What is it? Music? Music, oh Music, Music, Music, oh Applause, oh Music, come here guys come here: it’s, okay, it’s, okay, it’s, okay, it’s, okay, it’s, just a car it’s, just a car; oh it’s, just a car; oh, my goodness, gracious Music! I love all you guys so much the controller Music. Oh, oh my goodness. You guys it’s, not public, kisses right now! Oh my goodness! Right here, Music Applause, Applause, hey get it all off, get it buddy, get it Music, you’re, so cute you’re! So cute, my goodness! You guys, what are you doing, olaf? What is that is that another leaf. Is that a leaf all right everyone? This is gon na wrap up today’s episode, olaf had literally so much fun playing with the rc car. He was chasing it the whole time. Everyone else was acting like big old babies. Huh yeah, you sure, were yeah. You sure were anyways we’re gon na be getting out of here. Please stay tuned for more awesome content. These guys are actually gon na be going home in just a couple of days. So we only have a couple more videos of them, so stay tuned for one final, goodbye and uh well to the cutest little rump puppy out there. Besides lucy thanks for growing up and thanks for uh for hanging out. I love you so much buddy. I love you so much buddy you little fur ball. Alright, guys pause out.