Today is the second time to introduce a cost effective, RC CAR.. We have prepared Xinlehong, 116 mini monster, truck 9136 and Q901. The brand. I would like to recommend more than wltoys as a beginner RC CAR is. These are the products of Xinlehong that we are reviewing today.. However, there was no company that imports to Korea, so I could not recommend it. RC CAR is a hobby that is difficult to avoid breaking at the beginning.. So purchasing parts is very important. RC CARs without a company that imports them to Korea have to purchase even small parts, overseas. Very cumbersome and inconvenient.. Finally, there is a company that imports Xinlehong products in Korea.. It is not yet large in scale, so there are only four types of products for sale.: It also imports RC, CAR and parts.. Also, it is the first in Korea to support free AS.. Of course, the price of RC CAR is a little more expensive than buying from overseas.. This market is recommended for beginners, who are just starting out.. Now lets find out the selling price of these products. For starters, the base model 9136 is priced at 80.. The 9136s upgraded model Q901 is priced at 120.. Both products are like the RC CAR reviewed last time., Since it is an RTR product that includes all components. There is no additional cost., However, it is recommended to purchase one or two additional batteries. And the products distributed in this market are A manual with basic usage, and precautions is included.

. The most notable part is also the content of free AS.. Even damage caused by consumer negligence will be handled free of charge.. Of course, there are some conditions, but this is an unprecedented content that I have never experienced before.. I highly recommend this market.. Now the size of the RC CAR is 116, which is small., So lets start with the driving part to see how good these little guys are. Lets start with the basic model 9136.. Next, we will also drive the upgraded model Q901 of the 9136. In the case of the Q901 model. Unlike the 9136, the basic output itself is different because it is a brushless system.. I cant express it with an exact number based on speed alone, but It can be said that it has about 30, better performance.. The reason I havent dealt with a mini RC car as a review. Until now is the straight line of RC CAR. Monster, vehicles of this size are difficult to move in the desired direction because it is difficult to go straight.. A typical example is the A979 monster from wltoys., No matter how much you re adjust ST.TRIM. It is really difficult to go straight.. These vehicles reviewed today are also similar in size to the A979, so I didnt really expect much.. I was quite surprised by the excellent straightness of these RC CARs.. Even then, I was surprised once more when I drove off road. Lets take a moment to enjoy the off road driving video of the two RC CARs.

In fact, I didnt even try to drive off road because of my preconceived notions., Of course, the smaller the size of an RC car, the lower the drivability.. Now both RC CARs showed amazing drivability in off road.. However, if this kind of off road driving is the purpose, we recommend a size larger than 110.. These two vehicles clearly have significantly superior performance and drivability for their size.. However, due to the size limit of 116, the rougher, the terrain, the more difficult it is to manipulate. Next lets move on to the jump and endurance test.. Actually, I started jumping without much expectation, but I have been enjoying it more than I thought. In the case of the basic model 9136. Even if it jumped to the maximum output, the jump height was low and it was a bit flat.. However, the Q901 model flew quite high and was able to control it in the air.. So, instead of just jumping, I tried a mid air rotation.. This technique is a stunt called front flip because the shock it receives when it fails is very large., Be careful.. I did this and got more greedy for the Q901s stunts., So I mounted a slightly bigger tire than the original and tried various stunts.. First I tried the most basic stunt. Wheelie of monsters. The size is small and the output is strong, so it was really difficult to get the timing right.. However, this stunt does not harm the vehicle, no matter how many times it fails.

. I tried until I got it and I finally did it. The following is a backflip using obstacles.. This is pure enough.. If you use a slightly bigger tire like this, you can do two wheels.. This stunt is much easier than Wheelie.. Now its the last stunt aerial backflip As such, the Q901 model is slightly more expensive than the entry level model, but there is much more to enjoy. Now Ill. Show you how sturdy these two cars are with NG video.. To be honest, jumps and stunts are very difficult to control because the vehicle is small.. However, there is no need to worry about the damage or breakdown of the RC CAR when it fails., I failed dozens of times to shoot. The stunt video I wanted. was not damaged.. Now lets take a closer look at the products. Lets see where this great durability comes from. First, it protects the electronic parts of the vehicle.. The body design in charge of the overall design is plain and simple.. However, the durability is far superior to that of other similar products.. Even the colors patterns and letters that decorate the body are not decals., It has the advantage of being printed.. Most of the decorations on the body of RTR. Products are processed with decals. When scratched or dented they often fall. Loose. Now lets take a look at the wheels and tires. The design and quality of the wheels are quite good.. The material of the tire is quite hard, so the grip is rather poor.

. It has the advantage of being able to use it for a long time, but I personally think it is a disadvantage.. I wish it was made a little softer. For reference. Xinlehongs products are The size of each RC. Car is different, but the same wheels and tires are used.. The basic 9136 and Q901 models have different wheel and tire fastening methods.. Since the basic model is bolted, it is difficult to use other wheels and tires. For the upgraded model the Q901 can be purchased by adding only 12mm HEX.. A variety of wheel tires are available. Now lets open the body and check the inside of the car in earnest.. First of all, the overall quality and finish are very good.. The assembled condition is also perfect, so there is no place to touch it after purchase.. Now the two products are made of the same base, so the basic skeleton is perfectly the same.. The upgraded model Q901 vehicle is equipped with a brushless motor with much more power., The ESC that controls the voltage of the motor is also equipped with a slightly higher model.. In addition, the Q901 vehicle has to handle the output of a powerful brushless motor. Much more parts are made of metal than the base model 9136.. The drive, shaft and all related parts are made of metal.. Even the internal gears are completely made of full metal. Even in expensive products. The Spur gear and diff case are often made of plastic.

. All parts related to the gear of the Q901 are made of full metal.. It has a fairly high level of quality. As such. The Q901 model is a vehicle with a strong internal structure and a powerful brushless system., So you can use wheels and tires that are heavier than genuine ones with plenty of room.. If possible. I do not recommend tuning these low end products.. However, the Q901 has excellent specifications compared to its size and weight, so it can be tuned as much as possible.. In the case of the basic model 9136, all the parts described above are made of plastic., Except for the pinion gear mounted on the main motor most parts are plastic.. The basic model is a vehicle that uses a regular brushed motor, so the plastic construction is sufficient.. However, tuning is difficult because the overall specifications are tight.. I would recommend that you enjoy the basic model only purely if possible. The price difference between the two RC CARs was hard to convince at first.. However, when I opened the product and compared them one by one, I understood enough. For reference. The batteries are not compatible between the two products, because the electronic parts used in the vehicle are different., The battery type and basic capacity are different and the connector is also different.. However, the remote controller included with the product is the same. Xinlehongs products all include the same controller, with a few specific exceptions. Compared to other products in the same class.

The functions are a little less.. However, the quality and range are better than comparable products from other companies. How the remote controller works has been explained several times in the past reviews.. I will describe only two essential features.. The first is ST.TRIM.. This function is used when the left or right steering is turned to either side when the vehicle power is turned on., If it is turned to the right turn the dial to the left to set neutral.. The second is a switch that can select high speed and low speed.. The default is high speed. If its your first time, driving an RC car its better to start at a low speed. Now lets do an overall evaluation of both products.. First of all, I think the two RC CARs are the best of the 116 size monster trucks. In particular, based on strong durability. There is no burden of damage. This is a great product to enjoy with children.. However, the 116 size has the disadvantage that it is too small.. Of course, it can be an advantage for those who need a smaller size.. These RC CARs are certainly not very cheap vehicles.. However, compared to the product composition, it is definitely a vehicle with excellent cost. Performance. Also, there are companies that import to Korea, so there is no need to worry about parts.. In the case of the Q901 model, you can enjoy the enormous benefits of free AS.. It will be the best choice for those who want a mini RC car.

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