I am with two thumbs your Toyota complete car buying resource. I have a life hack for you. The 2024 Runner may have remote engine star, and I just found out this is very exciting, got some smart keys and two of my friends with me. First friend, the 2024 one are limited in midnight, black metallic and then we’ve got the TRD pro 2020 in the brand new TRD color magnetic gray metallic okay. First thing, with the smart key here: we’re going to hit lock, lock, lock one two three hit lock lock and then hold it down, it’ll start to flash, which means now every scientific study needs a second test subject. So we’ve got magnetic gray by the way. How does that TRD pro look in magnetic gray, metallic we’re gon na? Do the rule of three hit lock lock and then hold it down third time? So luck luck! Hold it down! Oh yeah! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, t EOP le SS. Thank you guys. So much for watching. Let me know if you’re in the market for our 2024 runner, we can help you that Friday, Anderson Toyota, whether you’re in North Carolina or any other state it’ll, be one of the smoothest, easiest and most fun buying processes. You’Ve ever had. Please subscribe to Toyota Jeff YouTube channel, really appreciate your support.