This is riff again i’d like to do a little follow up to yesterday’s video. I was telling you yesterday about the uh little trailer that the uh zen wheels card pulled that has the little uh cups on it. The little shot glasses and i also wanted to try to show the ground effects lighting on these cars a little better. I don’t know how it’s going to read on video but uh, underneath this one there’s a red and, of course, under this one, you got blue and uh just wanted to show those real, quick i’ll do a little demonstration of the uh the little trailer there. Music Music, so you can drive it around the table and drop off some drinks to people and just try to show these lights off. Better let’s see that’s the headlights off that’s your low beams that’s, the high beams now we’ll cycle through some of the different ground effects; things here: Music, that’s just ground effects by themselves; it’s, pretty cool Music there’s, a pulsing ground effect; Music, okay, okay, now the control For the red, one also has a switch. You can turn those ground effects, lights on and off, and also the headlights and so forth. Music, Music, i’m still amazed at the tight turning radius. This thing has, and this thing will cruise i mean anyways that’s it for this one. I just wanted to show you those uh things really quick and uh.