Oh it does smell bad. Look at all. You guys in the red X truck is no magic. Smokes any blacks just going down the flames everybody's doing it like is that doesn't matter whose it is oh yeah, which makes a good us to add something get in there. It'S bad it's, delicate, melted it right off in there, no melted the post out. Look at the post action here: oh and you've run this setup already a couple times right. I did and nothing has changed. I don't know why look at that. It burned right through yeah yeah, I know so all the susi coming all this was heated. He was running on a five thousand lipo okay, so, like obviously it's fine, looks fine sees my shades on so yeah, like you say, you've you've burnt a post right out of there, a good to think I'm wearing my glass or my gloves. Look at that burn right through, so I have no idea why all the all the stuff was obviously there's something wrong. I must have either had a solder point touching something you know cuz. I was a short of some that was that was obviously you can see. The burn – hey yeah, oh well! Well that just means I have to film you guys today. Oh I can't go on the tram you're shocked, see I mean I'm a drive. I meant to do this I'm, really ready guys Chris, your yes or anything for the trailers.

Let'S go get him Oh beautiful day, Wow amazing, hey, hey of all away yeah mom! I know my ears are so small. I can barely hear a thing that GoPro on it's, not even on you're, running video yeah running video access loading is very funny. Video. Oh wait: he started it's always going to be there. Now your rally, cars not too light. No more we've got two chains on we're awesome boys bouncing was it got you that looks sick? Oh, the house Falls right, alright brought it just what did you break it? Just do it a little real with screws, keep backing up sweet witnesses. You are you broken stuff there, oh yeah. Anything, oh, is that right? Oh yeah, the screws camera oh jeez come on that's. Okay, it is broken yeah. It still is. Oh, oh yeah. Look. That'S broken so Brooklyn, hey Lester's code, that's, broken that's, not gon, na work yeah. Who are you and what's your YouTube channel? You want to tell me what they she doesn't have a spotlight in damned camera D: amed camera that's, the guy yeah, m''d camera what's what's. You what the hell am, i crawling Chad's garage Universal liners that's the way yeah you just wrap up the trailer hahaha. I got a birthday: Oh yo, the brand new piece bridge. Okay, this could be it. The white lonely bye. Look at all these bloggers. No, only a couple I'll get even already blown off right.

You hi baby, hi, sweetheart it's beautiful out here. Oh, it is waiting there's, our limo. Finally, hey it's, not our so don't, have RC sparks on your side, double buildings. What sorry Hungry Bear what happened? Controller or ice wheeler that the link is done, link is done. How did it snap, the actual, oh don't, think so? If I go yeah it's not I got more so good, manly, clear, didn't catch on fire yeah. I saw that that's uh great devastation. Are you a mom? These are actual a ten yeah there's. Two of them I meant been cutting up. One is actually, I know, there's no problem out. Are you a new and you have an imagination? Not almost everybody's got spare weights, especially the plastic ones, even in the kitchens no repair stuff. Oh, I think they should have stuck the drifting, maybe no way, man all right.