So this little guy will have an upgrade to brushless and we’ll see how long it lasts. This is what it looks like it’s going to get some new tires. Take a quick look at it, it’s actually, not too bad. You know guys i was just um. This is a 25 amp. You know i was on youtube, checking out some videos on this and some guys were a bunch of them for running this on 3s guys and it was it was holding up. So maybe i might try that i don’t know i’m not really into destroying my electronics, even if they are not very good, because this this and this motor work pretty good a lot. I liked the power that came out of this um amazon was selling this a while back for, like 20 bucks, guys, i think, that’s a really good deal, because this guy can it can really uh it can get moving. You know the only thing um when you first buy this car, the hexes you got to take the hex out and the hex has this circular part popping out on it. You got to sand it down as soon as you sand it down and put it back. You’Ll be able to tighten up these screws really tight and the wheels won’t fall off and it won’t feel like it’s, binding anymore, so uh. I was gon na make a video on that and uh. But i just didn’t, but you need to take the hex out sand down the there’s like a circular part on the hex, and that is for it’s not needed it’s what that is it’s, making it to extra wider, more wider.

So when it slides on it has less to uh screw into so you need to get rid of that. It doesn’t belong to this rc car. Those hexes are not. I mean those circular um out they’re, like a circular popping out they’re not needed for this rc they’re for another rc they’re not meant for this one. So you need to sand those down. But after that it’s pretty good it’s got a decent body. It’S got a decent look to it too um. I like the tires that were on it, but they wear really fast. Even the rims are decent. It comes with even nice, uh nuts, to lock the only thing. It’S got some plastic dips and stuff everything’s uh plastic, but it should be okay to upgrade just to screw around so we’ll go ahead and, put this aside here and we’ll take a look at this here: i’m i’m gon na get more than one of these. This is gon na, be the first one, i’m gon na probably get about three of these. So uh. Let me just show you here what it is, what it even says. So we got our uh 1 16 1 18 scale. Motor um see how many it’s a 2838 sensorless motor 45 um 4500 kv with 35 amp esc, and then we get these. I don’t want to board you guys with these, but these are for the to know how much voltage the motor can use, and this is letting you know how much voltage, how much voltage the esc can use.

I have the 35, so i can use 2 and 3s high poles so, and it also tells you how to program it and i will go and we will program it together. So you guys know how to program it. And if you learn how to program this and it automatically works for even brushed there’s the exact same thing so now, let’s look at this little combo here, all right, so here’s, our 35 amp esc, which looks very much like the 25 amp looks good feels decent. Just like the other one – and i had such a good time with the the one on the mini b that i just said – oh just get this one, you know see what it’s about so here’s the motor, which is a lot it’s a little bit bigger than It’S about in size of a 380 size motor, the other motor that’s inside the mini b, is about the size of the original motor that came out of there, which is a 270. I think so here’s the four pole motor feels good guys. I think this is going to be a pretty easy swamp um it should. I do have other gears if it doesn’t fit, i mean pinions, so it should be an easy swamp, plus it’s already dean’s two. So i should have this in this car soon, with some new tires: it’s almost it’s, almost the same size it’s just a little bit bigger than the actual um brush motor, just a little so i’m kind of excited to see what this is going to do, guys.

Um i don’t know i was going to put this into the the traxxas, but i seriously think that those rc cars are pretty well set off what they have and if they do get an upgrade, they can’t be upgraded with uh surpass hobby stuff. You know i want to put something named bran in there, um, possibly dynamite itself the whole brand. I want it all dynamite. Um dynamite is a really good brand. It’S always worked great for me and you can push it to its limits and have no failures, but at least for me so that’s pretty much the end of this one guys. This is a future project. We still got the other rc to do the stock. Little rc car, the uh what’s that pagani, i think it is – might be saying that wrong, but we still got ta upgrade that one so uh, yeah i’m gon na be pretty busy this this year, guys we’ll be doing a lot of brushless uh conversions, um yeah. So we’ll be doing a lot of brushless conversions i’m, starting to like brushless now and i’m. Just thinking that all the brush, i have need to be upgraded. So that’ll give me something to do and something to put on the channel so yeah, guys and and plus i’m gon na get some new rc cars again so stay tuned.