Have a quick look at this. This is the pub b g um 4×4 american pickup, supposedly its from the game battleground im, not a gamer. Excuse me. I know nothing about it. Um, its a 12 scale truck and, like i say its from the game and supposedly from what ive seen ive, looked up a couple of clips and it actually looks pretty bloody close. So overall, the truck actually doesnt. Look too bad. I mean its its a really really really budget little truck 98 pound, which is probably what dollars i guess, um delivered so really really cheap. Its got little light, buckets, ready to put leds and all along the top and its its a cool little truck, actually um. The wheels and tires are crap, as you can expect. You know its its its probably a little bit more than toy grade its its hobby grade, but only just um tires are really really hard and and feel really plasticky, but thats. Not what i bought this for. Um the bodys going the wheels are going. I want it for what is underneath, which is primarily a 242 millimeter, um c channel chassis, well, whoop, the body off and have a look at what we get underneath right. So here we go guys body off um, not a bad little chassis. To be honest, all metal, um, serial chassis, its got wise, seems to be oilfield shocks, theyre adjustable, so you can set up all the preload and what have you theyre? Not bad? To be honest, i mean, like i said it, its bordering on sort of toy grade, but for 98 pound.

You can complain about that. So looking at this weve got a 1040 hobby winky um its got a little puns for running uh, lipo numbs youve also got crawler mode and um. The other mode which has brake as well comes with a little 850 milliamp lyon. Battery fitted with deans connector comes with full size, um servo. To be honest, the server is actually quite powerful for this little truck. I dont know what it what its putting out but its its not bad. It certainly does the job ill turn it on. In a bit – and you can see what the movement is like, but to be honest, its okay, its got little sliders for the body and lets have a look at under the other side, falling up front four link in the rear, no panhard mount. Obviously, because of it being full link and yeah, i mean it feels okay, little plastic driveshafts, but theyve got metal ends so that doesnt look too bad, so yeah um it doesnt. Look too bad. However, i have noticed this morning. I gave it a quick little run. The diffs are not locked, so you can, you know ill figure out a way of locking the diff so ill, probably just jam it full of hot glue or something it seems very, very accessible, theres only. You know four little screws over here, so i can pop open that take the diff cover off and ill just jam.

It full of hot glue and thatll probably do the job um, oh motor, wise little 380 motor, and actually this thing is actually quite quick. Its not by any means a crawler, its a little um scalish trail truck um, but it is pretty fast, its geared pretty quick, um so ill throttle it back and what have you but yeah? To be honest, i mean three channel receiver for 98 pound. What can you ask for you know its? Certainly, certainly you know, but its quite a fair bit of articulation but im changing this. I bought it for the chassis wheels are coming off, it thats coming off it the bodys going and i am actually putting a um tamiya um yj jeep hard body onto this, that ive got coming at the moment from germany. So when that gets here ill paint, it all up ill, probably do a little video on that and um. That will go on to this because its the perfect wheelbase for it, but anyway well get this out on one of the little trails now and uh see how it does. I dont expect mega performance out of it. Obviously, because, like i said its its unlocked, its yeah, its not gon na, do so well, but well, see what its like on the trail and its yeah pretty decent, so well skip to that and see how we go. Yes, heres the um servo, as you can see its actually quite quick, uh modulation on it is quite difficult.

It just really wants to go its quite quick, so i might just open the box and um see what opinion setup is isnt it. I dont know if im going to be able to slow it down, but you know itll do itll do for what it is like. I said its only 98 good, so yeah silver wise. You know, as you can see its actually pretty quick and it certainly seems like its got enough power.