in my pocket while reading my latest message paying for my groceries and now performing some of my favorite simple functions on my tesla makes watch for tesla one of my favorite apple watch apps. So what do you think? Do you think this is something you might go for? I mean not bad for 3.99, there are no monthly fees or even annual fees. Once you pay 3.99 you’re good to go and don’t have to pay anything else.