Well, where else would I be it's January and it's freezing outside? I live in Calgary Alberta and Canada, and I got to tell you at this time of the year. It is very cold and lots of snow, which means I could be out having a lot of snow fun, but it's got to be a little warmer than 25 C, which is about minus 16 Fahrenheit, so boo anyway, so I figured there has been a lot of Questions over the last year, you know about the studio about how everything has been rolling in rcadventures, how I come up with ideas and kind of how I got to almost 70 million viewers over the last four four and a half years that I've been doing RC Videos I figured what better place to start than right here in the studio. You know you see that cars behind me people ask me: is this a snap on rack that's what she said by the way uh? Yes, it is. It holds my collection of our seas from rcadventures or most of the RCS. I do not give my our seas away every day I get somebody or five or six people asked me to send out my old our seas, but I actually don't sell my old RCS. I don't give them away either because really I beat the crap out of these things and plus it also helps me produce the show that 70 million viewers have almost seen as of today.

Yes, I sang that because it's quite an accomplishment, almost a hundred thousand subscribers – think we have about twelve thousand to go before we hit that. That is a lot of happy RC Attucks, now I'm kind of panning around a little bit gives you an idea of what the studio layout is actually like. This is also good for my insurance company and for all the folks out there. Yes, I do have. I know armed of course, in fact, motion sensored alarm, so everybody you get a chance to see inside the studio. You can see me looking off to the side at the viewfinder gives you a quick one around like that. How many are sees? Do I have in total that's, always changing I'd, probably have about thirty. Two props props, you think I'm, talking about airplanes, I'm. Talking about movie props things that we use in the studio here to make rcadventures happen. Have a look over here? Can you imagine all this was done by just a fella in his basement that's all it is guys anybody could do this. I started off just like anyone else. Small RC was a team associated MGT 8.0 and over time, and with some practice and learning how to use social media networking to get out there and show off a really cool RC here's a product I just got from my local hobby, store PM hobby craft CA. My Jen's ace batteries I got sent up to me from hobby parts comm check out this we've seen a few of these online now it definitely intrigued me ultimate RC network did a fantastic review of this, and hence why you see.

I have three cell lipo's look at that. Why do I have to because one's a hard pack and once a skinny mini, will be able to fit in there nice and easy I'll get more into this in future episodes check this out kablammo here. I should have put this over here and kind of made. It look cool like that. This is the spectrum DX 4s. This is a new radio. I have to run my gear. This is actually the radio that came with the Kyosho rally. Car 2.4 gigahertz kind of looks similar, doesn't it, except for on the top. Instead of a screen we have knobs, you can definitely feel this is lighter than the spectrum, but this isn't. What I wanted to focus on today. This is just for fun and later on, everyone's seen the parts wall parts are always changing on this place: hey axial! How Arya dingo kit got that hanging up? There are different types of tires tracks: SRC, four wheel, drive, there's, HPI and proline racing got all different types of stuff up here. You guys, if you follow the show you've seen it before aa project large in the studio. Getting cleaned up after our first run, this thing is a monster 15 scale that two servos to handle the steering extra power and a bagel Neil Brothers, 8.2 horsepower 30.5 CC engine gas power, gas and oil actually access our C stand. You guys actually wondered always. Why do I always see insulation down here because I'm, just a regular dude? I picked an unfinished basement.

You can even see over here. Look at did it. It did it that look it that's from my drift car, which is right up there. How come I don't do more drift videos that's the question from a lot of folks. I don't do more drift videos because I have a whole audience that I'm actually uh, you know focused on different things that I've been having fun with and really drifting is great to go out and watch the guys, I'm terrible at drifting and I'm so busy. All the time I don't have time to get on to other projects like this everyone's been asking me where's, the mini trail course. You know where's the mini Rock Crawler course, because this is all made out of cement. Yes, cement and chicken wire and styrofoam here that here's, a fountain here's some more that we're gon na build up with the chicken wire down into the mud. Pits great for filming I'll have a backdrop old skull mountain there, but this I just haven't had time Hey the holidays, have been recent I've been doing project large over on the side battle right there. Hmm lots of things have been going on check out this here's. The main studio camera everyone asks me: what camera do I use, and can they see it up close? The answer is, yes, you can it's a Sony Handycam did you know this cam is waterproof the microphone isn't here, I'll get out of the shadow or the light check this out.

Okay, monitor here, zoom and withdraw right. Zoom zoom out this monitor up here, actually assists. Now this is a newer monitor that I have here will unlock it, go on unlock there. We go new monitor and it allows the filmer to actually have a nice view of what they're filming, if there's a camera person, instead of having to use a little tiny display right. So you can follow it around pretty simple it's an I can just in case people want to know. I can mm hmm HDMI to HDMI mini right here. This is an NX. U I can't remember the model number cuz it's on the bottom. I don't know definitely a splash proof great for me out when I'm filming and bashing and getting your water and stuff I don't have to worry about the camera part. This monitor here, of course, is not waterproof. Have a look on the side for different microphone inputs. Pretty nice tripod here right, I have a few tripods. This is my most expensive one yeah what's this dirty looking thing on here. This is actually called a dead cat, even look, even though it looks quite phallic a dead cat. I didn't make this people I actually bought this don't worry it's it's completely synthetic and the dead cat goes on here to help reduce wind noise when you're outside filming, hey something like this helps to reduce the wind noise over here. All the receivers or pardon me all the all the radios that I've gotten over the year.

You can see that I try to label them a little bit, there's our slash four by fours for me and my lovely wife Jem. All the tires that come in here. All the things I've used over the years things there's overkill, Overkill's Hellraiser tires. I know you guys are like where's overkill we've been waiting. Where is overkill. Overkill is in surgery. Right now, like I said, you'd see it in New Year and it certainly is a new year. Hopefully, around mid february I had a two hundred dollar budget on that build and I'll tell you what ten times that amount has gone into it but I'm, not telling you I'm going to leave a link to the build thread that my good friend, David jr., has Been building in our see sparks forums, I'll leave a link to the overkill project down below in the video description box check it out. You guys, I don't know if you guys saw the builder Dave, jr. who's working on my overkill right now with his dad and his grandpa. This was actually built by them. I took the ESC out and I reward proofed it because I wanted to replace it. I didn't do a good enough job and this thing looking inside, I can't see any better light and a zoom look it in there. I had a fire look at this. I have no idea what happened I still haven't investigated, but the post melted right out of the ESC.

I got to tell you guys just like on the Food Network TV when they say you got a beer to smell this and that's what she said. Yes, this is totally you do not want that. This is like plastic fire right there that's what it smells like, so it's, still a working machine. Don'T worry, I caught the fire very quickly. This was on the into the core, with Ted's garage, rude boys and RC athletes and and TR TR CCTV. I think that's what it is, but I got in there and I filmed it and even though you know, even though this burnt up that day a little bit, I still got in to do a really cool film series on YouTube. Here'S a neat shot watch this in and just spin around, while focusing oh look, how pretty it is so weird I'm, just screwing with you back to the Shelf Black Widow, so 4×4 looks like I have a few of them, but I don't this is my old Mad Bosch pretty much ready to be either rebuilt or donated away to some local RC community. These are our slashes. We haven't used them too much only because it's been soaked up above a bloody cold yeah old, build on my honcho winch where's, my tundra there's, the tundra. Everybody knows the tundra got a new body. Oh, if I have a new body, does that mean a rebuild? Is on the way, eventually, I always get things ready.

Look at this here's, my RC four wheel drive trail finder. Everybody enjoys that truck my Wraith, my summit Overkill's body on my traxxas we're. Now my traxxas, my HP, I savage flux, HP, that's, the one I blew the tire off on with a 6 cell. You guys remember that I even have that tire way back here. Look at this yeah, but I blew the tire off of it. With a 6 cell, it just bloomed these and boom done. Okay, so we'll wrap up the video you guys have seen the lights hey. I got these lights at Tube tape, calm fairly inexpensive for those that want to go out and get some cheap lights. They work. Pretty good I'm gon na be switching over to a LED system pretty soon get rid of the florescence. You guys have seen the toolbox before look at this proline sent me a little Christmas card, that's nice. Thank you proline. This is a bzm engine. Everybody asked me they're like how come a project largest engine is up there. This is not project larges engine that is project larges engine. This here is the bzm engine. I haven't used it yet I haven't put a clutch plate in there. Maybe in the summer time sits, there is a bit of a trophy piece at the moment now I know I can hear you guys in the background. How do you go huh? How do you make all your money? Everybody is always infatuated with how I make money, or why am i rich and I'm, certainly not rich guys.

I just been collecting this for a very long time doing my due diligence, keeping up on all the current stuff and spending my money on things that I enjoy. That'S, all hey. Everybody has time for a beer when you're over H, yeah my buddy BC paints – and I got this down from – AM – are racing RC, rude boys, hey boys, I need to crawl our Ted's garage sticker. There let's see here's my hero, two cams, a different cam is cupola, would have got anything up here, huh, the very rare and hard to get our C spark stickers, I'm working on it I'm working on it. I got so many other things on the go stickers. Aren'T, a high priority check this out. You guys, you know what this is here: I'll, try and focus on it down here. This is my very first camera that I shot rcadventures on look at all the dents in it. This was like back, and this is what I shot my first video with before 70 million views before a hundred thousand subscribers. This is what started it all. A little handheld camera that was 7.1 megapixels took a little tiny card. Memory stick and took like two minute: videos I'd have to like use three sticks just to make a normal video. Everyone asks me. Why was I called DJ? Medic here's one of my old? Well, even though it's not a new mark, this is a sure white label.

Needle when I used to spin records when I was a rave DJ, good old, ah, hey pretty cool. I know it's, not RC, but it definitely goes into what I do now music. In my in my videos, people ask me about royalty free music. Where do they get it? You know you search online. To tell you the honest. To goodness truth, I actually pay for a lot of my music. I go on pay for licensing or whatnot there's places. You can go and pay for music if you got a budget or if you're in the YouTube community, go ahead and try and meet some new people in the music industry. People are always looking for cross promotions. Here'S. When I went to Anaheim to the VidCon and 2012 check it out, this one says sauce boss, because that was from Epic Meal Time got Freddy W on there. This was a lot of fun going down there meeting a lot of cool folks from YouTube and whatnot. Here is my work station, my editing station. You guys are going to freak out when you see this okay, so I know people are like Mac. No PC, Pat Mac, no PC. Well, this is my PC. Okay, look at the awesome video card. I know you guys. Will love this, especially if you've never seen once before, like it? This is a GeForce GTX. 670. Now I know lots of people out there, like you, have way better sound or video cards, that's cool, but this one's pretty neat.

Look. It looks like a bloody motorcycle. Lots of juice in that PC to help me do well flight simulation it's like an RC addicts dream. I know that I'm pretty much living the RC attics dream, defining what an RC addict is. Maybe I don't know there's lots of awesome addicts out there 3d glasses for a 3d screen. So if I'm doing any gaming, I can change it into 3d. This is a 21 inch screen from Samsung this year. My friends is an external sound card, so this helps me control volumes and different things coming in from both computers goes to two powered speakers, alesis pro linear, 8. 20S. You can't get these anymore, but these are self powering. So I get clear sound with clear color and basically I own my own TV station for Internet here's, Jem and I Jem, and I at VidCon. This picture reminds me of dental the data check down here. Here is a 10 page article check this out written by a company called velocity, RC magazine a digital magazine. In fact, this was the very first magazine I wrote an article for the only article I've ever written because I've been too busy, but they actually several months later, did a 10 page spread on us and what we do on YouTube. How we promote the hobby and whatnot getting folks into it? Uh issue number four VRC mag comm I'll put a link to it in the video description box.

Here is my YouTube stickers that I got down at VidCon right, so we'll put this off to the side. Here here's our C sparks. Of course, this is my website. I design – and I do all the coding and all that neat stuff – the forum that we have in here – there's a ton of folks, a ton of RC Attucks from all around the world that go in here, it's pretty cool at any time. Now I can sign in here let me able to scroll down to the bottom. Blue look look at that there's, a hundred and sixty four users online right now – and this is a pretty young forum, but it's laid out nice I'm glad I'm glad to be an administrator here. It'S, an honor really there's, some very, very cool people. Okay, here we go, people always ask me. This is my Mac. This is my Apple. This is where I do all of my editing. You can see this keyboards a little bit different than what you're used to seeing. I know it looks like a bugger eh it's. Very very difficult to use, but I'm learning it's good for my hands, because I do so much typing right. Why am I wearing gloves that's a good question, so I was cleaning up in here before I started the film this is for typing, so you can see here the the spacebar the enter button hey. This is your backspace and delete over here very, very challenging.

So when I need to do something very important, I'll do it here, because I just got this and I'm still working on it same with this Mouse. Look at this here's a regular Mouse here's, this Mouse it's, actually straight up and down, so you don't, have to turn your hand when you're spending a lot of time on the Internet and look at this even under my desk. These here are flip pedals. So this one is the shift button. This one is the enter button and this one's programmable. I can open up a web page or some sort of editing program with it, so I can use all extremities like a drummer, so PC Mac, you know my keyboards. The speakers now you get a general idea of what the are see. Sports parks studio is looking like what I do here and hopefully a lot of your questions have been answered here. Let me get I've been doing a lot of talking behind the camera. Hello again, I'll just spin around it's kind of a trip when I do that anyway, hope you guys have had a quick glimpse into what I do, and I just want to thank you after everything that we've done tonight, I'm going to hit 70 million views. You know Canada has 36 million now granted. California has, I think, 36 million people population wise 70 million people that's more than Greenland that's more than Canada. That is a lot of happy hobbyists.

You know there's there's companies and manufacturers out there that have teams dedicated to reaching this many targeted audience viewers, but just by building a relationship and spending some time with the people that watch your videos can be so important when you're, you know like trying to communicate And make you feel like you're you're right here with me having fun, I don't even sell our si products, I've, probably sold more RC products uh than a lot of companies out there indirectly, and I don't even sell it. I just love showing the experience and that people from everywhere all around the world can get together, have fun families and strangers and become friends. You know radio control hobby, some may think it's not up their alley and I would say absolutely, but for others like me, the RC attics that are out there, I say, go out and Rev will have fun what's the point of toys, if you can't, have fun Right pick up a camera record, some of your memories, put it up on YouTube and folks, like me, you'll be there to watch thanks for coming to the video today. If you want to comment down below I'm, always encouraging you to do that. If you want to check out some of the links or head on over to our see, sparks comm and hang out with other RC Attucks totally awesome go ahead and do that if you haven't subscribed wherever the subscribe button.

Is these days on YouTube? I think right now down there go ahead. Click that cuz. You can stay up to date with what we're doing here and see all my friends that come into the studio and go out and have fun with the radio control hobby until next time guys. I will see you on the forums.