This is the tracer, a 1 16 scale, truggy uh truck buggy. I suppose – and it does come with clips three of them that hold on the body ive taken that off. So you can see inside is brush motor lithium ion power and two cells its quite nice. It only cost me 65 pounds in 2022 and i think that is good value for the money. These are friction dampers or friction shock absorbers its got an on off switch there and im going to also show you this little label on the body, thats very important, because that says you need to remove the transparent film that is on here, thats, just a transit And now you can apply the stickers. These are the stickers and you have to go by the box illustration to find out where they go. It also comes with instructions, thats, fairly, comprehensive and also in french, and it also gives you a nice handy, Music parts list. Theres, the charger theres, some more spare body clips very useful. This is for lights, ill, show you how that plugs in in the moment, and some cable ties theres also a screwdriver two screws and a rear wing you need to fit on. This is for the lights. This little thing it fits in there and then you need to thread the wires through there. I think, and then they feed into holes in the front of the bumper one. Each side like that: Music, so Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, so Music them Music.