I just got to get on location. I feel a little bit like Les Stroud out here, Survivorman ah awesome. Well, the snow is definitely deep but check it out. Look at this calm, quiet and untouched. Well, one of the things I didn't anticipate ice and snow wait. This truck weighs about 20 pounds now it's a cold one today mmm, but a true RC addict, never lets the weather get in the way of is fun so back to the drawing board. Hope you guys enjoyed today's show sorry it wasn't a little bit longer, but you can only do so much in the cold. See you on the next RC adventure. Guys thanks for watching, got ta get the battery out. Oh, so cool head bonus. Footage! Oh looking, like cracking ice off the side, come on buddy come on. Oh look at that glad those wheel wells are in protected quite a bit here we go unplug the battery. Oh look that blower would never work in real life now, but that is just solid ice.