Hoje, in the snow, Sim – and i just thought um, this would be a good opportunity for brayden to show our new tripod that she just pulled out of nowhere and said: can we open an early christmas present, and i said i didn’t want to wait until christmas, Because it’s that awesome it’s a phone and camera tripod, de modo que é muito legal, and it has two different ways that you can do it just show them the tripod. OKEY, just it could, but it probably won’t. So it has this little device for your phone and you put it on and then it like screws on so it’s all tight and stuff and holds it all nice like this, just show them how compact the thing is. This is the tripod fits in that little guy it’s a little dude. If i do some moto camping or we do some hiking or we do some stuff like we’re doing today, we won’t have to bring the giant tripod, o que é bom, but hopefully this little guy can replace it. Okay now show them how wide it opens. The bottom like how wide the bottom okay, this is what i’m impressed about. I thought it was going to be some small base, but it’s actually like a normal tripod base, and that is our product review today. Bem, não realmente, it also has a cool little remote and you can hook your camera up to it. It goes really tall.

So then you can do like selfies and stuff selfies. You can take self portraits with it and not have to ask strangers to hold your phone in your camera, que eu realmente gosto, because who can trust people these days, we’re happy with our purchase. Sim. Bem, i’ve never tried it yet so we’ll, let you know when we try it we’re happy that it’s small and that bryce can take it on his motorcycle i’m, really good at giving gifts. OKEY, so we’re going up american fork, canyon it’s! Realmente, not our only product review because we got sent another rc car it’s, a gp toys, rc car it’s, uma roda de quatro, Dirigir 160 Dólares. They claim it’s hobby grade, um i’ve been driving it around. The house actually and it i’m very impressed that i really like it it’s fun to drive. It controls a lot better than that little sixty dollar flame piece does um. I think it’s gon na be pretty it’s gon na do pretty good, so we’re gon na kind of review. That that’s kind of the point of today is lightly plain snow. We’Re gon na drive it around up american fort canyon in the stowe yep and that’s gon na be braden’s rc car because there’s a cool i just figured out there’s a mode on it. That goes like slow mode it’s supposed to be like, because i obviously need slow motion not crawling mode, but it’ll just be fun. For people who, like don’t, want to just go super fast right away to go kind of get the feel of it and then flip.

It into fast mode, we got four rc cars with us, so not enough right, então sim, isso é, what we’re doing today it’s gon na be fun so fun. So i found out that it comes with this little remote dude and you can pair it to your phone with bluetooth and it paired super easily. My phone found it really fast, and then you can push this little camera button and it’ll. Take pictures like this picture. So just riding the tripod and then you’re set it’s kind of cool, because then you can you don’t have to do self timer or anything which is can be really frustrating. So this is very impressive. I’M very impressed with our little christmas present so far, Música, real quick braden’s going to give it a test. This is uh she’s driven cars before, but i want to see how she handles it. I think it handles pretty well Applause. Oh dude you’re hanging with nothing good. Would you agree, it’d be a good first car for someone, oh yeah there’s, not as much like of a instant response to it like it responds good but it’s not as jerky as like yeah, it’s kind of slower, a slower start so it’s, not so crazy. Aplausos. Four wheel drive really helps it stay in control, but it’s not too powerful, like some of the other hobby cars, where it’s just absolutely kind of dangerous i’m surprised how oh well, i literally was just about to sound surprised how long you’re handling, even in the snow Applause all right guys, lá você tem.

There is the venom hunter by gp toys sent to us by zero toys driven by a what do. We call you rookie novice by a beginner. Oh, eu não tenho, my gosh liam’s driving he’s gon na crush it okay. That now, é, really being driven by a beginner, so brayden is a beginner and she was able to handle that thing well, i would recommend it for a beginner, rc car for sure, OKEY, my uh two year old son is driving it now. Obviamente, this is not gon na end well, this is full speed. Right here definitely thought it was gon na be faster than that see if it’s really waterproof, though full speed. I think this would be a great entry level car for someone wanting to get into it because you can switch this to low, so this is full speed right here. This is technically crawling, but obviously it’s not gon na draw this deep of snow we’re gon na keep it in the high gear. It controls really good all right guys. So the battery died on this venom hunter brayden was tearing it up. Liam was loving, it let’s see what it looks like on the inside. Take the body off. Oh sim. The thing i love about this car, Embora, is everything’s enclosed. Ademais, i think this is either the receiver or the esc looks like the receiver. I think i was calling it the esc earlier, but all right pop that guy right off here’s the little baby lipo it comes with comes with two of these.

You can either run one in there like, i was doing, which i wanted to do, because i could cover it. I knew it would be getting wet or you could use a strap and use both lipos at once and have double the run time so that’s what it is guys. One thing i want to point out: real quick is it’s completely dry inside the battery bay that’s. Pretty nice first run. Success has the headlights there. The tail lights in the back comes with awesome. Está bem, Caras, it’s time to bust out the the big boy attracts his hoss got a fully charged 3s lipo, Oh sim. Now this is a hobby, great rc car boys, so there’s lots of snow down on the on the water or the ice. So i don’t know if this thing will run actually but boys, you want to see a good top speed. Vamos.. Do this! Oh, é! Out of here, my electronics are not covered up in the hoss, Embora, se eu sou, not careful, i could run right into someone half throttle. I love this car nope, not gon na happen too much snow come on hoss yeah, Oh sim, oh and we’re. Up here we go Applause that’s. What i’m talking about here? We go baby about half throttle quarter, throttle right here. Oh sim, oh Música. Here we go Applause. Oh Aplausos! Oh, eu não tenho, i hit the brakes because i was heading right towards my vlog camera and it just flipped that was amazing.

Meu Deus, eu não.. Look at my microphone covered in snow, OKEY, Música! Tudo bem pessoal! My sony, rx7 vlog camera, is completely wet better get out of here before i uh ruin something the haas. Oh, eu não tenho, the haas did amazing out here, snow’s a little too deep, for it may have to may have to get the x max. Who knows but uh. This is a good spot to end the video.