Both won 12 scale. We’Ve got like a four wheel drive, i don’t think it’s a crawler it’s, maybe like a trail truck, and then we got a 112 two wheel, drive buggy. These are from the pub g game. I’Ve heard of it. I’Ve never played it, but we’re gon na get back the box and we can have a look. You could call this a bit of a blind unboxing most of the time when we’re gon na get the buggy out. First, most of the time when i review stuff, i check what’s in the box, i make sure everything’s there make sure there’s no damage and stuff like that, and then i have a quick look online uh to see what it’s about. I haven’t done that with these you can share the experience with me breaking the seal. I do like usually to, like, i say, get a little bit of info, so i know what i’m talking about uh in this case i’m, not gon na, say i don’t know what i’m talking about we’re gon na open it together and have a look there’s a Little bit of information here, so we know what we’re getting uh it says: unique suspension, design, uh, unique gear transmission, spring loaded shocks, don’t, look like that oil. It has got full ball bearings, though. It’S got lots of unique stuff, unique suspension, design, unique gear transmission, unique shock system with tough body, shell, detailed driver and body details, pre glued high traction tyres and a 2.

4 transmitter receiver. So that’s good it’s got separate transmitter, receiver, ttrc sport. It looks like the manufacturer and there’s a few more specifications on the back there. It looks really cool. I tell you, what should we have? A look at let’s have a look at the game: pub g – oh no! It says pug pug g pub g. I didn’t did i get any blood dogs i don’t know, but i almost hit him okay, so it looks like a pretty cool game: Music it’s, a nice little touch and it look very nice it’s, actually a bit smaller than i thought it was going to be. Although it is 112 scale, it does look kind of cool doesn’t it i just uh. I just broke one of the stickers on it. I’M gon na have to fix that that’s a bit weird they’re, just like vinyl stickers that go over it just put my thumb through it. I just done the same on the i just done the same on the other side on my days, this isn’t starting, very well, is it, oh god, so that’s, probably like in the last minute i’ve broke that one i’ve broke that one and i’ve broke that one. What a silly design anyway, this looks, kind of cool come on, who uses cds nowadays or disks allen, keys, wheel, wrench, bind plug usb charger and some little instructions. Now that is a fly sky that is a fly sky gt.

It says there actually it’s even still got it on there uh gt2 e. These are pretty good basic transmission, basic they’ve got ceiling, trim, throttle, trim, steering dual rating and then uh steering versus throttle reverse they’re basic but they’re decent basic uh. It also says thunder tiger on there has it got a battery in it yep little 850 milliamp hour, uh, 7.4 volt, lithium ion that says thunder tiger on it at least under tiger? Well, i guess i guess that’s what tt rc sport is tt thunder tiger. Maybe i didn’t know that some of you have probably sat there going. Well course is: did you not know? Well, no, i didn’t right let’s just put that there let’s put the batter in charge while we’re. Looking at that now, let’s have a closer look at this Music. Music don’t think the body comes off very easily, not by the looks of it. So the battery goes underneath a bit of a disjointed unboxing from me. I do apologize right anyway. Friction dampers, they don’t feel too bad. Some light decals up the front, so it is two wheel drive, so you’ve got bearings in there. You can see, you can see. Metal bearings in there says unique suspension design. I guess it’s meaning a lot then at the back there you can just in the top there. That is a 380 motor by the looks of it. It’S got it’s got metal drive shafts in there that’s good metal, diff cups tyres are relatively hard.

There’S your driver and then you’ve got your on and off switch there. So i presume you shouldn’t need to get in there the detail on the back. There exhaust little number plate – and i guess that’s, where your uh rear gunner, sits on the back there it’s, not a bad. Looking little buggy i’ve got a decent. I got a really good place. We’Re gon na take this over to the quarry to get some cool shots of this well i’m. Waiting for the battery to charge let’s have a look at the pickup anything different on here to that one. So this is 112 scared as well. We’Ve got metal front. Cva axles, uh 1598, so one ratio, three gear transmission mission. So again it looks like plastic gears a fully adjustable threaded shock, so that’s got threaded shocks. But again i don’t know whether oil same transmitter, this one’s got lights. It’S got the same battery and water resistant speed control is that a hobby wing 1040 that might be a hobbywing 1040 chassis mounted steering servo, not bad. The spec actually looks quite good on this doesn’t it. This one actually says that it’s a 350 meter in the back there, it doesn’t look like it’s a 380 to me. It also has got a waterproof esc in it, so i presume it’s the same as this one. Anyway. Stop talking get out the box don’t even know what price these are. Let me have a look at the price for you.

Let me find the price out and i’ll put it up on the screen. Buggy comes in at around 149 pound. This comes in at around 160 170, not bad. Well, obviously, it depends on how they run, but it seems bad to me. Oh this one looks cool. This has got some nice weathering on it all my number plates falling off instructions, so this one’s got a little bit more in the box, it’s the same uh transmitter, so the flysky gt2 e uh usb charger, some wing mirrors and something else are there for the Mounts for the wing mirrors bind plug tools. I guess that’s a battery strap this one. Definitely my favorite i’d say this one looks really cool, but then i am into obviously crawlers. Quite a bit. It’S got oil shocks. This one has got oil shocks. Now they do another version, they do another body, i presume it’s, exactly the same chassis, it’s, more military style body um this one yeah definitely yeah looks pretty good. I mean this one looks cool but initial impressions. This one is the this one’s on the money, but i guess, if you’re into the game, you’re gon na, want that one to go with that Music Applause relatively sort of cheap feeling. Well, it’s, not lexan! Is it just uh? I don’t know what they call it. The cheaper stuff, so that is definitely prob, so that’s, probably not going to take much abuse if you’re rolling it same lithium ion get that on charge: hobby wing, 1080, uh, 1040, waterproof esc, a 380 motor and then a three channel.

Um fly sky receiver oil shocks we’ve already seen that it’s got plastic gears in there bearings all over tires yeah pretty hard tires full size. Servo chassis mounted survey i’m impressed with this one i mean it’s. Not you can feel that it’s not top quality, but at the price point at the novelty value as well, if you’re in especially, if you’re into pub g, even if you’re a keen gamer you like the game, sat on the shelf these two or the three. If you get the other one, these are going to look cool next to each other. I thought they were. I thought they were bullet holes, but they’re for the the mirrors. So batteries are in and charged good thing about. This truck is look at the size of the battery tray that’s, the battery supply just to get you going, but the purpose of this extra strap is so you can put a bigger battery in there. I like that right, pretty good. We got any more on the old jewel rate there yeah a little bit and then throttle got quite a bit of speed. I didn’t check the drive, shafts yeah plastic drive, shafts didn’t check them. I think the throttle trim needs to go up a little bit because you have to push the trigger quite a bit to get it going so it’s a bit better, relatively slow control. Obviously the 1040 esc isn’t the best for crawling 1080 is the daddy at that.

But Music it’s adequate whoa nearly dropped it, so it has actually got a little tab there and that’s four. It says: um normal and crawler. So when you move that tab, i think hang on. Let me switch it on again. This should have forward brake reverse at the moment, yeah forward brake and then reverse. If you swap this tag round so now we just got forward and straight to reverse, but that will put on that’s now got. I can feel that it’s a drag break so with that tab on normal, you get four brake reverse. If it’s switched to that, you get um your drag brake and then and then the second tab is for lipo or nickel metal hydride right. That’S that one sorted and now let’s have a go with the old buggy. It says it does about 20 kilometers an hour, not the fastest thing. It has only got a small motor and 2s, but the esc in this will run 3s. If it’s a proper 1040 from hobbywing, it will run 3s yeah. It sounds like it’s one, so not bad steering’s, pretty good. We got a bit more on the jewelry. Like the last one yeah there, we go pretty good steering angle there decent amount of power, yeah it’s, going to be good fun right right, let’s, take them over to the quarry, have a look at how they go i’ll just do a quick summary of that. Once we get there, we have a quick burn around with that and then i’m going to make a full video with them both try and make it a little bit cinematic.

Some of you might not like it, but that will be out in a few days after this video so took them to the local quarry and what a load of fun they are the truck, definitely a trail truck rather than a crawler it’s decent it’s fast. It is very fast and you’ll need softer tyres if you want to do any like proper crawling, but as a trail truck ideal looks good, looks good driving along didn’t really have any issues on the terrain and and the same with the buggy, even though it’s quite Low to the ground, it’s two wheel drive, it didn’t really struggle, and this was, as you can see like snow bit of ice stones and stuff like that it did get bomb. It did bomb out a few times, but overall i was really impressed a couple of good. I don’t want to say novelty, rc’s really novelty. The 4×4 was definitely my favorite out of the two. The buggy’s got its place as well. If you, especially, if you’re into the game, but the 4×4, you can see how fast it is, it was crazy, um, both really good fun. The full cinematic with music video will be out. Shortly of this, you can see the whole thing and we’re out for ages. Probably only got about three or four minute video out of it, though, but we had loads of fun.