On too you mean the tlr tune. Typhon this thing looks dialed. I know its going to be a killer patcher. I cant wait to send it dude its tlr tuned. It should hit the track no bro. I got this for a performance, basher theres, no way im sending this thing im just going to lay down some laps and go for the win, but whatever you do. It is up to you, but for now im going to tell you guys about all of the features Music, all right drivers, time to talk about why the tlr tune arma typhon is so special. Now, as some of you know, tlr and armor are both under the horizon umbrella and i think its really cool that they got the two together to create this buggy and the reason being is the typhon is a raceable type of buggy. In my opinion, its got all the features of a race vehicle weve got big boar shocks, tunable differentials, pivot ball front suspension, so i think its really cool that they took tlr and asked them to really refine this thing to boost its performance. Not that to say it wasnt a performer before, but i mean we all know as a great basher, but i think this thing can really hit the track, and i know some people have taken it out club racing, but now it is really tuned to handle well And for those of you that are bashers that want a high performance vehicle, something that will handle, i think youll really appreciate this and, if youre a basher that may want to go to the track.

I think this thing is really going to be for you, because its got some really cool stuff, all the way down to the manual that it comes with ill talk about that later, its really cool, how they set that up. But first up let me show you the box really quick: there is the box art back there really good. Looking with the tlr2 logo, really cool, armor graphics, actually sprinkled with tlr tune graphics on there throughout the box uh. But here lets start off by talking about the exterior features and well start off with the body which looks much like the typhon body thats, because it is, they just put a racing scheme on it, and i love this scheme because its the pink purple and white That they had on the vortex just in a more racing style, graphic to it absolutely love. It love the tlr2 logos throughout this really great looking buggy um yeah. Maybe it would have been cool if they incorporated the proline body into this. I dont know ive already picked up the proline body that fits this buggy, but for bashing at the very least thats going to work well and i dont know were going to try it out at the track. So maybe itll work well at the track as well, but uh. Definitely i like the new look next up that really grabs my eye is the d boots exabyte tires. These are really good. Looking tire i, like the racing style lug on here, its a racing style compound from what it says on the box, feels really good and feels like its going to be a long wear tire.

So again, if youre a basher, i think this is going to last. A long time – and i think its going to be a pretty good gripping tire on the on the track as well, and these wheels love the look of these wheels really well brace on the back side, 17, millimeter, hex, of course uh. But nice, wheel and tire package and of course glued really well theres foam inserts on the inside. I dont think theyre urethane inserts by the feel of it. I cant really see uh inside the vent holes but um at the very least. It feels like a good target thats gon na work well in multiple areas. Now next up is the spoiler outback. We got this tlr style, spoiler uh, you know its a double deck, its got, the appropriate size, size, dams on here for racing and since its a tlr style wing, you can go and install the wicker bill and they actually include the wicker bill. Ill. Show you that in a little bit, theres two styles of wicker bill actually uh, so you could go and tune that but thats about it for features on the outside other than its still got the tethers on there. Those are always appreciated when youre out there bashing and switching out battery packs and stuff, but now lets take a look at the inside of the buggy, and this is a really good looking machine. Now you could see that theyve changed out the colors on this.

You dont see the red anodizing, that is the signature of arma vehicles. Everything that was red anodized is either now black or this bronze grayish anodizing that weve seen on tlr vehicles and if you look throughout the buggy youll see the tlr tune. Logo etched through all of these parts, the chassis, the shock towers, the pivot block, even the ackermann bar in there. Everything looks really good on this. Well start up front like we normally do when we go through vehicles and uh. First up is that tlr tuned shock tower so really nice looking shock tower thick and you could tell its machined, unlike the stock arma vehicles that are stamped. So this is going to be a strong shock tower t6, 7075 aluminum and thats. What most racing vehicles spec for their aluminum parts on their cars and and theres t6 70 75 aluminum throughout this car, including the chassis so liking? The look of the shock tower. If you look down where the upper arm pin mount is you could see the inserts, and this goes to show you already how much tuning there is. Theyve got a double insert in here. That really allows a lot of tuning options, depending on how you adjust these inserts so already im liking. What im seeing as far as the tunability goes and then even down into the a b c and d pivot blocks. They are aluminum with inserts in there as well, so you can go and adjust things like anti squat.

You could adjust caster in here. You could adjust the arm height above toe in the rear, anti squat in the rear. Sorry kick up in the front uh, so everything is adjustable like you would expect from a racing vehicle i mean even down to the the shock mounting positions. We got a number of shock mounting positions, so you lean the shock down, move it out. If you need to and of course the adjustability of the pivot balls themselves, so theyve retained the pivot ball suspension, you can see the nice shiny, pivot balls on the outside, going out to the steering knuckle and i dont know if they changed the plastics. I didnt see anywhere where they may have changed the plastics, but these are again rigid enough for for racing uh. There are droop screws in there, so you can adjust uh your droop on the arms front and rear really always like the look of the arma typhon suspension. Setup sway bar is included, of course, but thats a must for racing as well. Then we move out to the steering knuckles. Again, you got your bulky steering knuckle with the aluminum steering mount on there again anodized black instead of red and lets move on to the shocks. So the shocks are pretty much the same from what i could tell on the outside, with the exception being that they are now black anodized with the tlr2 logo uh boots to protect the shock shafts, the shafts, but inside they have tapered, pistons and thats.

Something you see in racing as well: the tapered piston allows for better rebounds, so this tire stays on the ground youre in control of the vehicle uh. The shocks are filled with 42.5 weight, oil front and rear, and it does feel like there is a bit of pack in these kind of feels a little bit to me more like a basher style of setup, but nonetheless really smooth shock setup. They built these right. Bladders on the inside and again i might be just a little too picky, maybe once we get some weight in the vehicle, the feel will be a little bit better, but definitely like the look of these shocks and they have the little protectors on top really. Nice stands easy to go and adjust the position of these by removing the nut on the backside of the shock standoffs again stuff, you would expect from a racing vehicle all right now. Lets move to the back. Really quick since were talking about the suspension and weve got those big bore shocks on the rear as well again pretty much everything the same. The same as the front. Tapered pistons on the inside tlr tune logos, black anodizing, rubber boots on there and then the h arms on the rear. Again, they feel really good, feel nice and strong for racing. Droop screws weve got uh composite hubs on the outside and an adjustable link up top. So you go and adjust camber easily.

They are galvanized coated, so, unlike the steel ones that may rust, those will stay nice and shiny, of course, theres a sway bar on the rear as well. Let me just show you really quick: there is the rear shock tower check out all of the upper link mounting positions on that definitely a lot of tuning options throughout this car and even down to the inserts in the rear, pivot block loving that tlr tune logo On this, throughout this whole car, all right next up lets talk about the drivetrain on this, so its pretty much the drivetrain lifted from the typhon uh. The only changes that i think are in here its been a while since ive had a typhon uh is the oils they have 7000 in the front 10 000 in the center seven in the rear and if thats, stock and typhon you can. Let me know in the comment section below but up front: we got the cv style, axles, really heavy duty. Looking axle on this uh full ball bearings throughout steel ball, bearings, nice lightweight, looking out drives on the center differential weve got a 52 spur gear. They dont include a pinion gear with this. Actually, as you could see, you know they dont include any electronics. This is a roller. I dont think i mentioned that before uh, but back to the drivetrain dog bones in the center and dog bones in the rear. Of course everything looks heavy duty: they have the safety drive cup setup on here, where its got that keyed out drive to the input shaft that goes to the rear differential.

I did go and pull the rear. Diff cover off really easy to get access to differentials. In case, you need to swap out the oils or just do some maintenance on this. Everything was well greased on the inside. Even down to. I saw grease coming out of the outdrive shaft area where they were assembling it, and i saw that they used grease to assemble that, which is great, in my opinion, uh. They made sure to pay attention all the details of how a racer would really build. This kit so uh again, i like what i see throughout this aluminum motor mount black anodized now, and i think that really makes up the drivetrain next up lets talk about the chassis details here. So this is a tlr tune. Chassis. Let me flip this up. Did i do it the right way? No, i didnt do it the right way, ill spin it around. So you can see the logo appropriately. There is the tlr tune, logo on the 7075 chassis good, looking chassis, of course, and it is milled to reduce the weight on it. You can see the pockets up top here, of course, its probably cut properly uh, so we get the appropriate amount of flex in the rear. So weve got some rear traction in this composite chassis braces up front here we do have. I think this is the exb compatible top plate looks like weve got the four millimeter hole over here uh, but aluminum top plate.

As you can see, weve got an aluminum block here for the suspension as well just wanted to point that out the receiver box here. Uh plenty of space inside to fit your receiver and any extra wire from your servo or your speed controller. Then your standard style arma battery tray where weve got two velcro straps. Here we got the adjustable front to allow you to fit different size battery packs. In here and even the hold down for the balance tap thats a nice little feature that i like that they include in this kit. However, im going to be using a smart battery wont need to use that, but uh lets spin this around. So we can see the servo tray here, and this is aluminum. So i really like that theyve expected aluminum servo tray. Keep this solid right behind it is the esc, tray even comes with two screws, so you can go build bolt down a spectrum, speed controller in there and then uh the steering. I didnt talk about the steering before so. We have twin crank, steering servo sierra. Of course, and theyve got a tlr tuned ackerman bar in there and plenty of adjustment holes for your steering, link and again weve got those galvanized coated steering links going out to the steering knuckles like some of their other cars. They also include an aluminum servo horn, thats, really good to see this will make right up to a spectrum, servo good, looking setup throughout mud guards on the back i forgot to mention.

It also has aluminum wing buttons like that that they include the aluminum wing buttons. So the screws dont pull through and i think ive covered everything you need to know about this. Obviously its a roller. You need to go and supply all of your electronics, but at least you didnt have to build it and i think they built it right. All right lets come over here, so i could show you what else comes in the box, all right so again, theres the box that it comes in really well supported on the inside, so it doesnt get damaged during shipping, and these are the items that youll find Inside the box, youll find a cross wrench here, youll be using the 17 millimeter hex part of that to get the wheels off check out the bag of inserts that they give you again plenty of tuning options here, uh and even the inserts. So its again. The double insert here, so you go and adjust everything on this car gon na be crazy. I dont even think im gon na open that bag. Its probably set up well from the factory dont, get scared off by all the tuning adjustments. They give you some shims in case you want to shim the differentials uh its always good, to check your gear lash in any racing vehicle or any vehicle for that matter. Uh some screws that go with the wicker bills here are the two different wick wicker bills, uh one with a long top to it and then the short top, and it will go through the tuning in this manual here now.

This manual is probably one of the best manuals ive seen and if youve been thinking about racing, maybe youre a basher kind of think about racing. This is a manual to check out. I mean i am going to keep this as a reference, because uh tlr, you know, worked with arma to create a fantastic manual that tells you what happens when you make adjustments on the vehicle. So, for example, if you go and put different oils in your shocks, it will tell you what that change is going to do what its going to do on the track. If you make adjustments uh to your suspension, pins its going to tell you uh what happens if you change the toe or the anti squat or the caster, it goes through everything to make it nice and easy for you to learn how to tune your car. Absolutely love this manual, so again, youve been thinking about racing, a little worried about the tuning. This is going to walk you through it. I mean even down to the ackerman positions sway bar everything. This is one of the best tuning manuals. Ive seen come with a car, absolutely perfect. Then it comes with some decals in case you want to throw a little bit more tlr tune, decal action on your vehicle uh, the technical pack here this kind of just goes through the exploded view of parts. So you could see it closer, but this they even have a setup sheet.

You go make copies of this and when you go and tune your vehicle, you write down your changes and you can decide whether those changes work for you until you have the best setup for your particular driving style and then usual paperwork, warranty, information, proline catalog and Over here, these are the parts that im going to install in my buggy now im going to go with a spectrum setup here, ive got my dx5 pro radio system. With the sr315 receiver, ive got a s6290 brushless servo high speed, servo uh, 100c 5000 milliamp g2 pack and then im gon na run. The spectrum firma esc with a 1900 kv motor uh for bashing, and i might bring a tkin system along with me in case uh. I want a little bit better feel when i hit the track with this thing. Well, i think thats everything you guys need to know about the tlr tuned arma typhon. If you want to see more photos of this buggy ill, have them over on rcdriver.com ill, have links in the video description below, along with links to everything that you see here and if you want to see this buggy run and the electronics installed. Youre gon na have to hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell for part two of this review. All right, let me know what you think of the buggy in the comments section below throw the video a like.