Well today, como você pode ver aqui, i’ve got a touring car. Estes são os piratas. 3 from zd racing it’s, also known as the tc 10 model and uh. You can get this one on banggood guys the reader run kit, como você pode ver, we’ve got a dumbo, controlador de estilo rc. It comes with a battery and also one of these little b3 compact chargers as well now um. I believe this one is around at the time i’m recording this video today uh. The price of this one is around to just a bit over 200 ao redor 215 Ou 218, algo assim, so it’s a little over two hundred dollars. But what you’re getting is a brushless 110 scale read a run touring car here, guys and um. It comes in uh two variants. I believe they all ship the these uh cars in the same box. As you can see in the background here, we’ve got an amg uh touring car mercedes touring car, but they didn’t make a specific box for this lamborghini style. They all came in that specific box i’m, not too sure of the model number of that. It might also be a tc 10, but i’ll check up on that i’ll put on the screen, mas uh eles são, roughly about the same price too guys. So they run on a very similar chassis uh. They got the same spec motors and so forth. Então, de qualquer maneira, caras uh, you do get a instruction booklet i’m, not even gon, na open it guys.

It does cover quite a few of the different models here: bem uh, this will have your typical. You know spare parts guide with model numbers for all the parts. It comes with a couple of sticky pads here, a couple of cable ties and some of these little i’ve seen them before. With these zd cars. I don’t exactly know what they are they’re like some sort of spaces or something might have to do with the steering servo. Actually they look like steering servo caps or something like that all right. So i won’t bore you with the instruction booklet, é, just gon na go through the brushless system. You know how to control it with the controller, how to charge it up and all that sort of stuff. OKEY, but there will be exploded diagrams in the booklet, as they usually do all right so anyway, the charger, se você não, ter um carregador de grau hobby. This one uh they’ve got you covered covered with this one. Now this came with an adapter. It didn’t come with the australian adapter. This looks like a european plug, so it is good that they throw in an adapter, but if you’re in the us, you’ll probably get a us one or if you’re in europe you’ll get that european one, we have the little uh charger here. These ones actually do not a bad job for balancing your uh. The cells um you’ve got a 2s and 3s uh balance port there, e deste lado, you’ll put the um the actual power cord, OKEY, guys so it’s, not a bad little charger.

Há. Além disso, a little instruction quick start guide in there as well. Should you need to uh read up on that one, OKEY, Também, which is pretty standard with uh zd products these days? Is this dumbo rc styled uh tx, Muito, very good tx guys, just like the dumbo rc brand, almost identical some of the dumbo rcs have different dials up here, but this is pretty much identical. I’Ve got a few of these and i use them on my wl toys vehicles. Actually it’s just got a zd racing, uh branding on it, tudo bem e uh. This has your typical um buttons and layout of the dumbo rc uh labeled controls. So you’ve got your on off switch up the top channel four is a three way: switch okay and uh channel three is a push button one. Now these two channels, three and four won’tbe used with this particular car, mainly for other models, and you get your standard, uh, reverse and normal switches up top for your steering and your uh throttle, e deste lado, are your um throttle dual rates? Okay and on this side, are your uh steering, trims and jewelry, so you’ve got throttle, trim and dual rates and steering trim and dual race. Very good control of these ones, guys uh very good range. They do state four to five hundred meters out of these and i believe they can get it because i’ve traveled pretty far with them in the past, with my rc cars and these ones come with your standard you’re going to need to supply your own double a Batteries, four of them all right, guys all right, guys well here’s the car itself and, como você pode ver, it’s called the pirates 3 tc10 and, como você pode ver, it’s got a really nice low stance for a touring car.

Itis 110 Escala, como eu disse, brushless of course, and really striking looking body guys. Now you can get this in three different colors uh. I particularly like this blue uh, the best uh you can get it in like a champagne, gold, color and also a black. I believe the black ones got like orange, where this carbon print is it’s got like orange. Stripes i’ll put a screenshot on the screen, so you can see what they look like the other models, but uh all the three models. Depending on what color you choose, you’re gon na get the same uh alloy wheels here, which are a combination of blue anodized with the uh, the alloy look, OKEY, mas uh, really striking and nice looking body here. I really do like the design of this. I believe this is uh supposed to look like a lambo murcielago. It could be wrong might be the gelato but uh, really nice decal decals across it to make it look like a lambo all right, so it sits really low, como você pode ver, um and uh it’s made for on road. Only guys you’re not going to be bashing this one around that’s for sure, because it’s not made for that um it’s made for yeah just running on on the road on the tarmac parking lots that that sort of thing and uh even speed running. Maybe you know you can do some speed runs with this, which i plan to do later on too guys.

Um i’m gon na run it in stock form for a while see how it can go in later, Vídeos, um and then uh. I might do some mods to it play around with different esc, combos and motor combos see how fast we can get it so uh anyway, let’s take the body pins off, put them over. There take the body, shell off and uh it’s, your typical. You know flexible lexan body, OKEY, nice and firm on the top on the bonnet. Você sabe, but at least the sides flex in so your typical uh lexan shell here and here’s. Underneath guys, como você pode ver, Lá, we’ve got the 110 Escala. Chassis and what’s really neat about this chassis is that it’s all metal, Caras: OKEY, há, the combination of metal plastic still, but a lot of the componentry is metal, including this rather nice cnc, uh, machined, alloy chassis plate, and i really do like this look at that. Very nice quality, indeed guys it’s got that brushed alloy look to it. I’Ve got a zd racing logo there decal, okay and you can see the motor is exposed for extra cooling and it’s even got some slots for the battery too so for extra cooling there. But what a beautiful uh chassis this plate, this one does have. OKEY, como você pode ver, there’s a lot of metal parts on this one guys all your um, all your linkages and turnbuckles are all metal. Okay and even all your hub carriers are metal.

We have fairly low profile shocks here. They are oil filled long body posts as well. They are plastic with this nice impact, uh foam bumper on the front, tudo bem e uh. Even all the standoff they’re, todo o metal, guys you’ve got your steering servo in there really nicely manufactured car this one, your second level, uh, chassi, chave, center brace, is also metal. You see the uh center drive shaft, all anodized blue, so really really nice guys and the shock towers, É claro, and the hinge pin uh brackets as well all anodized not front and available. OKEY. Now the dog bones on the back are also metal everything’s metal. On this one guys even right down to the wheels like i mentioned before, they’re alloy, but we’ve got dog bones on the back and on the front we have cvds try to get a look at that. We’Ve got cvds on the front. OKEY, so yeah really nice car guys some nice tires here too they are foam, filled and there’s street tyre very soft compound, so that should be some pretty decent grip. OKEY, now the esc on this one let’s go and talk about the esc and the motor. Now the motor is a 3650 Tamanho 3000 kv motor with a zd racing emblem there, so it’s a zd branded one and the um esc on this one it’s, Um 45 amp esc, esc impermeável, and we also have 2s and 3s compatibility with this one.

OKEY, como você pode ver aqui, we’ve got the standard, x6f dumbo rc receiver on the front, but uh yeah guys. The workmanship of this looks really. Nice it’s got some good weight to it, so it’s going to hug the road pretty good um. Como você pode ver, it sits really really low there’s. Only like i don’t know about a centimeter or 10 mil, maybe a little bit less clearance there’s about yeah about 10, mil one centimeter clearance off from the chassis to the ground. Isto é, how low it is so it’s gon na it’s gon na have some pretty good aerodynamics. This one um especially running in a straight line on the road. I would say i’m definitely going to test this out soon. Now the steering servo on this one, eu acredito, it’s a six kilogram servo, so that’s pretty decent it’s, not a bad size. Servo too, como você pode ver, é, not small it’s, a pretty decent, full sized uh. Você sabe 110 scale servo with its own steering uh. Linkage there, OKEY, mas uh sim. This runs a 2s battery um very similar to the old zd thunder truck that i have for the past couple of years, i’m pretty sure it’s the same spec yeah. It is guys it’s, o hum, 25C 7.4 volt or 2s 2400 milliamp hora, lipo there’s a hard pack which is nice and that’s going to give us around. Let me think around 20 minutos uh, depending on how you drive, É claro, mas é, going to give you around 20 minutes of running time on average.

OKEY, so yeah guys um there’s, not much more to say about this in this video um pretty much covered. Everything like i said: it’s all cnc, machined, uh é, all anodised metal parts on this one, which is it looks like a work art really. I love the look of this and the quality of workmanship on that’s gone into this particular car uh. The spur gear on the back here is uh, looks like a hard nylon, OKEY, but we do have a metal pinion just in there. OKEY, sorry about that i’m. Just trying to get around the camera there as close to the camera there so yeah guys um top speed uh. I can’t remember what was rated at, Eu acho, talvez 70 k’s an hour uh, because it’s got a 45 amp esc. It does have its limitations, mas uh. I think i think, on the listing i’ll leave the listing down below, as always guys um. You can check the specs yourself. Eu acredito. Last time i looked at the at the listing myself um. Estava por aí. 70 k’s. I think okay, so not too bad. If we can do that considering you know, it’s got a bit of weight behind it, um as well uh this whole chassis being all metal um. If you can get 60 70 k’s an hour on on uh 2s. That would be pretty good, but i’ll definitely see how it will form in the next video guys.

So thanks very much for watching i’ll just quickly put this uh shell back on. To give you a good look of it, really nice looking car guys, i really do like this blue color, like i said you can get in the other two colors, if you like those ones better, but you’re gon na get the same wheels. Eu., como eu disse antes, the color combos of the wheel so i’m, not too sure to me my eye didn’t really suit it as well as having a blue one, but there are different color combos that you can get the black or the champagne gold one all Right so yeah guys um in the next video i’ll be taking this out on the tarmac. Obviously you can’t bash this one around. Você sabe um, you might as well get a monster truck or something like that, if you’re into bashing but uh, if you’re into street uh, you know running or speed running, this might be the car for you guys. So i’ll put the link to banggood from where i got this from in the description below and i’ll put a coupon code in there as well and feel free to click on those links and uh check it out for yourself right guys so that’s it for today. Caras, the next video i’ll try to get this out by the weekend and we’ll see how it goes and then i’ll follow that up with some speed testing on 2s and 3s and see what we can clock it up on the um on my skyrc gps reader.

All right guys and we’ll check it out. Então, muito obrigado por assistir caras. I do appreciate it and uh if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe, like comment all that good stuff and hit that notification bell as well. Por ali, you’ll be informed on every new video that i put out so till then guys happy seeing and i’ll catch you on the next one, all right bye.