This is the traxxas guy, and i want to do a little bit of a thing where you guys look at bodies that i have im gon na put them on the truck, and i want you guys to pick which one so starting first, i have my old Stampede body and the ill tell you guys every story behind all of them, and so basically the story behind this is that uh. So this was my very first real uh hobby grade rc car that went with this. The traxxas stampede two wheel drive and it was just super old and we kept like running it. So it broke it a cute couple times. You know its an rca car and um uh. One day i messed up the gears in it and uh i fixed my dad, helped me fix them, and then i went to go, drive the truck again and then it wouldnt run. So then we thought well, since its so old lets, just throw it away because you cant fix it so um we threw it away. We kept the body, we kept the electronics, we kept all of that with the wheels and all of that and so yeah. This is where this body came from and uh, but i still need body posts for my truck and that truck is still not running so thats, não muito bom, but uh lets see what the body on kind of stretch the size how this is going to fit.

I guess like that. Maybe is that centered yeah, i guess so. OKEY, so theres this body, the stampede body. I still have to get body posts and drill the thing in. Se, if you guys choose the stampede body, uh comment down below in the comments section and yeah, so this would be a nice body for it. Um – and i do have two bodies in my amazoncart that i can get but yeah, OKEY, so theres this body and then Music, then this uh its a little ghostbusters car. This was more of when i oh yeah, and this we found this sitting on our shelf in the basement. So i was like what is that daddy? I was like its rc car, so i was like oh, but this is my uh rc car that i had from when i was little and it doesnt run its broken um because it wont turn on and stuff like that, but uh the body with this is Probably long, but it probably cannot fit the sides in so that might be a problem, mas um sim, so just take that off all the stuff inside theres no rear axle wires. All that stuff um, if i have the rear axle ill turn this into a low rider. You know but um yeah theres this body, Eu não, know how this would fit. Oh, eu não tenho, oh, so thats what that would look like, but these are sticking out right here, but i can just get plastic together cover that and the rear.

The rear sticks out really bad, because this is like more of a 20 20 Ou 24 caminhão escala, but yeah and those are pretty much the two bodies that i have, except for my trx4 body, and that would be it so excuse me, Theyre, Desculpa, mas um. This is the im gon na say it again in this video, because i dont think i got a link in the last video. My brother will help me because hes my editor kind of and um, so i have the ghoul wheres the box, yeah google rc uh esc. I got the motor. It came with the esc, motor uh steering servo uh with these little different change. Things where you could change change all that up and stuff, so theres that, and then this came with this bumper, which is the same exact one as my metal one for my trx4. But my character is not as broken right now, but its pretty much the same. Except for this is plastic, this is metal, but you can mount the metal one or the plastic one right in the comments down below uh, but yeah um. Então, sim, uh and if you guys are wondering about my tx4 um. Atualmente, it is broken right where the say like right there on it. I broke so i still got ta order, the part for that and yeah so um. So i have a tick tock and its the same as my username for youtube and um its uh its.

Where i post most of my videos of like updates and update, updates on this, because im like happy that this is here, ive waited so long to get a new rc car from saving up. So im really excited. I do updates on there do updates. I do running videos, i do random videos that are funnyi guess uh, but make sure to go, follow my tick tock and yeah um, and there will be a lot of updates posted on this truck, specifically right here: uh and yeah, Então, Música, uh que é, really All i got theres all these short videos im, sorry but um yeah. So i want to show you guys the like the quality of this truck um uh. Então, basicamente,, if you look under under the underside, this isnt really that skill, but i guess it could work. Um uh, so plastic axles, i guess thats metal, metal links, all heavy duty, plástico plástico, Metal, red frame. I got the two 275 mm chassis, uh kit kind of and it doesnt have portable axles um its uh. It has the the star. I dont know what that is for, mas um sim. So basically the tires are the uh, the rocks tire super swampers and they are very firm, tires and uh on the tires that theres these that you have to unscrew every time. If you want to take off the wheel, i have to unscrew all those which is kind of annoying, but the gearbox is already greased up.

It has all these different gears and if i dont know how much that gears the truck down in these gearsbut it still goes really fast with this motor, so this motor must be fast, hum e sim. So the gripi would say i would say its pretty grippyi i would say its good and uh. It does have these plastic shock tower shock things right here: um metal, Choques, hum, Metal, Traseira, amortecedor, uh plastic, these and then i guess thats metal, maybe and then, but you can adjust this to that side to that side and yeah. So this is the esc box. This is where the motor goes: Isto é, really yes or thats. The receiver esc uh thats, where the esc goes. It comes with two holes drilled in and um yeah. So this is just an update and uh kind of a body testing video. If um yeah and im using a 2s 5800 um um Music, something not something but its a lipo lipo everything and yeah so thatll be the end of this youtube. Video like and subscribe comment down below.