That uh banggood were good enough to send to me um so we’ll have a quick look around the box uh. Where are we there? You go so kind of it’s, actually that one that i got they have a few different ones on on the box. Well, i hope it’s that one i got anyway, we’ll crack it open and check it out. Alrighty oops should be that way. I think and there he is get rid of that all righty, so there’s our little car we’ll have a look at that. First looks pretty cool little 118 scale. Four wheel drive, not bad yeah looks pretty cool again. I’Ll leave a link in the description where you can get this uh they’re around 66 australian. I think um and i’ll leave a 10 off code down there. Music, so yeah looks okay, we’ll rip the body off and have a bit of a look alrighty. So there we go under the body, all pre painted and everything very nice. So looking in there in the chassis, we’ve got the uh the little 380 size motor with a heatsink and we’ve got a 2s lipo we’ll grab that out and have a bit of a look. So the uh, the battery battery retainer kind of comes with it. Yeah uh 7.4 volt, 850 milliamp, so we’ll have to charge him up. I guess and there’s our receiver and esc all in one. So you got proportional steering and i assume throttle we’ll see that check it out.

No oil shocks, of course, but you know it’s got shocks on it, so you also get a manual and it’s got all your do’s and don’ts in there and all the different models you get and how to use the radio and spare parts it shows you how To charge the battery more spare parts and a few more spare parts, and you get the exploded view if you can see that fantastic, throw that over there and get rid of that and we’ve got our radio and it takes four double a’s 2.4 gigahertz. Of course, and what do we got on here, we got steering rate, throttle, trim, steering, trim, reverse and forward and reversing what are they calling it neutral? Are they aren’t in whatever but yeah, uh and you’re off and on button, of course, and it’s fast furious, very good and in here in this little baggie we’ve got a got a few screws spare screws and nuts and body pins and the box wrench for taking Nuts and things off and a little screwdriver and your little usb charger for the battery, not sure how long that’ll take we’re going to check that out. I’Ll time it probably time it see, uh, you know exactly how long it takes um. So anyway, yeah that’s him i’ll charge this up and uh we’ll get out and have a run, so the instructions say plug the uh the battery into the charging lead. First, then, you can plug that into your uh usb source.

In this case i’m, using a power board, that’s got usb and you’ll see the red light comes on and the green light’s flashing. So when the green light stops flashing it’s just on all the time, you’re good to go: Music Applause, Music Applause, Applause, uh, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, right, foreign Applause, Music, so is Music, uh Applause, Music, hey, Music, right, Music Applause, so wow Applause, alrighty, so That’S our run all done yeah pretty happy with. It goes uh quite well for for the money um it doesn’t jump the best, probably because it’s a bit springy um. I ended up putting a bit of cardboard at the bottom of the ramp because there was a bit of a lip there and kind of you know sending the wheels in the air before it went up the ramp, um yeah speed, wise it’s, not bad. You know for being a brush motor. I did notice. There seems like there’s a little bit of drag in the driveline now it’s it’s, not the axles or or the diffs. They seem pretty good it’s, just it doesn’t roll very well that’s kind of it. So when you back off the throttle it’s like hitting the brakes, so i think that might be in the driveline like in the spur gear, maybe the center shaft at either end. Maybe a set of bearings might help. It did seem to free up during the run um about yeah 60 bucks.

You know yeah for the money. I think it goes pretty pretty well um it’s, quite tough, it’s uh it’s got quite a few scrapes and stuff on it. Now, as you saw in the uh in the running, video didn’t spend a lot of time on its wheels, but yeah she goes alright. I reckon alrighty that’s it for this video uh.