Today we have rain, roar or land rover. I don’t know but there’s a nice car, nice and it’s remote control, it’s from raz star let’s get more into this, because this is a review, not an unboxing. I didn’t have time to do it. I didn’t have time to do an unboxing, because i was too excited so let’s go ahead and turn on sorry. Let us turn on by the way it is on now, and the reason why it’s blinking its headlights, because it’s searching for the remote, so i have to press one of the buttons, the foreign all right there now i’m driving it. This car is a great car by the way let’s let’s see it’s reversed lights, not that bright, oh by the way. The reason why it’s not moving is because i have a thing on it, so it doesn’t drive off the table. It drives pretty. Well, though, the lights are kind of they’re white lights as the for the backlights they’re, always red all right, let’s test out it’s driving. So this is carpet it won’t. It won’t drive that good on carpet, so let’s just see it. It doesn’t drive that fast when it’s on carpet.