Determine your exact route pay a special attention to the nature of the ground beneath the undergrowth. So when driving through, you avoid deep hole, bogs and other obstacles select the gear which is most appropriate for the type of ground and it's inclination can drive as slowly and as smoothly as possible into the critical area. Follow your chosen route as closely as you can taking care to steer clear of tree roots and large stones if you're forced to drive over small trees or bushes, you saw at the same very low speed this minimizes damage to both vehicle and nature. Mud demands a brisk speed, whereas stony ground, as in this example, should be taken more slowly above all, take to heart the most important rule of off road driving drive as slowly as possible as fast as necessary. The camel trophy is awarded to the best driver, not the fastest, before attempting to drive up a particularly steep slope estimate its length and gradient don't forget to retighten the fan, bail, to check the brakes and select the appropriate gear, which will usually be second or third Get up to speed on the level so that you can ease off the accelerator when finding this will help to prevent the wheels spinning if you don't reach the top, because you pick the wrong gear or the going is slippery. Don'T just break and lock the wheels it's much better to stall. The engine immediately engage reverse gear, release the clutch completely restart the engine and steer your way back down in a controlled manner.

If you're successful on the next attempt avoid driving over the summit too quickly, you don't know what might be waiting for you in no time at all, but wheels have burrowed their way into the soft sand and the manoeuvre has to be broken on so far. We'Ve been using the first part of the speed rule drive as slowly as possible, but now it's time to apply the second part drive as fast as necessary. Then it can be done. Don'T, be too proud to admit such a mistake early enough to start again from the beginning before you get stuck arrive at the highest point as slowly as possible change down into first gear and roll down to the bottom, without breaking don't, be too proud to stop. In the summer to change gear, but be careful not to let the higher of the two front wheels go up the bank or over any other obstacle. This is the only thing that could be dangerous at the highest point, because when the vehicle is at such an extreme angle, a stone is all that's necessary to shift the center of gravity enough for you to turn over bumpy and stony surfaces simply have to be Taken at snail's pace, suspension and Springs are built to take it, but not if you have a heavy foot even at this speed, you should try either to steer clear of the larger obstacles or drive over them with the wheels because, as you know, there's not a Lot of room to spare underneath the vehicle, but don't forget, do it slowly, and here too you should take the path of least resistance in the interests of both vehicle and environment.

It'S no use knocking your head against a wall. Gentle, slow and smooth driving is called for here. If you should ever find yourself in the position of having to drive through a wood or heavy undergrowth, where there is no rose, it's always worth taking the trouble to check out the terrain beforehand to find the route which will do least damage to vehicle and nature. In the extremely difficult conditions, which are a part of this event, the speed rule has proved itself over and over again as slowly as possible as fast as necessary.