Four wheel, drive chuggy let’s check it out; Music, all right, so the pxtoys9302 shout out to banggood for sending me this thing in for review. Let’S check it out guys all right so, besides being a sick, looking chuggy let’s check out some of these specs 118 scale. Four wheel, drive 380 brush motor speed claims to be 40 kilometers an hour, but you know i’m definitely going to check that waterproof esc bearings. All around proportional steering or throttle. I love that all right, um in a range between 50 and 100 meters, and also about a 20 minute, run time check this out man. I, like the look of this nice 118 scale. I love 118 scales man. You know, i think it’s one of my favorite skills in terms of rc cars, um easy to carry. You know what i’m saying you can bring it to work or whatever. Just in case you get bored you’re on your break, but if you bring a 1 10 or 1 8 scale, you mean business. You know what i’m saying you know you got to have plans for that you’re going bashing or something you know: that’s, not very low profile, so love the 118th man got a lot of 118 skills all right. So this tire i love these tires. You know nice and wide. You know check it out. I love it. Nice grip pretty good um. Well, i can tell you right now: these are not uh.

Oil filled shocks, they’re plastic! You know, you know not not much to them. Okay, decent! It is a budget car, so you know it is what it is nice bumper front there, nice wing at the back here got a little bumper right here. All right, all right, let’s, take a look under the hood. All right! Okay, let’s check this out all right. So here’s your 380 brush motor got a little heat sink on there and here’s your esc and receiver combo that’s a little power switch right. There. All right got some plastic links, metal, dog bones. I see right there here’s your battery right here, it’s a 2s lipo 850 milliamp hours got your servo a little tiny servo right here. Decent travel has a metal center drive shaft, which is good all right, nice little budget setup. Here i, like it, man all right, let’s see what else is in the box. All right, here’s, the remote right here feels pretty good in the hand nice foam wheel all right, so you got your steering rate. Your throttle trim your steering, trim your steering normal and reverse your throttle, normal in reverse, on off switch and your power indicator right there, and it takes three double a batteries. The usb charging cable extra body clips a wrench for the wheels and a screwdriver and here’s your manual tells you everything you need to know about the car battery the remote extra parts. You name it all right guys.

That was a quick look at the px toys.