I just wanted to talk about a few things um. First of all, uh. I have this new servo mount that i’ve been using on my venom, buggy it’s a servo mount that i designed this is like the first variation uh. What i do is um. I actually cut some notches through it, so, instead of having a plate over everything on the servo mount uh, i actually cut some notches because, because what that does, is it actually allows me to bring the servo mount even lower so that that servo is actually at The same height as the differential cover, instead of a mount being on top of it so uh the servo mount. This servo mount is actually the lowest servo amount. You can get like the lowest center of gravity as of right now, i’m sure somebody’s going to make their mount with the same design. Now that you’re seeing this video but um, you know i guess i’ll throw this out there. So you know i’d be the first one doing it. Maybe i don’t know somebody else might have done it, but i haven’t seen it so um. I may be wrong. I don’t know anyways it’s um it’s, what i’ve been using and uh what it does it moves the servo way way back so that uh, the servo horn, even with these um bigger differential, covers the servo horn is like super super duper close. So, as you can see um i have that mount there yeah.

I have that long nail. Still i use it. It helps me pick up the little washers and bolts and stuff i’m, not a coke head or nothing like that. Anyways see right there. It still clears it it’s very close, but i wanted it that way. I wanted it to be as close as humanly possible and uh also it’s set up so that you can have um the four link, so you can set up the four link um. You know the top four links instead of having the try, link or the y link, whatever you want to call it, and it brings everything as far down as possible as far back as possible. So you don’t have anything interfering with the front of the vehicle when you’re trying to climb over your um obstacles. So, as you can see, everything is as close as you can possibly get it in there um. Obviously, this is for the aftermarket um servos um should fit most of in you know, reefs and all those other ones they’re all about the same size, standard micro size. This is just a corona. I i like these because they’re super cheap i’ve never had one of these fail on me, but uh. I did order some better ones just because you know i’m showing these builds and every time i get somebody say why are you using that six dollar servo? Well because it works anyway, it’s really strong and it’s super cheap and i have a whole bunch of them and they just work anyways um.

This is a standard size that um is pretty much all the aftermarket, the high tech and all those servos they’re about the same size so um. This servo mount should fit most of those aftermarket servos and um it’s, not taller than what the servo is. As you can see, um i even cut a little bit of the here on the servo, for when i was using it with the fat girl. I think um, but, as you can see, it’s about that height right there, so it’s a little bit lower than what the servo is so it’s not going to like you know, mess with your articulation and hit your body and all that kind of stuff, um that’s. That on that, on that servo, so yeah, i made some changes to this design. As you can see here, i had a little bit of dry shaft contact there so on the servo new servo mount, you can’t see it here. This is a dark print, but i made a hole on that section right there, so there’s no contact with the driveshaft. Also, if you do go with this, obviously you want to make sure that your axles, you know once you make those links that your axles are. Nice and flat so that you don’t limit yourself and have some contact because, obviously, by bringing the servo back they’re in so low, you could have some driveshaft contact if your axle is not lined up properly.

I guess if you have it tilted forward, it’s not going to be an issue, but if you have a tilted back, it may be an issue. You know with the driveshaft, and i know people are going to say well what about you know when you fully extend it well, when you’re fully extended, you should be okay as well like this. One is fine, fully extended as it is and there’s no contact, and you know this one can go really low as well. You know for those belly draggers that are out there, so you know this build. If i were to take the springs out, you know i could go really really really low, as you can see, but uh with the springs, you could also go really high anyways that’s that servo uh. The other thing i want to talk about um. Let me see this guy um that’s the surpass motor the 2204 that motor um i’ve been getting some complaints by some people, and i just couldn’t get around. Why um, but i just figured it out: i’ve been hunting for some more um frame, rails and uh. One of the guys sent me their frame rails so that i could kind of tinker with them, because these are um deadbolt uh frame rails. But for some reason, because these are stamped for some reason – sometimes the holes. They may be slightly forward slightly back and they have some contact with the surpass motor on the side.

So you’ll see that the fix for that you just have to file that section right there on top of the hole just file it a tiny little bit and you’re good. The motor is not going to rub the frame. Now that only happens when you have the motor sitting in the forward position with the low center of gravity mount. If you have the regular centered mount so here’s the difference uh. This is what the low center of gravity mount looks like it’s, completely overbuilt uh. It has three holes to mount the motor um, because this this is pretty strong motor it’s about 160 watts at 3s. I believe so i figured you know. I want to build something it’s going to be ridiculously strong, so that’s, why i have the three mount holes. So you could actually use three of the mounting holes on this, but you know once it was printed. I realized that two holes is perfectly fine, but but if you want to put a turret a third hole, i mean bolt that’s what that line is for right. There this is like the most overbuilt mount that i have, and then you have the center mounted, which is the older variation of what the revolver 3 um 3d motor was, then what that does? It makes the motor sit. You know centered, so this one does not have any issues with clearance on any side, but the motor sits a few millimeter higher.

So if you’re looking for the lowest center of gravity, obviously you go with this one then. Hence the name little center of gravity one, but keep in mind that some of you guys, you know, will run into this issue and, like i said, it’s, not if you have the motor facing backwards when the motor is facing backwards, you have like four or five Millimeters of clearance and uh for some reason, it’s just in the forward position and some of the frame rails, you have to kind of shave off that little tiny piece right there. So just keep that in mind: it’s not a huge deal but um. I didn’t have the issue with my frame rails. I have, i had to wait for somebody to actually send me their frame rails so that i could see what the issue was and yes, in fact, the motor will not clear facing that. You know that position so another thing you can do well actually don’t because um it shouldn’t be an issue with the other ones, but um. You know you could do like. I do with the boogies and do the the long links in the front and the short ones in the back and then the motor will still be facing forward. But honestly you you don’t, have to do that. There’S! No need for that. Unless you’re going with the boogies and then you don’t need the frame rails for the buggies anyways that takes care of that issue.

Like i said you just file it down a little bit um. I just used one of these cheap files. You know they have. That kind of like half moon, look to them and uh that just fit. You know nicely in there and just boom taken care of um. I know i said it’s another step for some of you guys, but if you’re really trying to get the best performance out of this motor um, that would be what you want. You want the low center gravity plate and because this is one of the heavier motors that we are putting on these uh, you want to keep it as low as possible and when you do performance, obviously it’s better and uh what’s, the other thing. Okay, i had this guy wait. Where did i okay? So this right here, um? Oh, i got the bolts in there anyways. This is the adapter that i made for the um, the panda hobbies, uh tetra. This adapter would go where this skid plate goes on. The transmission on the scx 24 transmission, so you take this kit plate off. If you have it on you shouldn’t, because you just got the transmission and then you just pull this one onto it. We should go where’s the hole on this one. I can’t see it from here. Oh you got the bolt right there, so it goes like that. Okay, so that will go boom right there. You know without the skid and then this will go inside the skid plate for the panda and it just you just hold it from the bottom.

Like you usually hold the transmission on the panda and then you have you know the the panda has a scx24 transmission. When you do that and then obviously you can use any motors that we use with those and that’s taken care of the other thing um right now, i don’t have um buggies that are specifically designed to have that surpass motor go in the front other than the Show time yeah, okay, so showtime was specifically the sign. Well redesigned to be able to fit this in the forward position: uh the other ones they they were interfere with the windshield or the engine bay, so i’m, taking a look at them. Um i’m, not sure that i’ll be able to do it with every one of them, because i don’t want to mess up the actual look of the vehicle um. So if i were to move this hood forward and higher to be able to fit the motor, it really wouldn’t, be all that great. You know it wouldn’t look the same. It wouldn’t act the same, but um i’ll do my best to try to make it to where it’ll fit and uh take care of that. This guy right here um, i will be using the uh panda axles on this one. I believe i’m gon na try those the reason i’m doing. That is because um i was gon na use the barrage axles, but it really makes no sense because the barrage axles they they’re kind of hard to get a hold of right now and uh.

You know you could buy a barrage and you know be like okay. Boom got the axles, but um the panda axles are really cheap and if you just wanted to get those it’ll be a lot cheaper to go that route and um, because they’re one 18 scale and they were built with that 180. That 180 um brush motor in mind, uh they’re, pretty stout. You know they’re pretty strong, so i think they’ll be able to handle the abuse much better than what the brush axles would. I have not corroborated that yet, but i will – and i think those will work better for um for this kind of build. I am gon na obviously have to make some kind of adapter because, as you all know, the panda has the motor up on the chassis uh, so i’ll have to make an adapter to where it’ll go on the axle itself. Obviously i could make it to where it goes on the chassis on this one, but then you have to deal with a whole bunch of other issues with the panhandle and all kinds of stuff to try to get it to. You know actually stay true when you’re moving around and stuff, so i don’t want to deal with all of that, because it just over complicates everything. So you know i’ll try to just make it as simple as possible and try to make an adapter for the servo on the axle to get this running, i pretty much maxed out what my motors can do on the stock axles it’s pretty quick for what it Is um, but i want more speed and those axles are obviously going to be much better now.

The positive thing is that i did not break any gears while using the stock axles on this configuration – and i was pretty amazed by that – i was running. That 60 was it 6200 6100 kv motor at um 3s and it didn’t break anything um no damage to the you know, worm gears or anything so pretty pretty impressed with that. So that’s that and uh what else uh! Oh these, i just had these there because i, like them they’re cool these are those uh hsp uh tires that i’ve used for like many many many years when i made those really big wheels and put some weights in it and all that stuff thinking about using Them again, so i may make some wheels for this. They just look cool. I like them, they don’t perform great, but there is some some instances where they do and they look really cool so yeah. I have them there anyways. That was just kind of like a quick. You know one two three.