20 second scale RC car. This is another car by FIFA and I’ve got about four of them from FIFA and Amazon seller. To take a look at now this one. I believe is actually a rebranded px toys – I’m, not 100 sure I did not look it up. I did didn’t look into very much. I did google. The model number didn’t come up with anything specific, but it sure looks like a px toy, so that’s. What I think it is and it drives pretty nice. I actually like this as one of my this is probably this. My second favorite, possibly my favorite of the thief on cars that I have now I can see here. This has that protective Sheen over the the body here and I have not pulled it off. So if you want to pull that off, it is body, oh, you can be shinier than what it looks like right now, so you can leave it on if you want to have a little bit of extra protection from dust and stuff. So when you pull off later than the body be really clean and does have rubber tires, I like that it’s, just something really basic for a kid do it. You know it moves along pretty decent. It has just a non proportional bambam steering, but it doesn’t. I did, I thought, steering it wasn’t too bad, so I wasn’t as bothered by the non pourcel steering as I am on some of the other car, especially the bigger cars.

I do think that the throttle, though, was a pretty sure the throttle was proportional, does have some little spring shocks of whether it’s very little travel distance. I mean again a car like this you’re not going to need it. I did not try driving this to thick grass because still small, but this has a little more power than some of the other ones. It might go a little bit through. You know something like really short grass it’s, not super thick. It should we go through a little bit of dirt and stuff like that, though your battery compartment here on the bottom, you do have your, of course. Your steering trim dial here in the bottom of the car because it doesn’t have anything like that on the controller, but this being not proportional steering and inside here you can see it uses another one of those funky looking connectors, but it is a lipo and I’m Really glad that they included life well, that’s, probably one reason why this car has a little more kick than some of the ones that are on nickel, cadmium, nickel, metal hydride it’s, just a one cell three point: seven volt, here’s, 300 million power. You know how to probably drive 10 to 15 minutes. You know I’ve driven around quite a bit of my house, and a battery was not dead yet. Another thing that I like is look how big this battery compartment is compared to that battery.

You could get a battery in here twice as big. You probably would have to cut this connector off and just splice it on to another lipo. But anyone else lipo they’ll fit in here will work, so you could get away more runtime. I would not go up to a two cell light book because you can definitely feel in there that would probably fry the components, but a really large 1s. You could, you might get a half an hour runtime if you get a big enough one here. Plenty plenty of room for a lipo battery in the bottom way, bigger than the one that they included your chargers again, just like many others, a little USB charger with the light this it takes about. You know 45 minutes to an hour. You know if it’s all the way dead it probably don’t, take a look might take longer than that, but these little lipos, if you’re milling about it’s gon na charge quicker, then I think those nickel cadmium pax usually do in your controller here and I’d really like This foam grip, that’s, really comfortable and your on and off switch and that’s pretty much it your steering your throttle, your a verse or sob viously, no trims or anything.