6L. 22 point two volts: 3200 milliamp power keep in mind. This truck weighs about 49 pounds not including any mud, but I definitely think we should take it in the mud. Let'S do it. Oh, Oh looks like I lost my back axle. I wonder if opinions come loose, ah right, the best part ah well at least we got the front axle move and still have to totally clean. This huge beast see what we can find inside the the axle still really fun to take out such a Goliath, you guys don't understand until you've actually used a machine. This heavy such an awesome machine well before I do any real damage to that back. Axle I'm gon na call it a day, question of the day. Folks, what do you think did you like the yellow body better or did you like the fire body? Let me know in the video comments section below and we'll make sure to make some new videos with that body in the future I'm gon na have to crack it open and see what's wrong, but that's just part of the hobby. Guys, thanks for tuning in today and we'll, see you in the next episode of rcadventures.