Everybody wants some look at what he brought my shadows in the way done, tintin tintin. He brought a racer FPV racer, so we're gon na pop in a video card. Rob can you tell me a little bit about this machine yep it's? This is the vortex from immersion RC, yes, the 285 version, so it has the folding arms, Wow and it's missing three cell battery yeah right now running 5.45 props, okay and GoPro. Mount 300 milliwatt transmitter, I believe a 5.8 that's correct right on and on the back running spectrum 2.4 gigahertz receiver right and they you know they really go fast. Ok, you know, you know there's something on there. I see that that is actually quite unique. I see them on a few rigs, but you have one right at the back and I think you said it cost you about five bucks yeah a little older, buzzer yeah the most important thing to get with this, because if you lose in the grass yeah you'll Be wasting hours looking for it and that's a lifesaver yeah, so that that's always been my question with the fpv racing was: if we're going and we're going super fast and we crash it somewhere way out there, how the heck do you find it, and so you Found a location beeper is the way to go. Yes, and now they do have a newer version called the 250 Pro ok, which is a little smaller and it's more geared for 4s batteries, so it's it's super fast yeah and it it doesn't have the articulating arms it slightly a solid chassis on it.

People are going to wonder that are new to this hobby. Why would you want articulating arms is something to do with flight or mostly it's, SOI confited, in my into the case, yeah, okay, and also, if you crash the the impact nice stead of breaking it very smart. Now, lately they've built up the frames enough where they can handle a pretty good impact, yeah, okay, so pieces to replace it. Are they expensive or oh? No, the the plastic red pieces. You order, like your shock absorbers. Okay, they're, like your fuses, they will break under stress and a carbon fiber, hopefully will wait and you know anything will break if you hit it hard enough, but these will usually take quite a B Wow and those motors sure are slick k like they. This the way it looks tuned in that the whole machine looks rather predatorial. I'Ve got a mean, look to it, two cameras, so we have a GoPro on the front and a tiny one. Underneath 700 TV l CMOS camera. Okay, and why would you have two cameras? Is is one for recording and one for viewing or yeah. This is the one you actually see through when you're flying, okay, okay, so there's very little leg, ah direct connection to the transmitter, whereas you know you can run it through the GoPro. But you get a bit of a leg in there. Alright, this is all pros just long to film. Okay, most of the time, I do not have the GoPro on here, okay, because it flies a lot better without the weight, and I also notice that you have a larger lens on the GoPro.

Is that a protector or some sort of yeah it is? We got a little sleeve nice that's just to keep your tech tit, keep the nasty gravel away from that lens there. Okay, so we've got a little bit of a win. Do you still feel comfortable flying this it's, not too bad one up there and see what happens? Awesome, hey, listen, I've got my own goggles. Am I going to be able to see what you're seeing yeah at the same time, yeah see the copilot? Yes, I'm. Excited about this, oh what's, that the size of the antenna, your goggles man, is huge, the mad mushroom holy cow. This is a special one, uh yeah it's from I be crazy, okay and they make really good antennas. Okay, so really good for they get into the fpv hobby. Yeah ice highly suggest getting some really good in tennis, okay, they they make all the difference when you're flying Wow. I also noticed that your goggles have a battery indicator on it. Now. I just cannot believe how far technology has come. These are new from Fatshark and it'll. Actually tell you. If you press yeah, oh in blue, every a little idea, you never want to be flying, and then your battery goes dead. Yeah. Where are my kind of the next level of batteries batteries? So I like fall battery Wow, so they supposedly they have a substance in them called graphene okay, which will allow you to run the battery a lot longer for a longer flight time, yeah a lot hotter.

So your Wow can draw a lot more amps. You can charge them a lot quicker. The only downside I will see if you compare them to these are some Jen's ace tattoo batteries. Yes, there is us. Oh yes, thickness difference. Okay, a bit heavier of a battery yeah but longer runtime, and mostly you can pull more amps out of it and guys say that they can they've run these a thousand cycles. Wow, I still hold up Wow, you know if you, if you fly these a lot, you realize it did. You know these batteries go after certain amount of time you should have yeah. I just got these so we'll see how Lonny I'm very excited about this. Okay. So I put down some pegboard, so Rob can put his quad down go ahead there, but the reason why I've done this is so he doesn't have dust flying up into his motors as he takes off right. We don't want any dust inside the sensitive motors of the ESC or the receiver dust and electricity, no bueno right on a lot of people. Haven'T seen quads fly especially Racing quads that camera he has on the front is on an angle, because when he takes off and flies forward of course, it's going to be straight because the props will be thar starting to push forward themselves. So shall we go to the top and get a good view yeah now we do have the GoPro already recording footage we're going to switch off here when I put my glasses on so I can get my fpv experience.

I'Ll keep chatting with you guys here asking Rob questions along the way. Are you ready for takeoff pilot? Yes, we are so I'm going to start on an angle mode and what angle mode does is it limits the bank angle you're flying okay, so that way, it's easy to take off and it also kind of makes the craft a little easier control till you get Up and running once you once you do that you want to switch to angle mode okay. So, first right now you are in angle mode, that's, correct, so hey it limits the banking but they're cool it's great for just kinda Wow we're of super high super quick Wow. This this machine is agile. Well, you take a good look at the surrounding area. What I really do live in the middle of nowhere there's, nobody around here, yeah wow, there's, our pond and canal, so we're up quite high right now. My vision through here is amazing: I'm, getting great reception yeah. It does long as there's no buildings or obstructions. You can go quite a quite aways yeah, so anyways once I usually get up here that I flip to Accra mode, okay, Accra mode – and that allows you to there. We go no limits, uh, oh whoa, so we that's a backwards. Flip holy cow! Look at the track looks awesome, Wow cool, so these guys are seeing FPV right now, I'm, seeing fpv through my goggles Fatshark.

Thank you so much, even though your glasses are super expensive. This is a heck of an out of body experience what's up right on you're, a heck of a pilot man. You have great control I'm practicing. Nothing I'm still, I'd. Consider myself intermediate compared to the real pros at it. Yeah well it's, something that it's a lot of fun and it's addicting. It really is, you know you get flying and as soon as you're done one battery you want to throw another one in it's, it's, quite a adrenaline rush. Later I can hear it in your voice. Man Wow, look at this carefully. Those trees are almost like. Spindle II finger you like to come on, grab yeah, especially this time of year. You have to be careful because there's no leaves on yeah and they're kind of it just like that. One whoa wow, so cool well, I'm glad i groomed the track today. So it doesn't look so bad Wow in the middle of March. Here we are no snow. This is almost unheard of off the Superman Man now I know what it feels like to be an RC that just keeps flying off the ramp yeah. Oh, I feel just like Superman yeah. Well this. This is a spectacular. I don't see the blades. I don't see the props. Pardon me your flying is shocking, and so we mentioned that homing beacon that that beeper we can really see now when we're flying fpv.

Why? The heck you'd have a beeper, because if you drop this somewhere yeah, I learned that one the hard way I put it down into some tall grass and a couple hours later. I was able to locate it, but I'll tell you having such having something to make a noise that to home in on yeah. It makes a difference. Wow. Have you noticed it when you first started flying? Did you have to stop from tilting your head left and right? You know what some people some people do, get more cautious when they're flying yeah. I didn't have that problem I'm. Not having that problem. I don't feel that way right now, but it definitely it does. Take a little getting used to and you have to realize you do. You know you're kind of flying a tunnel vision here. You can't turn your head and look at something off the side and sure so anyways I'm getting a lobe. I see that on my screen. It said 26 seconds it's been counting down from a minute, so you're gon na have to bring it into the land that's. One thing I notice about these graphene batteries. When you run out, you run out fast, okay, so we're gon na try and switching back to regular mode angle mode. There we go coming back in a little faraway forward, just kind of get my bearings there. It is the panel right over there. We are dealing with a bit of a wind, yeah and so Rob wears glasses as well.

So it's a bit of a challenge for him to get right over. He can't lift his glasses he's doing this yeah buddy drop it Eldad man, you nailed it good job. Reality, high five man, so many people have been asking us to have a racing quad on the show and I'm just so happy. You could bring this by for us to have a look at today, thanks for having me out here. Oh man and you nailed the landing. I love it almost right in the middle I'm gon na paint a little square on there, a little cross. So next time you come out, but there's idea of big bullseye yeah big bullseye right in the middle. Well guys, if you were going to go out and fly, would you like to fly a racing quad that's electric for prop, or would you rather get out there in an airplane and electric airplane and soar with the birds? Let me know on the video comments section down below. Thank you for tuning in. If you guys are subscribers and you're helping support the show now get outside and enjoy the hobby of RC.